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  1. A Look To The Future
    We all know that The United States is one of the nations with most infant obesity, but what we don’t know that well is the fact that the School Nutrition Association –which was meant to promote healthy living from a very young age- is actually fostering the opposite, junk food.
    Thanks to the governments Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, many kids are now starting to eat fruit and throwing away less food than they were before.
    This situation requires all our attention, being that these kids are going to be adults, and they are going to be able to be an example for the coming generations, not like now a days. Feeding kids well in their schools is the first step to achieve this target, which is difficult, yet not impossible. And maybe, this kids will help their parents become aware of their problem, and make them change their ways.
    Besides, we are encouraging kids to having healthy life, and showing them the advantages of it.
    Inés González Aspe

  2. Instagram Loves Food
    It's a fact that we're improving this world.
    We want to make everything better and the biggest example are the social networks.
    Nowdays, everything is connected by them, even the food. It's unbelievable but it's true. Instagram is one of the most powerful social network, and there are so many people who use this website to post professional food pictures. So if you are one of them and you love posting food pictures, I've just found the best place for you: "Catit"
    "Catit" is a restaurant in Tel Aviv that helps you to make your Instagram pictures look better. They recently started a range of "Foodography dinners", where you can take amazing photos of your food and then present it on media-optimised plates.
    But that's not all. To make your photo look better the plates have a 360°-rotation to take the best panoramas ever.
    From my point of view, we are improving this world in a bad way because I think it's more important to stop the hunger, for example, than creating this type of restaurants.
    Fran Amo Cuéllar

  3. “Amazing kids' lunchboxes that will put normal parents to shame”
    This is the headline of the new.
    I think it would be funny and amazing the parents make it because the children will be more motivation to eat meals that they shouldn’t eat, for example, vegetables.
    If they see it like their main characters they can play while they are eating or their parents can hide a lot of food the children couldn´t distinguish and they eat healthy.
    Maria Lucini 1ºC

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  5. A healthy and natural fair
    The Milan expo 2015 world’s fair, which opened May 1 for a six-month run, combines a global architecture and culinary experience for promoting worldwide food security and environmental protection.
    This main objective of the fair is the creation of a document in order to support food security, the fight against waste and hunger and the guarantee of good nutrition. Visitors, business and individuals are invited to back the document, which will be presented to the U.N. Secretary General.
    This embraces technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity and how they relate to food and diet.
    There is an interesting mix of practical experiences to involve visitors in the debate, particularly on food and agriculture topic. At the entrance of the Pavilion of Kuwait, a wall of water shows "Water is the element for survival". Germany mixes high and low technology through simple pieces of cardboard and its multiple utilities in ecology.
    The design of the Expo reflects the geometric simplicity of an ancient Roman street. This street provides a view of all national pavilions, such as the host Italian pavilion and the Tree of Life sculpture, and the Expo's open-air theater. There is a grand selection of restaurants, self-service cafeterias, bars, kiosks and street food from more than 140 participating countries.
    Austria’s pavilion, entitled “breathe”, echoes the sentiment of this year’s theme.

    Curiosities of the EXPO.
    Nearly every one of the national pavilions has a restaurant featuring that country's specialties.
    The U.S. offer regional American food and ethnic fusion trends and will open shortly a temporary James Beard American Restaurant in central Milan, offering uniquely American fare like Thanksgiving dinner.

    As entertainments we can point out spontaneous dances with men in the Kuwait pavilion...The Milan Expo 2015 has chosen Cirque du Soleil for the creation of an evening performance of exclusive, involving and universal entertainment: a dance and musical extravaganza.
    The Fair seems a good opportunity to contact with many internationally qualified exhibitors.
    Companies come together to offer a complete and up-to-date overview of products from around the world, which facilitates visitors to save time and money.
    It is an ideal place for different experiences, market trends, progress in consumption and consumer buying behavior through funny and enjoyable workshops, seminars and meetings. There are also shows with innovative products, as the choice of the best products with Designation of origin, selected and qualified by experts and that help the visitor effectively in their search.
    We discover Italy between charm and market opportunities. Its culinary tradition and historical and artistic beauty deepen through fascinating, surprising and unexpected to places to discover.
    Communications and access roads, deserve special mention; three international airports with intercontinental, international, domestic and low-cost flights. Expo is easily accessible via Milan's subway system.
    María Gauardeño Recio.

  6. We all know that to live a healthy life and we have to eat all kinds of food because they contain nutrients that make our cells function properly and be able to perform our daily activities. We should eat all kinds of nutrients, a lot more than others.Organic nutrients include carbohydrates, fats, proteins (or other construtores elements such as amino acids), and vitamins. Chemicals include inorganic minerals or water. Nutrients are essential for the perfect functioning of the body and all that can not be synthesized by the body itself they must be obtained from external sources. Nutrients needed in large quantities are called "macronutrients" and necessary in small amounts "micronutrients".
    Now I will tell you that it is advisable to eat based on age, the sport we do, etc. Those who are athletes should eat foods containing protein and carbohydrates, to better perform muscular exercise.
    Food in the elderly:
    At this stage of life the energy consumption is reduced by reducing physical activity and metabolic activity of lean body mass. The requirements are 2400 kcal for men over 60 years of age and 2000 kcal for women with the same age. This caloric intake will be reduced by 10% each decade after age 60. Diets should be high in nutrient density.
    Now I will tell you some other aspects of great interest:
    There are about 6 million children in the world die of hunger every year, while tons of edible food is thrown away every day in many countries, particularly developed.
    The ten countries that food waste are:
    United States
    United Kingdom
    These are data that surprised a lot, still, people are becoming more aware and increasing the number of people who want to help to solve the problem.

    Since the year 2000 a plan for the reduction of salt in food produce has been implemented in Great Britain. It caused a reduction in salt consumption of a 15% in 2003, with a reduction in salt ingest per person of 8’1g per day in 2001 to 4’5g in 2003.
    This plan avoided about 9000 deaths by heart diseases and strokes and saved the government 1,5 billion pounds. A government spokesman said that, currently, the United Kingdom is ahead of any developed country in this matter.
    Besides, ¾ of the retail market and very important restaurants are committed to carry out the plan, too.
    Macdonald’s said that from the year 2004 salt in their McNuggets has been reduced in a 30%, a 24% in french fries and a 23% in their ketchup. Customers can always order their hamburgers and french fries without any salt.
    Kellog’s has also taken measures in the matter and they said to have reduced salt levels in breakfas cereals in a 60% in a period of 16 years which was a 2% of people’s daily salt ingest.
    By this advertisments of children highly salty food on TV have been restricted.

  8. Alzheimer disease. How to prevent it

    Everybody in the world Know what Alzheimer is and what happens to those who attack. Nowadays with a right diet we can prevent it (Alzheimer is a type of dementia and it causes problems with memory an behaviour)
    After reading some articles about Alzheimer disease, there are some conclusions that I’m going to tell you:
    A lot of people think that we can not prevent alzheimer disease but in my opinion there are some rules to prevent it, like, psychological exercises(Testing reading books …) and of course physical exercises; the diet is something that is vital to curb for all people with alzheimer diseases.
    The best food to curb it is the Mediterranean diet with lot of fruits and vegetables and of course with olive oil.
    This is not complicated to follow and possible it can delay it; I think that with following some instructions we can defeat, or at least delay this terrible disease.

    Rodrigo Pérez Prat


    Sirtfoods are a class of proteins rich in sirtuin activators which are found in living things. Only a few people know what this particles, ignoring they are also as important as vitamins.
    Researches have shown that they are involved in regulating many important biological processes such as ageing, cellular death, inflammation and metabolism, according to dietitian Sarah Herbert. It would timely to highlight that what surprised me was not only the active role sirtuins play in the body but the little information we have about they.
    Despite we need more studies in humans related to this aspect, nowadays the unique valid hypothesis exhibits that these proteins protect cells from dying in case they are under stress, as we are so many times along the day.
    Besides having a very important role to play in prolonging life, sirtuins are also thought to play a part in the fight against inflammation, which is a major disease in the body, and many metabolic disorders. This advantage has a vital importance during the whole day.
    One study published in the Journal of Physiology showed whether we consume an excessive amount of 'sirtfoods', postive effects of exercise will be reeuced, such as lowered blood pressure and better cholesterol scores. Nevertheless, I would like to point out that this research was made for those with high resveratrol scores. To sum up, I firmly believe that a glass of red wine is perhaps the safer and tastier option but as with anything in life, moderation is key.
    . Top Ten Sirtfoods
    • KALE
    • CAPERS
    • APPLES
    • RED WINE
    Luis Arrondo Mínguez 1 C

  10. Mediterranean Diet Shown to Ward Off Heart Attack and Stroke
    A study found that Mediterranean diet can prevent injuries, such as heart disease, strokes and even deaths.
    A professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont, Rachel Johnson told us that the main point is that this diet also benefits blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, weight and reduced incidence of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.
    We should thanked the Mediterranean diet; because of its healthy contents which include the basics of healthy eating, plus a splash of flavorful olive oil and perhaps even a glass of red wine, among other components characterizing the traditional cooking style of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.
    The principal aspects of this diets incorpore olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fruits, and vegetables, moderate to high consumption of fish, moderate consumption of dairy products (mostly as cheese and yogurt), moderate wine consumption, and low consumption of meat and meat products.
    To sum up, we must follow Mediterranean diet even the whole family.

    Lucía Giménez Ortiz 1ºC BACH

  11. New Salads, New Colors.
    If you want to lose weight and you are boring of eating the same kind of salad every day, with the same ingredients, like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onions…this article suggest you to introduce new, colorful and fresh market products, like golden beets, red raspberries, blueberry, arugula…and dried fruits, like nuts, pistachios, almonds… Also you can put different vinaigrettes that change the flavor of your salad. Also you can combine it with a slice of toast bread with cream cheese fresh or warm.
    I think this is a good idea because with this method you don't get tired of eating the same food every day, and this makes your food more attractive, delicious and healthy.

    Elena Leal Gavarrón.


    Poisoned drink

    I've chosen this article because it is very shocking. First, is very strange to see a snake in a bottle, besides it's rather strange that the people drink it. Also, something curious is that the blood and the bodily fluids of the snake mix with the alcohol, wich it is very unhealth. However in these bottles also may have scorpions. In my opinion, this is an insane and disguisting drink.
    To sum up, this alcoholic drinks aren't made ​​for those who have animal phobia.


    This article describes a selection of some of the best fast food restaurants in America such as Waffle House, White Castle, Lou Malnati's, Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q & Moe's Original Bar B Que, Burgerville, Zaxby's and Biscuitville. That are the favourites of Colman Andrews, editorial director of website
    They show these restaurants as the fast food's terroirs. Even if they are big, small wide or narrow they are all worth staying.
    Waffle House is famous for its breakfast which has a great variety of meat, where T-bone is the most requested.
    On the other hand White Castle is very creative because of the cravers. Adam Sachs, editor in chief of Saveur magazine highlights their hamburguers as “mushy”.
    I believe that fast food restaurants are bad for health because they have fatts and some substances that may be toxic for our body. So we should promote more healthy food as vegetables and fruit. But anyway fast food restaurants belong nowadays to our culture and omit them could be a mistake, above all for some families that dont have enough economic resources.

    Elena Abenza

  14. Charcoal, the new hottest ingredient

    When you hear the word “charcoal”, you first think about a source of energy, ancient decomposed plants, fossils and petrol. In any case, if I were told to find a similitude between charcoal and food, I would think about burning charcoal in barbecues. However, I’ve just learnt that apart of other medicals uses (such as relieving indigestion, reflux, and other gastric illnesses) activated charcoal has become a very trendy ingredient of modern cooking. In fact, I wonder if this won’t be a health hazard, because I’m not sure if charcoal cannot create long term health problems that remain unknown nowadays; so, should we use charcoal as an ingredient? The debate is open! In any case, I wouldn´t like to eat “charcoaled” pizza!!
    María Guirao Monreal 1ºC Nº16

  15. Japanese diet is the healthiest in the world
    According to several studies, japanese women has the longest expectancy of life, reaching an average of 86,4 years old
    Raw fish, vegetables, grains and green tea seems to be the basis of their healthy diet.
    Sashimi is one of my favourites foods. Tuna raw fish is so tasty, The 'butter fish' is the tenderest one I ever tried. Salmon is rich in flavours because its healthy omega3 fats.
    The way they cook rice, just boiled, is one of the healtiest way to prepare it.
    They used to eat a lot of soya grains and soya sauce to dress the raw fish and sushi.
    Vegetables in tempura are one of the best way to eat them
    This diet seems to really works, if you pay attention, its very difficult to see a faty japanese man or woman. Its not only because of the great food they eat, but the green tea which works as an effective fat burn.
    Daniel Camiroaga

  16. McDonald's Destroyed the Gut Bacteria of a College Kid in 10 Days
    We all have heard about McDonald´s diet and how unhealthy it could be. A recent research by Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, shows us that fast food, such as McDonald´s food, can destroy human´s gut bacteria. He wanted to present it in his new book The Diet Myth.
    First, he asked his son Tom to eat just McDonald´s food for ten days. Then, he sent his stool samples to be analyzed and they discovered that his gut bacteria was devasted. In addition to this, he had taken on a “strange grey” color and he became lethargic.
    In my opinion, fast food can be a good resource when we don´t have enough time and it´s true that their low price attracts us, but we must look for healthier food, not just hamburgers, fries, nuggets, Coca-Cola and so many others; and if we have to go out eat everyday maybe it´s a good idea to take a tupper-ware from home. I agree with the fact that there aren´t many fast food restaurants with healthy food, but it depends on you to change that or not.

    Miryam Polo Cánovas, 1º Bachillerato C

  17. Junk food kills bacteria that protect against obesity, heart disease and cancer, study finds

    According to a recent study made by Tim Spector, professor of genetics at King´s College London, fast food as the one served in McDonald´s or Burger King possess the “ability” to wipe out almost half of the 3,500 different bacteria that habit human´s gut.
    You may think that this is even better as bacteria are evil cells who try to harm our organism, well you are deeply wrong. More than a half of the bacteria that exist on Earth are not dangerous at all, in fact they protect us against obesity, heart diseases and cancer, and they stabilize our metabolism.
    This study might be the explanation of why people eating similar amounts of fat and carbohydrates put on less weight than others, because without the right bacteria our stomach is not capable of acquiring the substances he needs to keep on doing his job.

    Original New:

    Roberto Belmonte Lorenzo

    “Colon cancer patients seem to have a better chance of survival if they have already been practicing healthy lifestyle habits before their diagnosis”, a new study suggests
    A good way of life always is going to help to prevent diseases. A good supply (Mediterranean diet) and a daily exercise are indispensable for this good way of life. It doesn´t say that taking a good way of life, you are not going to suffer from cancer; but it helps to prevent the risk factors of cancer.
    In conclusion, if you don´t want to suffer cancer or any other disease you will have to take a good way of life and prevent bad habits. You will have to take healthy food like vegetables or fruit too.
    Ignacio Arroyo Crespo 1ºC


    It’s pretty well known that obesity is one of the major problems in our day-to-day. And according to recent studies, nearly 20 percent of U.S. children were considered not only overweight but obese too. It’s a matter of fact that children spend huge amounts of time just sitting in front of the TV. So why not try to connect these two ideas? That’s what several institutions such as the CFBAI or the Department of Health and Human Services are trying to achieve. Despite having incorporated more ads based on healthier food, nothing has changed. The obesity average is still high on the same values they were before. From my point of view, less healthy food, not to say unhealthy, make ads which “sell like hot cakes”, so children from a really young age grow up with this unhealthy food already stuck on their minds.
    I am finally able to sum up these arguments in just two thoughts. For one hand, companies who support healthy food should work on more on their ads to try to reach popularity; and for the other hand, parents should know “which side of their children’s bread is buttered on”, i.e. they have to know what’s best for their children.

    Luis Marés 1º Bachillerato C Nº20

  20. Laws against junk food in schools help rich students more than poor ones.

    The state of California has banned over the years sugary drinks and junk food in elementary schools.
    The effect of these laws of 2004 and 2007, was not noted until 2010 as it takes some time to assess the impact of the measures.
    Among them they have been prohibited sodas, cookies, higher-fat milk, chicken nuggets and corn dogs... Some schools have even restricted classroom birthday celebrations. Lower levels of sodium, fat and sugar, and more fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains are required now.
    Researches believe that the reaction of obesity is very small, but even these small results are linked to the policies adopted.
    The children are considered overweight if their body mass index is at or greater than the 85th percentile.
    Scientists claim students´ risk of becoming obese falls about 1% a year if they come from a higher-income neighborhoods. However, if kids belong to lower-income families, they have a higher risk of suffering from obesity.
    The reasons of these results are the following:
    homemade lunches in richer families are healthier since they have more resources, time and nutritional knowledge. By contrast families with fewer resources are in the opposite situation.
    I think if children are used to having suitable nutritional habits from childhood, the will have better health throughout their lifes, which is a definite benefit for themselves and for society.

    Natalia García Rodríguez


    Nowadays people don´t really bother about where the fish they buy and eat comes from. Well, this is a big mistake, you should actually worry and feel free to ask or research wether your fish was caught on wildness or it was raised in aquaculture.
    Not only I say this because it is advisable that you know where your food comes from, but because of your health.
    You see, fish born and raised in wildness are , much more healthier than farmed ones.
    The truth is that big companies want to sell as much as posible and as fast as they can and what they do with farmed fish, is that they give them chemicals and additives to make them grow faster, but the thing is that these powders are not healthy for humans at all.

    • Example: Wild vs. Farmed Salmon:
    “The health community prefers wild salmon. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), or synthetic chemicals, were added to paint, plastics, and other products until the 1970s and have found their way into fish, explains Harvard Medical School”.

    So I finish saying that next time you’re going to buy some fish, think about this article and be nice to yourself, don´t screw your health up.

    Tomás Navarro Masuet. 1ºBach C. Nº21

  22. A mother's cookbook shares more than recipes.

    In this article, a woman tells how her father gave her a box with a lot of her mother's recipes, but inside the box were as well a lot of advices and mysterious things that the author still don't know about them.
    All the handwritten recipes were written with the typical cursive that were taught in the northern Wisconsin public schools in the 1940s and were full of stains because the kids loved the recipes that were on the paper.
    There was a lot of people with this inherited recipes from their mothers, so they decided to build a museum were they can share them with everyone and also they can learn another meals and taste different food from another family.

    Marta Sarrais 1ºC

  23. I think that this article is so much interesting because there aren´t only dining , this article talk about the combinationn between dining and literature. The cookers take as examples the food of storys or books. An other fact that i liked about this article is that this amazing food festival is made in Madrid. The dining of Madrid is so great and varied , cocido madrileño , squid sandwich... I think that this festival is so amazing and you should must visit it ! Thanks for reading

  24. We all thought our food is healthy, but what happens if someone put poison in our food?
    This story talk about a roommate (Hayley King) tries to poison with Window cleaner to her roommate.
    We are going to talk How the people can to do this, are the people crazy?
    Hayley tried to poison her roommate more than one time, his roommate usually felt like the food was bad then she put a camera looking at the fridge and she discovered that his roommate put in his food window cleaner. Then she  call the police and they has been arrested Hayley. She was accused of malicious tampering with human drug product or food.
    Always be carful with your food.
    Jorge Velasco Fariñas. 1C. 28


    Let’s be honest for a second. We all have heard at some point in our lives about the extremely high obesity rate in the US. The American government has become aware of this issue for the past few years and to this day, it is still constantly trying to take action in order to solve it, or at least improve the current situation a little bit.

    By reading this article, not only did I learn about the statistic part of the problem itself but also sensed an air of desperation and confusion throughout the entire text, from beginning to end, caused by trying to change a society so deeply immersed in the fast-food culture and bad eating habits that can’t really see anything past it.

    Having attended public school in the US for a year, I have had the opportunity to eat regular american school lunches around 200 times, and possibly have tried every single meal my school had to offer in the menu. I won’t say I wasn’t shocked to walk in the school cafeteria on the first day of school only to find it full of students eating cheeseburgers and french fries, it was pretty different from what I was used to. To that day I could only recall eating that kind of food at school four or five times but it wasn’t long before I found myself eating it on a daily basis. On Mondays and Wednesdays we had cheeseburgers and french fries, on Tuesdays we would get barbecue chicken fingers and mashed potatoes (every single student at the school was always pretty excited about this one), on Thursdays the school served tacos and on Fridays the menu consisted of a slice of pepperoni pizza (maybe two if you were lucky) and a baked potato which you had to make a cut in and fill in with butter. The school also offered salads, but they weren’t particularly good and they costed around $1 more than the rest of the food, another reason for their unpopularity.

    During the almost 11 months of my exchange, it never ceased to amaze me how hard it was to find fresh fruit and vegetables at regular convenient stores such as Walmart or Kroger and even harder (almost impossible) to find any kind of fish.

    I would like to say that I agree with Ms Birch’s statement in the article which claims eating habits are set in the household. And last but definitely not least, I would like to express the need for American population to have easier access to healthy foods in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle… How could Americans possibly reduce the obesity rate when all they see around them is fast food restaurants?

  26. María Lampreave Alonso, 1º C
    Antioxidants are different molecules present in many substances such as grapes, blueberries, red berries, different types of nuts, dark-green vegetables (broccoli and spinachs), carrots, whole grains, tea, beans, omega-3 coming from fish (tuna, salmon …) and some others. It is also very common now to use them as dietary supplements.
    They are so called antioxidants because they seem to inhibit the natural oxidation process that happens inside our body, killing our cells. Electron loss and free radicals production happens in this chemical reaction that scientist call the oxidative damage theory of aging.
    The free radical theory supports that the intake of antioxidants increase lifespan and this article reviews the available data about this subject.
    The Mediterranean diet is a healthy eating plan that contains many of the above mentioned antioxidants (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and red wine), and is complemented by the typical lifestyle of the countries bathed by the waters of this sea, and seems to be responsible for longevity in countries like Spain, Italy and Greece, which are among the highest in the world. At the same time, it has been demonstrated a reduction in cancer, chronic diseases, depression, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. In my opinion, this is completely true and for this reason my family and I are fans of this type of diet.
    The funny thing is that other countries with no relation at all with the Mediterranean area, have plenty of elderly people, such as Japan, which supports the idea that other types of diets have similar effects on health, but we like ours.
    As we have been losing both our diet and lifestyle, we have increasingly need to take antioxidants as supplements. That is why our supermarkets and TV advertisements are plenty of different types of products containing these substances, pretending to be healthier and better for our lifespan.
    Sadowska-Bartosz and Bartoszge. Biomed Res Int 2014

  27. Almudena Fernández-Bravo Arsuaga 1ºC
    Nowadays there are many people who suffer food disorders like anorexia, bulimia, obesity... Probably is very difficult to prevent them but there´s something we can do to change the way young people understands how to be attractive.

    With this article I would like to reflect the influence that the models have on teenagers, sometimes it becomes an obsession to obtain a body that is not always healthy. It is an open debate whereby the evident fact is that the feminine models used within the discourse of advertising frequently present unhealthy features. An ever more extreme thinness, emaciated faces and bodies surgically modified to the limit causes many people, above all adolescents, to feel dissatisfied with their bodies and to try to emulate these models.

    To avoid all these bad effects, some countries like Israel, France and Spain are debating legislation that would effectively set minimum weights for women and girls to work as models, a step that supporters of the bill say is necessary to combat the persistence of anorexia.

    The nutrition experts say that they can’t resolve that problem with a law but they can begin a public health policy to prevent and protect and limit the number of those suffering from anorexia.

    So far the fashion industry has opposed legislation to address this issue, although a number of designers have spoken out in favor of using “healthy models” and promoting healthful lifestyles.

    There is no official database of models’ heights and weights, and with regulations against using underweight models on the rise, most models and agencies are close-mouthed about the subject. Many in the industry say, however, that a number of the top models would likely weigh less than the healthy threshold set by the body mass index of about 18 or 18.5 (e.g., for a height of 1,75 meters the minimum weight should be 56 kg).

    I completely agree with the limitations some countries are trying to implement. Most teenagers have these top models as a reference, so I think that they should look healthy to prevent food disorders.


    Iron is a mineral and you can find it in the body as a component of the hemoglobin of the red blood cells and in the myglobin of muscle cells. We need it for transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide.

    People take iron supplements for preventing and treating low levels of iron and the resulting iron defiency anemia or women sometimes take it for iron lost in heavy menstrual periods.

    Despite lots of prescriptions for iron tablets being issued, some scientists found that high concentrations of iron can trigger DNA damage within 10 minutes so these iron tablets can be bad for our bodies if we use them badly.

    But apart from these studies we find situations where these tablets are really necessary as when women are pregnant or people exercise a lot and the human body asks fot iron.

    However if you are a man, iron supplements don't fix with you because not even in the above cases man needs more iron than what its body make.

    Knowing all this information we can make a decision, are you going to try it? In my opinion unless someone has a very high requirement of iron you shouldn't take these iron tablets as supplements if you want to keep your body healthy.

    Beatriz Arnanz Pulido 1ºBachillerato C