Tell us about your favourite TV series ever


  1. My favourite TV series.

    One of the things that I probably like the most is watching tv series. I love them!
    There are so many TV series, However, I have preferences and two of them are The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.
    I didnt like The Walking Dead at first but then I started to watch season after season and I became an addict.
    But my favourite TV show is American Horror Story because is different than others tv shows, every season have a independent story, I like so much horror movies and American Horror Story is like fifteen hours of horror in every season and this is why I love it!
    This Christmass I will begin to watch Breaking Bad because my brother recomended it to me... I hope it's worth it!

    Irene Gorrón Mateos 1°A

  2. I have no doubt that one of the things that I like the most is watching TV series.
    It’s hard to pick just one TV series among all of them, there are really good ones on Internet such us Dexter, American Horror Story or Lost but from my point of view the best one would be Game of Thrones.
    Maybe you are wondering why this TV show, well, it’s simple, it isn’t only about the argument which is a really good one. As it happens in every TV show, everyone has a favourite character but at Game of Thrones it doesn’t matter how important or indispensable that character may be, he or she can be gone at anytime so you never know and this is what makes the difference among the other TV shows.
    I recommend all of you to watch it!
    Alfonso Sánchez – Quiñones 1ºC Bachillerato

  3. Watching TV series is probably one of the things I like the most. For that reason,choosing my favorite serie, is a difficult thing to do...
    In my opinion, Friends is one of the best series i have ever seen, it has everything you can ask for: it's funny, with an intelligent humor and the whole family can watch it together. My own experience is that I used to watch it when i was a child, with my mother and brother. It's just a good way to spend time together.

    Others favorite series are The Big Bang Theory, How I met Your Mother (this one is very similar to Friends, but more actual), Pretty Little Liars, Suits... And a lot of series that I would recommend all of you!!

    Nuria Elso De Blas,1º Bachillerato A

  4. Hi i¨m Alberto Gallurralde from 1D and i Want to explain that , in my opinión, the best series are on internet
    I recomend specially Sons Of Anarchy and the anime sereies: Bleach, Tokio Ghoul, one piece, Anventure Time and Daganrompa
    All this series are amazin and you can enjoy it with your family or alone but when you start to see one you cant stop¨so
    And you never recieve any spoiler because there arent famous

  5. One of the things that I usually do in my free time is to watch series. I watch the series on the internet in a web page. In this web page I can access to links and I can watch the series online.

    Now, I'm going to explain two of my favourite series and why I like them.

    The first one is The Black List. This serie is about criminals. It's like CSI but it's more real and interesting. I like The Black List because each episode is different and you never know what is going to happen.

    The second one is The Walking Dead. This serie is about zombies and I love it because they are very realistic.

    In conclusion I recommend these two series if you want to watch an entertaining serie.

    Jesús López-Arenas González, 1ºD

  6. Watching TV series is one of the things I use to do when I have free time. Actually, even though I have something to do, I try to find 30 minutes for relaxing and watching a TV show. I have seen a lot of them, but if I have to choose one, it would be "How I met your mother".
    This show tell us the story of Ted Mosby and how he met his wife, but, it isn't a soap opera at all, it's a comedy. I can´t be more than five minutes watching it without laughing, because of the jokes, which are brilliant, and because of the hilarious stories Ted and his friends live.
    So, in conclusion, if you had a bad day, you should whatch HIMYM and forget all your problems!
    Pablo Moreno de Rosendo 1ºC.

  7. When I want to enjoy myself and I'm tired, what I do is turn the TV on. My favourite TV series is " Modern Family" due to its familiar situations. Not only do I laugh a lot watching it, but also I can watch it with all my family as it is for all types of viewers. Moreover, my favourite character is Gloria, as she is really funny and uses Colombian expressions. I started watching this series three years ago. Furthermore, I usually watch it in English, which is really useful as I both enjoy myself and learn a new language. Patricia Outón Ureta 1*B

  8. I did not use to watch tv series until i heard about Game of Thrones. The most of my friends had watched it so i decided to do the same. Right now i am in love with the serie and i am waiting for the next season. I have laughed and wept with this serie and you are always surprised because you can not imagine what will happen. This a really famous fantasy drama tv serie and i am pretty sure that if you want you can watch it online or download it easily. I recommend you to watch it and hope you enjoy it.
    Sara Llorente Salgado 1C

  9. I don't like watching TV as I never really engaged to any series nor movies, but there is an exception. Since I was 3, I've always enjoyed "The Simpsons". I used to watch them almost every day and night and never got bored of them, even though there are chapters I've seen so many times.

    What I specially like is that every single episode has something that makes you laugh and momentary disconnect from exams, homework...

    Nowadays I don't watch Simpsons so often, but it is still my favourite TV programme.

    Javier Andersen Muñoz 1E

  10. I don’t like watching television much , but there is one televisión series wich I like very much. It is called " Centro Medico", Medical Center. In just twenty minutes a full medical story unravels.People arrive to the hospital explaining their symptoms and pains and the doctors request and analyze all the different tests in order to find the cures to their sickness.

    It is interesting because sometimes the doctors don’t know what illnesses they are looking for.What they do is reducing the possibilities by elimination, using the different tests.
    Unfortunately sometimes the disease and the prognosis are so bad that the patients die. This is filmed in a real hospital and all the stories occur in the real life. During each episode all the different working levels of responsability in the hospital have a play in the story, starting from the general manager of the hospital, doctors, nurse, admins and hospital porters.
    At the same time, you can see funny different relationships amongst the actors: love, family problems....

    I recommend this series to everyone.

    Arancha Porqueras Vic

  11. I love watching all types of TV series..from sit-coms to soap operas. Since last December I´ve signed up to Netflix, where I've found a bunch of TV series to watch. After being 3 days looking for the perfect one, I decided to pick one whose name is "New Girl".

    This is a typical, funny, relaxing and really entertaining tv series, where you can see what happens in the life of a very joyful and weird girl, who's been dumped by her boyfriend, and has to start sharing her apartment with three guys who are strangers and completely nuts.

    They all end up being really close Friends, as they share good moments together, but also bad ones! (actually, those are the best parts...)
    So can you imagine an ordinary girl from Ontario, a Jewish boy, a bartender and a sports-obsessed guy sharing one apartment in Los Angeles?

    I have a better idea for you...stop imagining and go watch it! You all will have a great time.

    María Martínez Sendino
    1ero Bachillerato C

  12. One year ago, I was thinking about starting a new series to improve my English. I didn't even know what kind of English series I like the most because I used to watch Spanish series.
    I realized that I also used to watch "Prison Break" and I didn't remember the plot. Then, I thought it was the best moment to start the series, and that's what I did.
    I haven't been able to watch a lot of episodes because of the work. However, I can assure this is the best series I've ever seen. The characters, the plot, the background, the atmosphere, the mystery, the fights, the emotion... . All of that, just in one series.
    To sum up, I will say that if you watch this series, you will probably share my opinion that it is the best one. Then, who wants to watch an episode?

    Jorge Jiménez Berazaluce 1°E

  13. One year ago, I was thinking about starting a new series to improve my english. My brother told about Sons Of Anarchy and he suggested me about this serie.

    These serie have the perfect characters, the plot, the emotion... These serie have 7 seasons but these serie worthwhile a lot.

    This series is about a group of California bikers who try to defend their village called Charming. The protagonist of this serie is my favourite character called Jax Teller.
    These serie is highly recommended and i am sure that you will love it.

    Guillermo Calvo Sánchez 1ºA

  14. In my family, this series is very dear to all of us. We all have different tastes when it comes to TV shows, but Friends is the one show we all enjoy watching together.

    I practically grew up watching it, and nowadays, it is still my go-to series when I am feeling down. No matter what's wrong with me at that moment, watching a couple of episodes will always cheer me up.

    I can't count on how many occasions Friends has made me cry out of sadness, like when Phoebe said goodbye to her triplets, or when Monica proposed to Chandler... But of course, there were more happy tears than sad ones! Friends is a show which will make you laugh with every single episode. One of my favourite moments of the series is Phoebe's "Smelly Cat" song.

    Overall, I think I made it pretty clear why Friends is my favourite TV series ever, and I hope after reading this someone who hasn't watched this wonderful series decides to check it out!! :)

    Claudia Aranguren Moliner 1º Bach A