1. Check your group section:

  • 1ºA. Society, People
  • 1ºB. International News
  • 1ºC. Food, Nutrition
  • 1ºD. Business, Finance, Economy
  • 1ºE. Health, Medicine

2. Find a recent newspaper article in English related to that section on the Internet (you have links in the ‘Newspapers’ section of the blog)

3. Go to your magazine section and write your blog post reporting back on what you've read and giving your own opinion (not just a summary)

4. You should include in your blog post: a title, the link of the original article, and your name and surname!!!

5. Remember that 'copying/pasting' is not permitted. So if you copy and paste, your blog post will be disqualified and you will receive a 0 for the project.


  1. The model's secret.
    have you ever asked yourself how do models to be in shape and look perfect?
    Well, here I have some methods used in the fashion world:
    - Some models have come to the point of eating textiles just to feel full and not be hungry.
    -Others only live everyday with just 500 calories a day.
    These are completely insane methods and are against humanity.
    It is necessary that eveyone is aware of the gravity of this fact and so denunciate.
    Javier Pérez Altozano

  2. Bayern Munich will face on Tuesday 12 May FC Barcelona in duel of champions, and the paths that precede them are very different.

    By the german team injuries and setbacks they have decimated their ranks despite having the best coach in history on his stool was last week hit by a Messi from another football category

    Talking about the catalans, things seem to be a dream, they opt for the three titles with his complete team with the advantage that they won 3-0 to the Bayern, from his darling Guardiola, and it is said that his journey in Germany is going to be brief.

    Despite the primrose oath in which the blaugranas are walking, the messages that both Luis Enrique and Messi to the fans are precautionary because they now that alianz arena is a big handicap for the babaros.

    The estadistics tell us that the Barça hasn't got the victory in german territories since more than 10 years, moreover the germans endorsed to the Oporto one devastating 6-1 after losing the first match 3-1, numbers of scandal in champions

    From my point of view it is true that the Barça has half of the way done and the have to do ir really bad and the Bayerns really well to have a surprise. But nevertheless, all things can happen talking about the Bayern and more because Guardiola is his coach and the count with one of the best group of players of the world.

    Joaquín Zamora

  3. A lot of people like ice cream but it have a lot of sugar and it is supported to be staying away form, and at this time of year it is grateful to have a cold ice cream. The banana ice cream it's the solution. Really it is not a nice cream, but it is frozen banana. You could mix the frozen banana with berry is chocolate and then yo have a perfect and healthy snack. The experts recommended this types of meals for the summer because there are cold and good.