Write a review of a film that you didn't think you would like,but which you really enjoyed. Follow the structure and vocabulary from chapter 7 of the text book. 


  1. The last summer i read one of the most sentimental and heart-breaking books i have ever read,"The Fault in Our Stars".Long after i heard that there was a film based on the novel directed by Josh Boone.The plot revolves around the life of a sixteen-year-old cancer patient Hazel Grace, who is forced by her parents to attend a support group in the "Literally Heart of Jesus" where she meets and fall in love with Augustus Waters, an ex-basketball player as well as amputee.

    At first, my expectations about the film were not high, despite of the positive reviews from critics the film had received, because it is usual that the book is better tan the film. Although i did not expected to enjoy it, i was pleasantly by the quality of the acting with one of my favourite actress Shailene Woodley playing the important role of main character and heroine.

    To sump up, "The Fault in Our Stars" is completly moving and thought-provokingecause of the matters it treated, and in spite of the upsetting end,i reccommend anyone to see it.

  2. I recently saw the first movie of the Divergent trilogy based on the books written by Veronica Roth. This movie had the premiere in 2014 and got rave reviews all around the world. In spite of the good comments of my friends, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it because of the fact that I don’t like intricate movies. Finally, I saw it at home and I really enjoyed it.

    The plot revolves around a teenager called Beatrice Prior living in a world divided in five groups or factions: Erudite (the intelligent), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the paceful) and Candor (the honest). Beatrice is a divergent from Abnegation, that means she could be in all groups, but when she’s old enough to choose the faction where she wants to live the rest of her life, she decides to go to Dauntless, where she meets a guy called Tobias Eaton.

    In the course of the film, she fights against the plan of Erudite of dominating the society’s system with the help of her divergent boyfriend: Tobias. The problem is that people are afraid of this kind of people, so if one of them is found, they’re sent to the factionless group where they live apart from the ordinary ones. For this reason, she can’t tell anybody but Tobias about her real identity.

    Despite my initial doubts, I found the movie very gripping and exhilarating. Besides, Shailene Woodley is one of my favorite actresses, so I couldn’t disagree more with the reviews saying that the main characters are unconvincing. To sum up, I would recommend anyone to see it and the other two movies of the film series: Insurgent and Allegiant.

    Iciar Echavarren Churruca. 1ºD

  3. Last night I saw the movie Focus, made in 2015 with Will Smith and Margot Robbie as main stars. My parents had seen the film the night before and weren´t impressed by it. They thought the plot was predictable and the characters not convincing. However, all my friends had loved it and I was looking forward to watching it. I have to say I share my friends´ opinion.

    Nicky, the main character, is a burglar and a swindler who knows how to steal watches, wallets or anything that can be then sold. Jess learns from him the art of stealing at the time they fall in love. In my opinion, they both play a fantastic role with unpredictable scenes, funny and romantic at the same time. They came across to my parents as too chlichéd and childish.

    The film starts in New York, and then goes to New Orleans and Buenos Aires. There are amazing scenes of those three cities that I really liked. The story is fast moving and very entertaining, not predictable, especially at the very end when the relationship between Nicky and Jess twist at the end completely.

    To sum up, Focus is a recommendable movie with hilarious moments. In spite of my parents´ views, I support my friends´ critics. All actors playing surprised me pleasantly and the story was original with an intriguing end. I would recommend anyone to see it.

    Javier de la LLama Lozano 1ºA

  4. It must have been no more than a month since I saw Room at the cinema. I had heard a lot about this movie in particular, especially since the main actress, Brie Larson, had won an Oscar for her role in the movie a little over a week before. That Saturday night, I took a seat in the almost completely full room without having clear expectations on what I was about to see. I guess I wasn't expecting much in a way, I already knew what the story was about and after reading a few reviews on the topic, I was almost entirely sure not one single important detail was escaping me. I mean, what could posibly be so intriging about 90 minutes of a kidnapped girl and her child living in a four square meter room?

    The plot, as I already metioned, revolves around the lives of a kidnapped girl, Joy, who's probably around her twenties and her son, Jack (Jacob Tremblay), born and raised in the little garden shed where they have been kept captive for more than seven years. The first hour was probably the most heartbreaking part for me, where you really get an insight on how miserable their lives are, especially Joy's, who can't really bring herself to get used to room whereas to Jack, the little shed is the entire world since he has never known anything on the other side of those four walls.

    The simplicity of the movie set and the style in which the majority of the scenes are recorded might falsely come across as boring and unappealing but this production holds such powerful performances both on Brie and Jacob's sides that it's almost impossible not to feel touched by it. Not only does the film move you to tears but it also gives its viewers an unusual and quite awkward perspective, I dare say, on how tough life can really be for those who have been kidnapped even after they manage to escape and get back to their "normal" lives. I believe the relatability of the characters of Room is without a doubt its strongest suit and what has earned it so many awards since it came out in October of last year.

    Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised with the film and the cast and I would strongly recommend it to anyone regardless of their ages. But please, if you finally decide to watch it (which I hope you will) do not forget to keep a tissue close at all times!

    Carmen de Dios Coba, 1C

  5. I recently saw the film The Gift. Made in 2015, and directed by Joel Edgerton. It is psychological thriller starring Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall. In spite of my reservations, I'm glad I made the effort to see it.

    The protagonists are Simon and Robyn Callum, a director of a security company. Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall give convincing performances in the leading roles. I didn`t think I`d enjoy it because it seemed like a channel 3 Saturday afternoon film but dispate my low expectations I was thoroughly entertained.

    The story is about Simon mooving to Los Angeles where he meets Gordon Moseley an old school friend who starts off being nice but strange things like the dog disappearing makes Simon ban Gordon From his house. It turns out at school Simon bullied him.At the end Robyn gets pregnant and the video showing her on the bed but doesn´t reveal whether he is the father or not the ending is fascinating.

    In summary, the Gift is a gripping thriller, which has a thought provoking ending. Although I hadn`t expected to enjoy it´I was pleasantly surprised by the story .

  6. I´m goint to talk about the Maze Runner, a film based on the pentalogy. It´s a young-adult post-apocalyptic science fiction. It´s directec by T.S Nowlin and it stars Dylan o´Bran. Even though my parents expectations about the film weren´t very good, I found it intrigued and entertaining.

    To begin with, Thomas, the protagonist, the last boy to enter the maze (but not the last person), this fascinating character is going to be the valiant that is going to change the point of view of the people in the maze.

    The other main character, Teresa, the first girl to enter, and the last person to enter. She was a well-rounder character who was a telephatic connection with Thomas.

    The start of the film Thomas wakes up in a metal box that brings him to a weird maze, every week this box elevate from under the surface bringing new foods, and sometimes weapons. But they didn´t know that is wasn´t going to elevate anywhere. A group of young boys are waking live in a surface surrendered by a glind.
    The first is that Thomas a brave boy, go out to the maze looking for the exit.

    All in all, the Maze Runner is a gripping film that despite that others said, the film wasn´t as bad as had been expected, and i´ll recommend anyone to see it

  7. Some friends recommended me the movie “The Imposible” weeks ago. My first reaction was not positive, because I had some reservations to watch it. I don´t like very much the dramatic movies and the trailers I had seen about this one did not impressed me.

    But after some discussions with other friends who had seen it , I decided to give it a chance and go with them to the cinema to watch it. The movie had very good reviews from the critics. In fact, the director, Juan Antonio Bayona, received the Goya award, the Capri award and the Gandi award as best Director. So the Detroit Film Society gave the movie a great recognition.
    At the same time the actress Naomi Wats also received the best actress award for a relevant US critics association and an Oscar for the best actress. Another great performance in the movie was the one of the eldest son of the family, Tom Holland, who received the Hollywood´s Spotlight award.

    The plot was based on a real story, a tsunami that a took place recently in Thailand. The main characters are a family that are enjoying holidays in a resort near a beautiful beach. At the start of the movie the whole family is at the hotel´s swimming pool, it all seems very peaceful and appealing. However, all of a sudden a great shake of the ground takes place and sequently a huge wave, bigger than 5 meters high, razed all of the resort and a big part of the cost area. The family broke apart, the father was left near the two younger kids and the mother,who was injured in the leg, got together with the eldest son. Each group of the family tried to survive with many difficulties and with the anguish of not knowing what had happened with the rest. Finally after a lot of difficulties and some luck, they found each other alive.

    The film got me in suspense the whole time. The characters´ performance was outstanding , my favorite one was María, the mother. Her role in the movie was very touching, she was very brave and although she was badly hurt, all of her concern was after her son´s survival. Moreover the movie´s end was the most emotional part and almost made me cry.

    To sum up, I recommend everyone to watch The Imposible. This movie has a lot of moral values which people sometimes do not keep in mind and of which we should learn from. It is a beautiful movie with a happy ending which in general, everyone would enjoy.

    María Barahona Peñas ,1C Bach

  8. Last summer I saw an American action comedy film called `The man from UNCLE´based on an old series with the same name. I had never heard of the main actors, Henry Cavill, Alicia Vikander and Armie Hammer. Also non of my friends had watched the film, so I didn´t have great expectations when I went to the cinema with my family.

    The main characters are Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill), who is a CIA agent, Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) a KGB operative and Gaby Teller (Alicia Vikander) whose father was kidnapped by a criminal organization. The plot revolves around these three people fighting against the criminal organization, which was also prolifarating nuclear weapons.

    At first I thought it was just the typical spy movie but then I changed my mind because I could see that there was an interesting mix of comedy and mistery. Even though it was intriguing and sometimes funny, I still think that the movie had the same plot as other spy movies.

    To sum up, I highly recommend seeing this film if you want to have a great time or just a good evening at home watching films. It`s entertaining, however, don´t expect a movie that is original.

    Beatriz Arnanz Pulido 1ºC Bach

  9. A few weeks ago I saw 'El secreto de sus ojos'. The drama film was made in 2009 and directed by the Argentinian Juan José Campanella, based on a novel of Eduardo Sacheri.
    Al first, i thought i won't like it because my professor of economics told me it was necesary for the exam.
    Surprisingly, when I started watching it i realised that Ricardo Darín was one of the main characters. In my opinion, he is a very good actor altough he always performs drama, crime and gangsters films.
    The story is about two lawyers that are investigating a case of a girl who was murdered. At the same time there is a romance between them.
    To sum up, I recommend this movie because it has a fairly easy plot to follow and the action is not slow so you don't get bored easily!
    Irene Marhuenda Sebastiá 1ºB

  10. I have lost count of the number of times i have read or watched Harry Potter. The work J.K. Rowling created is a masterpiece, and a wide number of us, owe her some of the most emotional moments we've had, are having, or will have reading in our entire lifes.

    Fictional books are often let down by overly complicated plots, but Harry Potter is different. From the moment Harry runs into the 9 and 3/4 platform with the Weasleys, you just know something magical is going to hit you for the next hundreds of pages.Harry appears to be a "normal" boy, who is an orphan of two wizards, and like any son of wizards he has to go to Hogwarts, the school where kids get taught magical arts. But although that is how it seems at first, soon yoout that Harry is the only person to have outlived Lord Voldemort, also known as, "you-know-who". During the 7 books he is going to be formed as a wizard and he will also have to face his archenemy, LV, in order to keep the peace in the magical world. I know I said HP didn't have an extremely complicated plot; it all goes down to a metaphor Rowling does about the story of the Deathly Hallows, but you'll get there...

    The books are a complex read, whereas the films are a little simpler. If you aren't sure about whether you'd like to read the books or not, watch the films. You'll love them. After watching the films, you wont be able to hold yourself back from reading the books, and after you read them, watch the films again. It will BLOW YOUR MIND. This saga lets you sit back, put your feet up and be taken for a ride. A magical ride. You only have to be interested in it, if you are, it will amaze you. It's the kind of story that can't help but chase away the winter blues.

    If you haven't seen HP, then the next weekend prepare loads of popcorn and don't move from the couch. If you have, raise your wands and let the sceptical see our magical world...

    Alvaro Porto Tomas 1A Bach

  11. Last weekend I saw the movie called “My name is Khan” directed by Karan Johar. The main characters are Kajor Mujherjee as Mandira and Shahrukh Khan as Rizvan Khan.
    Despite the rave reviews, I didn’t know if I’d enjoy it because my brother told me that it was upsetting and I don’t like that type of movies. Besides, because of the fact that the film is Indian, I’d never heard of it and the actors are unknown in Spain. Even though I wasn’t really sure about it, I found it very interesting, moving and thought-provoking.

    The leading role, Rizvan Khan, is a muslim who has Asperger’s syndrome, which creates a difficulty with social relationships because the one that suffers this disease doesn’t empathize with other people. In my opinion, Shahrukh’s interpretation is really convincing and the hardest of the movie. His wife Mandira is a well-rounded character because in the course of the film, she changes her attitude about Khan from seeing him as a friend and falling in love with him, to telling him that she doesn’t want to see him again.

    The film is set in the year 2001 in San Francisco where Khan meets Mandira, a single mother whose son is named Sam, at a hairdresser. Although the rest the people treats him as a kid because of his syndrome, she falls in love with him. When they decide to get married they have some problems due to their religions because she’s Indian and he’s muslim. Finally, they manage to get married.

    After the twins towers attack, the whole city starts putting away the muslims from the society. On account of the racism, Sam is bullied at school and he ends up dying in a fight. Owing to his death, Mandira gets angry with Khan. This is because she think’s that it’s his fault for being muslim. Following Mandira’s orders, he decide to meet Bush, the USA president, and tell him that he’s not a terrorist. A misunderstanding sends him to a secret prison for Al-Qaeda members. By the end of the film, she forgives him and succeed in meeting the president.

    In the nutshell, I agree with the reviews that the film got and I think it’s one of the most gripping movies you’ll see, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I would recommend you to see it.

    Daniel Centeno Díaz. 1ºE. nº3

  12. The title of the film is Untouchable whose supporting actors are François Cluzet and Omar Sy moreover the director is Oliver Nakache. This movie was recorded in 2011 . It is a french comedy which had got many prizes such as goya awards :best european film.
    This film is based on a true story and it´s set in france .It´s the story of two men . One of them ,Phillippe ,is tetraplegic due to paragliding accident .He´s a rich aristocrat who employs Driss as home help .Driss is an inmigrant and a Young man who has left the prisión . In the course of the film driss will have to get used to philippe´s necessities.
    Despite their differences they give birth to a crazy and strange friendship which will surprise you and also will made you have a good time .
    In general the film recived good reviews ,in addition i think that is a great film ,thought-provoking and also has a really good scenes and it´s unexpected film
    To sum up i´d like to say that i´ll recommend everyone to watch it because you´ll enjoy it and it is a fantastic comedy and a beautiful story also it will make you thought about it.
    Laura Calle Martínez 1ºBach. E

  13. Titanic is a movie based on a true story which I fell in love with since the very first time I saw it. It was made in 1997 and I love it because one of my favorite actors, Leonardo DiCaprio, is the main character. At first, I didn´t really want to watch the movie due to the fact that my friends had warned me that it lasted around 3 hours. However, after thinking about it, I finally decided to watch it with my little sister and I don´t regret it at all!

    The film is set in a huge ship called “Titanic” and the plot revolves around the story between the two lovers, a poor American guy, Jack, and his rich girlfriend, Rose. Even though, they had met in the ship and they merely knew each other, their love story is quite moving.

    There are many heart stopping and heartbreaking moments during this film that make the audience wonder whether the protagonists would survive in the frigid waters or not, after the sinking of the Titanic. It is a beautiful film with a sad story to tell, but one of the most touching movies ever.

    To sum up, Titanic, isn´t just the typical romantic movie; it is also thought-provoking. Viewers may cry during the movie but I highly recommend seeing it despite the length and the negative critics it has received because of the dialogue and the actors.

    Almudena Fernández-Bravo, 1ºC Bach

  14. Few weeks ago, my family and I decided to go to the cinema to see "The jungle book". It is a movie, everybody knows because it is maybe Walt Disney's greatest masterpiece. That amazing cartoon movie has now become in a story starring a little boy called Nel Sethi as Mowgli.
    Despite of the good things that I had heart about the film I didn't wanted to go to the cinema to watch it because it was a movie that I already knew, and I prefer to go and watch another film, but in the end I really like it!

    The plot, as everybody knows, it's about a little guy who lives in the jungle with the other animals that are trying to take care of him. When Shere Kan (Idris Elba) cames in and ordered Mowgli to leave the jungle he thought ,after a long time arguing about it, that it would be better to disappear. It took him a lot of time to find friends in the new place, but there he met Baloo who will become his new best friend and with the beard that he was going to share all his experiences.

    By the end of the film, he discovered that his enemy, Sheere Kan, had killed one the members of the family which used to take care of him. After knowing that, Mowgli got very angry and decided to went back to put finish to all this problems with Sheere Kan.

    To sum up, even though it was a film that I knew before watching it, I recommended to everyone because it is a really moving movie where you can also remember your childhood and have a very good time in the cinema.

    Carolina Ollero Carbó 1D Bach

  15. In this review, I'm going to write about one of mi favourites movies, REMEMBER THE TITANS.

    First of all, I'd like to start by saying that it's a movie based on a true story. It all happens in Alenxandria, Virginia, in 1971; when the goverment decides to mix the TC Williams High School, only for white students, with a local black high school. Coach Yoast, in charge of the school's football team, has to leave his main coaching job to Coach Boone, a black coach from the other school, but stays on the team as a defense coach assistant. Players from both teams fear losing their place on the first team, but what they fear most, is each other. Racial segregation back then was completely savage, it was almost as bad as the "apartheid".

    The story of this mixed football team begins in a pre-season summer camp. They get to know each other, and although they fight, they leave the camp as a team. They did not judged races, they judged souls. When they arrive to Alexandria from the summer camp, the city's hostility between races is outstanding.

    In addition, some unsolved problems from the summer camp show up again, but they manage to stay together as a team. They play to win every match, as if they were going to die the next day. They had a 9 win streak with 0 defeats. When, apparently, nothing could go wrong, Gerry Bertier, the team's captain, becomes paralyzed from the hip down in a car accident. Even though it was a huge loss, the team won their last match of the season. They were the best team of the state of Virginia and the second best of the whole country.

    To sum up, I find it a noble story of perseverance, tolerance and love. The way those kids outcomed every problem and fight with all the pressure from the city and the press is just amazing. A really inspiring movie. Totally recommendable.
    Nuria Elso de Blas 1°A

  16. A while ago I saw Shutter Island, a film by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio . It’s a mystery thriller that is gripping from the beginning. I love psychological films and a friend recommended this one. She told the ending has a twist.After watching the trailer I decided I must see the movie.
    Leonardo plays Teddy, a U.S. Marshal. Teddy is very persistent, inquisitive and as the story continues he becomes more paranoid. A L.A. Times critique by Betsy Sharkey says, “ The actor slips so deeply inside Teddy’s skin that it allows his anxiety to creep under ours.” I agree wiht this critique because Leonardo DiCaprio was so believable. He was convincing as Teddy and made me feel like Teddy was real.
    The story begins when Teddy and his colleague are going to one of the most dangerous psychiatric hospital on an island.They have to investigate missing patient. From the first moment Teddy feels like something strange is happening is this place. Throughout the movie we see Teddy may be right. My favourite part is the end. The film has an open ending, you decide how to conclude the movie.
    I recommend this film to anyone who likes thought-provoking films. This isn’t the film for action fans. The movie developes the character and is an entertaining and intricate story.
    Ana Burgos Silva- 1°D Bach

  17. Today i'd like to write about Green Street Hooligans. It's a very controversial film because it generates a lot of hate among the viewers since it's a highly agressive movie. But what people don't want to see is that the movie shows a reality that happens in their world, whether they like it or not.

    First of all, the movie plot is quite simple. It tells the story of the hooligans of West Ham United, how they prepare before the matches and the fights they get in. The main character, brother of the wife of the leader of the hooligans, gets submerged in that world without even noticing, and surprisingly, he loves it. He loves the adrenaline and the excitement of their way of life. The end leaves you morose, the death of the main character's best friend is devastating, but it is worth it. The final fight is an outstanding scene.

    This movie makes me feel gigantic, it lifts me up from the sofa, it makes me run and scream from all the adrenaline it delivers. I find it outstanding, a masterpiece of modern cinematography.

    All in all, I found it a very inspirating and revealing movie, that talks about a reality not everyone is aware of.

    Jacobo Martínez Muñoz 1C 20

  18. Here I'm going to talk about the best saga that has ever been filmed, The Lord of the Rings.

    It all starts when Bilbo, Frodo's uncle, finds a ring of power forged in Sauron's volcano. Gandalf, the grey wizard, who will later become the white wizard, persuades Frodo to start a majestic and highly dangerous journey through the Middle Earth to destroy the ring. To protect Frodo, Gandalf created the Company of the Ring, who had to distract the hordes of orks, who are the Sauron's army. Meanwhile, Frodo and Sam, his best friend, are leaded by Golum, that knows all the paths to Sauron's mountain, but cherishes the ring above all, and will try to kill them along the movie.

    Furthermore, some important battles happen throughout the movie, like Minastiriz or Roham. The battles keep the story alive, they are the main part of the movie, since they are a wonderful filming piece. They have a lot of action and the actors play their characters very well. My favourite one is Gimbly, who is always fighting with Legolas and it's hilarious how they boast to each other how many orks have they killed.

    To sum up, I would totally recommend watching the saga, and if you have enough endurance, I would recommend watching the three films in a row, non stop. The saga that was released after Lord of the Rings but happened before this story is the Hobbit. The Hobbit is also totally recommended but I sincerely prefer the Lord of the Rings. It makes me feel amazing, I totally love it. I hope you follow my advice, you won't regret it!

    Gonzalo Sánchez-Bayo González 1D 26

  19. Today I would like to introduce you in the amazing world of Forrest Gump. I find it the most inspirational story of the history of cinema.

    To start, the plot is pretty standard, nothing too complex. It narrates the life of Forrest Gump, a really special kid. Other kids bully him, but he manages to overcome his problems thanks to the love of his life, Jenny. When he grows up, he enlists for the United States of America Marine's Corps, to go fight the comunists in Vietnam. One of the most remembered scenes from the movie happens in this part, when they get attacked and Forrest starts to run and success in saving most of his partners. He gets hit by a bullet in the buttcheek, and has to go to a military hospital. There he finds out that he is amazingly good at table tennis. He even goes in a world tour to play against other countries. When he comes back, he is a star and has made a lot of money.

    After that, he spends several months running around the country, just for fun. When he gets tired of running, with all the money he had made, he makes the last dream of his best friend that died in Vietnam, Bubba, come true. He buys a boat and fishes shrimps. By a hit of luck, all of the other boats sink and he fishes loads of shrimps. He becomes rich, and with that money, he invests in Apple. He becomes a millionaire, and finally gets together with Jenny. They have a kid, but unfortunately Jenny dies. The end is very sad but beautiful.

    Overall, I find one of the best movies that has ever been filmed. I strongly recommend watching it because absolutely everyone will be moved by this story. Forrest Gump is a truly example of motivational life that faces his problems and gets over them. He is an amazing man. Pepe Collado Vincueria 1 E n 4

  20. Hello, im here to talk about the Star Wars saga, one of the bests that has ever been done.

    To start of, i have to say that it is formes from seven movies, 3 old ones, 3 three modern ones and one that has been released quite recently. To put you in situation, the story happens around the Battle of Yeltsin, when the rebel force destroy the first Death Star. The 3 modern ones take place 30 years before the battle, and its when the story begins. Anakin Skywalker, a young padawan, betrays the jedi and uses his power in benefit of the Dark Side, because he is afraid that his wife, Padme, dies giving birth to his children, which actually happens. The twins, Luke and Leia, are separated and never get in contact until Luke finds Master Yoda and gets intructed in the jedi path. Then, he joins the rebel force, where Leia is the leader. They meet and they make a new friend which will eventually marry Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca his partner.

    In addition, the story is full of battles and confrontation, such as the Death Star explosion or the Hot battle. It keeps you entertained and interested in the movie because of all the action that takes place. The new one has me intrigued, is the continuation of the story, where the son of Han Solo and Leia is in the Dark Side and its called Kylo Ren. One stormtrooper mets a girl called Rei who is really strong in the force and battles Kylo Ren in several battles, and in the final one the destroy the new and bigger Death Star.

    Finally, im looking forward to watch the other two movies they are supposed release. I like it a lot and its a totally recommendable saga. I think everybody should watch it.
    Guillermo Sánchez Carbajo 1•D

  21. Two months ago I went to the cinema with my parents. They wanted to see "Room", a drama made in 2015 and directed by Lenny Abrahamson, but I was sure that I wouldn't like it. Luckily, I was totally wrong: I enjoyed it since the very first minute.

    The story, which has received rave reviews from all around the world, is set, as its own title reveals, in a room, where Joy (Brie Larson) and her son Jack (Jacob Tremblay) live.

    The story begins with Jack's fifth birthday. It all seem normal if you forget the fact that neither Joy nor her son can leave the room. It's then when you realise that they are locked in there.

    In the course of the film you start to know why they are in that poor situation. It was predictable that Joy had been kidnapped some years ago but it still is a moving and heartbreaking reveal.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the main characters. They were complex and convincing, something extremely important in a drama. Brie and Jacob' s performances were astonishing, both of them inspired the spectators with their acting.

    What I liked most of the movie was the second half. I have seen a lot of plots that revolve around a kidnapping, but it has been the first time that the director shows us the dark part of being released. We use to think that everything finishes when the main characters are free again. Now, I realise that they live with that horrible experience even when they have returned to their homes and that they may never get rid of it.

    To sum up, in spite of my reservations, I'm glad I made the effort to see it. I hope "Room" touches you as much as it did with me.

    Claudia Sequeiros 1°D

  22. I love watching movies with my friends, specially in rainy days. There's nothing better than getting together in one of our houses and watch a movie. We, for sure, love romantic movies, they are our favourite type of films. However, last time, my friends decided watching a different type of movie. They chose "The Intouchables". I had no idea what this movie was about but I was totally convinced I was not going to like it at all. What shocked me was, that I ended up loving "The Intouchables".

    The film was released on 2011 and it was directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. This film has received raved reviews from all around the world from the very first day until today. In fact, it has won different awards nominations, such as eight Cesar Awards.

    The protagonist of the film is "Philippe", who in real life is François Cluzet, but, a pretty important role has "Driss" Bassari, whose real name is Omar Sy. They were both complex and convincing characters, although, Driss was more like a funny character. "Magalie" played by Audrey Fleurot and "Yvonne", by Anne Le Ny are the most remarkable women in the movie.

    Philippe is a handicap man that cannot live by his own. He needs other people's help for everything he does. He cannot move any part from his body but his face muscles. The movie starts with a job interview for the idilic person able to work for Philipe. Driss is the worst candidate on the list and the least dedicated person for it. However, Philipe wants a change in his life. He is tired of people feeling miserable for him and wants a person that can treat him like a normal human being.
    As the story keeps going, Philipe and Briss end up being best friends and understanding each other perfectly, despite their differences.

    The relationship Philipe and Driss build throughout the film is inspirational. With this friendship, the film gets to the spectator feelings and moves them.

    To conclude, this film has taught the real essence in life. No matter how hard life can get and how many difficulties you have to face, there is always someone by your side willing to help you get through it. The film shows the important values in life, such as happiness, love, strength, friendship...

    I thoroughly recommend watching this movie for all this reasons. It will touch your hearts and make you see life a different, but better way.

    Irene Falcones, 1C

  23. Last Friday, a rainy day, I went to my friend's house to watch a film. They chose a romantic film and I did not agree at all. Despite my initial doubts, however, I would say that we spent a great afternoon, I was totally wrong.

    The protagonist are Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. It was directed by Marc Webb and written by Scott Neustadter. This film was a completely success in USA.

    As we are told by the narrator at the start of the movie (500) Days of Summer: “is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story.” The boy is named Tom and he is an architecture who ended up working on a card design company; the girl is named Summer and she worked as an administrative assistant in the same office.

    The movie jumps back and forth in time to show us how their relationship is developed and how does the personality of both of them change. At the beginning Tom fall in love at first sight with Summer but she was not the kind of girl who believe in romantic relations, because of her parents divorce.

    Their lives criss-crossed again as soon as they started working together. He tried to make everything what was on his hands to make her falling in love. When she decided to finish their relationship, he spent 500 days, the time they spent together, trying to revise what he did wrong so he could get her back.

    The characters are cliched and familiar. They make a gripping plot.
    There are some hilarious as well as sad moments. Its plot is really moving and upsetting. I love films that are thought-provoking, that was the reason I really enjoyed this film.
    It shows you the need and importance of appreciating things. We are not used to do it until the moment we lost them.

    To sum up, I would like to recommend this film everyone especially if you are a teenager. As I said before it is not the typical romantic film that some of us are tired of watching. 500 days of summer moves beyond that first impression.
    Casilda del Saz Albert

  24. I recently saw one of the best movies I know, The Pianist.

    It is a film of 2002 directed by Roman Polansky.
    The story begins in 1939 (beginning of World War II) in Warsaw. Wladyslaw Spielzman is a recognized pianist place of Jewish origin who works on local radio.

    After surviving a bomb in his job, Spielzman goes home. When he comes home he hears on the radio with his family that UK and France declared war on Germany so he thinks that this will end soon.
    However, months later the movie shows us the deterioration that Jews are suffering in Poland. First, they are forced to wear a band with the Star of David to recognize them and, in 1940; they are forcing them to move to the Warsaw Ghetto. When it seems that nothing can be worse, Germans begin to take Jews to concentration camps, nevertheless a friend of Spielzman prevents him to getting into one of the trucks that go there.
    The rest of the story show us how our hero is being left alone and goes looking for places to eat and sleep. When Spielzman is about to die, he is found by a Nazi general who hear him play the piano. Because of their ability, the German does not lead him to the concentration camp and even leads him food to survive.

    When the war ends, Soviet troops help Spielzman and give him shelter. When everything has passed, he learns that the general who helped him is a prisoner and tries to help, however, when he reaches the place where he was nothing left.
    The movie ends with the pianist playing on the local radio again.

    I love this movie so his argument as the atmosphere and historic context.

    Javier Armijo Gómez 1ºB

  25. Last weekend I saw a film I didn't expected to like. The film I'm talking about is called "Me, Earl and the Dying Girl". Dispite of the great reviews (IMDb gives it a 7,8 and has won many awards as the 2015 best dramatic movie on the Sundance Festival) I didn't want to saw it, but finally I did and, wow! I enjoyed it a lot.

    The main characters are Greg (interpreted by Thomas Mann), Earl (interpreted by RJ Cyler) and Reachel (interpreted by Olivia Cooke).

    Greg is a 17 year old nerd student of an american high school who loves to make classic-movies parodies. He makes them with a good friend of him called Earl. Greg is a pessimist and shy person who likes to be "invisible" in high school, but his life will dramatically change when he meets Reachel, a girl in his year with cancer.

    Dispite of the low budget, the characters are feel performed and the story is very entertaining. Because of that I would like to recommend you to see it.


  26. A few weeks ago I saw "The cabin in the woods" filmed in 2012.

    It is a mistery-horror film that my brother recommended.
    I love horror movies but when i heard that name, I thought that was the typical film about college students who would do a party and suddenly strange things would happend and they would start to be killed.
    In spite of my idea, finally i saw it.

    Although the story was the same that I thought, the amazing detail of this film was that the cabin is controlled by a group of people with camaras, who determine the way of death of each caracter.
    And the end is amazing.

    To sum up, i would like to recommend it to everyone who loves horror-stories but with a bit of humor, because I enjoyed very much.

    Blanca Mora Ortega 1C

  27. A few days ago, I watched this film on TV which I didn't find appealing, but when I saw it, it completely made me change my mind. Its name is "Fight club" and it had been nominated to one oscar as well as 15 other prizes. Despite it seemed to be good, I didn't had a huge interest on it.
    I started watching it and wasn't really into it, but as soon as I started focusing on the script, I was expectant. It is all about a common unstable man, whose name is not revealed. He would go to support groups in order to let go the feeling of emptyness he had.
    He met there an odd woman, called Marla, whose main goal was pretty much the same as the man's. Besides they didn't got on really well, they exchanged phone numbers.
    One day, he lost everything he had as a fire happened at his house. The man phoned Tyler, an interesting man who he had met earlier that day on a plane. He ended up living with him, as he had nowhere else to go due to his lack of friends and relatives. They soon became friends and created a clandestine fight club in the bottom of a bar.
    The club's fame began to expand, in spite of the fact of being secret, and many men started joining in. People followed what they said and their goal (revealed at the end of the film) blindly.
    But, the first man suddenly became suspicious of Tyler and what was happening. He found out a really disconcerting fact about him. This fact is told at the end, and it is the most appealing part of the film. As I do not want to spoil the film, I will not tell it, but I can assure it is a drastic change which completely changes the whole script of the film.
    I strongly recomend you to watch it, even if it does not look like the kind of film you would watch. It is definitively unexpected and will make you wonder if everything really is what it seems.
    Margarita Martínez de Velasco 1E

  28. Spectre

    James bond films are, and have been very popular films throughout its history delighting its audience with every film made. A total of 26 films have being presented to its audience since
    1962 starring Sean Connery, one of the first films created in this spy genre. Even though, many years have past since the first movie was filmed all the films have kept the same conventions. For example Bond always wearing a elegant suit, or a exclusive british car.

    To renew the image of James Bond films, Sam Mendes starts the latest James Bond Film, Spectre using a direct message. The Dead are Alive. As seen in the film, this text is written in typing font. Perhaps this type of font could`ve being used to commemorate the many years of Bond movies. In addition the quote could suggest that old James Bond villains wants revenge, on the other hand it could be a reference to Halloween.

    This is proven in the first scene, set in Mexico where Halloween or “ El Dia de los Muertos” as said there is one or in fact, the most important festive celebration of the year. Where a huge party is taking place. But at the top end of the scene a man with a bright white tuxedo, slowly
    walks across through the masses of people present. This shows a clear contrast with the people around him. This makes the spectator focus its attention on him. Later on as the camera pans through the scene. The camera focuses on the man with the tuxedo, who starts walking closer to the camera and crosses with a couple and the camera starts to focus on them.

    What does this means you may ask. My answer to that are a few instructions. First make popcorn, then adjust your position in the coach to a comfortable one and finally, roll the movie into your screen and submerge in the beauty of Spectre the latest James Bond movie.

    -Jaime Andrés 1ºF

  29. Yesterday, I was watching a film with a friend of mine. At first, we weren´t sure of which one we'd like to see, as there were so many. We glanced through the menu reading plot after plot until we found a film set in the Victorian London era with a suggestive title: "The abominable bride".

    Apparently, it was a BBC adaptation of the original story by Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes.
    It seemed to have a quite interesting plot and a great cast, with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch as the main characters.

    I enjoyed it a lot, the plot was really complicated, yet catching and the film was beautifully made; also, it concluded in an unexpected yet brilliant end.
    However, my friend didn't enjoyed it that much, as he couldn't keep catch up with everything that was happening.
    I believe that it's because this is one of this films that you have to watch twice to completely understand everything that has happened; but I'd still recommend it as a great, entertaining film.

  30. La la land was,as I saw it, the typical Hollywood silly musical and I´m not really a big fan of musicals. However, it is at the same time a completely new type of high quality film making, which, in my opinion, should be promoted more frequently. With or without the Oscar it has paid a huge tribute to Hollywood as it has also renewed it.
    Firstly as I have said it’s a mind-blowing tribute to Hollywood 50´s and 60´s musicals but it is surprisingly entertaining. The movie revolves around the classic love story but just with the very beginning of the film I knew I was going to be a fortunate witness of a breath-taking show in both musical and intellectual point of view. As the film goes on, I began to attend a hidden part of Hollywood, which I certainly ignore, and the unsuccessful efforts of an actress, who desperately tries to carve a niche on the film industry, and an old-fashion musician, who wants to bring back the jazz, to make their dreams come true.
    The movie could have been just a critic to the today’s society but it also incites the audience to dream and unlike other movies, it does shows you the consequences of archiving you dreams. It wants to go further than a simple critic, it looks for the pure beautifulness in all the imaginable ways. When it has to tell us an emotional scene it just doesn´t show it, it makes you feel it.
    Overall it´s beyond any tribute, critic, visual spectacle, musical, film, audio-visual content ever done. The script, the music, the plot, the costumes, the characters, the story line, the editing work, the sound, the direction are just sublime.
    Lucas Barquero Pierantoni 1 C

  31. A couple of days ago I watched one of my favorites old-fashioned movies. It was called The Sting. I liked every single scene of it. The film is set in the United States.

    In my opinion one thing that makes this movie awesome is the plot, i would not change anything about it. It is gripping and exhilarating.

    Likewise the actors are very impressive. I had heard a lot about Paul Newman and Robert Redford but it was the first time I had the chance to see them acting, and have to say "what a great combination". Both are well-rounded actors and have the leading role in the movie. I would say that Robert Redford is a little bit more of a comic-actor than Paul Newman who is a very smart man.

    By and large the movie is very pleasant but the last thirty minutes are shocking with a tremendous twist at the end. If you dont have anything to do a late saturday night do not hesitate and wacht it, you wont regret it.

    Enrique Meras Trigueros 1ºA

  32. Last summer I had a crave for watching a classic movie. I couldn’t make up my mind…but I knew I wanted a comedy. My mom suggested me watching “When Harry met Sally”, and that’s what I did.

    This film from 1989 has a great cast, including really famous actors such as Billy Cristal and Meg Ryan as leading roles, and it has won the prize BAFTA for “Best Original Script”. At first glance I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy watching it, but it was nothing further from reality.

    The two main characters are Harry and Sally, a man and a woman who tell their story, including how they meet each other three times before they become good friends. The film is set in the early 90’s in the United States, and it all starts with a car trip from Chicago to New York City, where they two definitely don’t get along pretty well. The second time they meet, they run into each other on a plane trip where it’s obvious they still don’t have a good connection. Nevertheless, the third time they meet everything turns out to be the other way round. They get to become real friends, share secrets, tell each other’s problems…In the meanwhile, the audience just can’t stop having a great time while watching all kind of jokes and a great interpretation coming from both actors. However, some kind of special feeling starts to rise in their hearts; What if they started to be a couple? Due to this question, all type of situations occur; doubts, arguments…
    Nonetheless, there’s a twist at the end. Fortunately, despite all the setbacks we can witness during the movie, they finally get over them and it all ends happily.

    Briefly, I think this movie is a classic masterpiece we all should watch at least once in our life. It shows us a different point of view about the relationship between men and women while it reminds us we can’t do anything but follow what our heart tells us to do.

    María Martínez Sendino
    1Bachillerato C

  33. A week ago I saw a movie directed by Mel Gibson called Hacksaw Ridge. Sincerely at first, I didn’t find it appealing at all because I don’t really enjoy bloody movies but my cousin begged me to go with him and I finally agreed. The moment it started, I completely changed my mind and I was pleasantly surprised.

    The plot revolves around a real-life story of courage. Desmond T. Doss is the main character and he delivers a wonderful well-rounded performance as a combat medic. The story is about Desmond, a guy who had had a rough childhood due to his dad’s issues with alcohol. He is an independent and mature boy. One day, he met a beautiful girl called Dorothy who is a nurse and after a few days talking they start dating. Meanwhile, he joins the army not as a soldier but as a doctor. However, his sergeant and some of his comrades in arms try to throw him out because he refuses to carry any weapon. You may think, why does he want to go to war without any firearms or weapons? Well, it is because his past and because he is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and a conscientious objector. He goes to the army trial couple times and even he almost go to jail. Finally managed to go to the war. The rest of the movie explains how he dealed with it and how everyone who didn’t trust on him, ends up admiring him so much. He became a real hero saving 75 lives and putting his own life in danger plenty of times.

    It is a brutally violent picture of World War two and it’s a gripping, thought-provocking movie. It’s characters are really convincing and well-rounded.

    All in all, I strongly recommend this movie despite my initial thoughts.

    Teresa Martín del Castillo 1C

  34. A rainy afternoon two years ago, I was chilling with my friends in my apartment on the beach. We were wondering about what we could do, when my best friend said: ‘’Is there a better option than watching a movie on a rainy day?’’
    Consequently, my friends and I decided to watch Mamma Mia. At first, I wasn’t very convinced as I don’t really like musical films, however I ended up accepting to watch it.

    Mamma Mia is a really entertaining film, addressed to a wide public, from children to grandparents and it includes songs from the known band ABBA.
    The film is directed by Phyllida Lloyd and was produced in 2008. Despite my initial doubts, I have to recognise that it’s an amazing film, what explains why the film was a candidate for the Golden Globe award for Best Motion Picture.

    The main character, Donna, is played by the famous actress Mery Streep. In the movie Donna has a daughter, Sophie (played by Amanda Seyfried) the other important protagonist. Both characters live in their own hotel on a Greek island, what makes the scenery of the film fascinating.
    Generally, the characters could be described as familiar and hilarious, what makes the film not only emotional, but also entertaining.

    Regarding the plot, I must say, it’s engaging as you are never sure of what is going to happen next. Mamma Mia therefore, relates the story of a girl (Sophie) which is about to get married and a few weeks before her wedding, finds out that she has three possible fathers. Despite the possible reaction of her mother (Donna), Sophie eventually decides to invite them three. During the course of the film, Donna will reveal to Sophie what actually happened ‘’that summer’’ thus leading, to finding out who truly is Sophie’s father.

    In my opinion, Mamma Mia is a film that makes you realise the importance of love and family, as well as how crucial it is to have good friends with who you can share important things and who you can trust on.

    Summing up, for the reasons mentioned above, I reckon Mamma Mia is one of the best films I have watched so far. Therefore, if you’re someone who enjoys films about love, music and family you’ll surely love Mamma Mia!

    Lucía Gil Vizcaíno 1ºA

  35. I really like going to the cinema, that's why some time ago a friend of mine talked to me about this movie called "unbroken" .
    Even before i saw it it didn't catch my attention because it looked like the typical war movie that was extremely bloody and violent

    This movie is directed by Angelina Jolie and the plot is all about te true story os Louis Zamperini, a promising young runner who was called into arm forces during second world war
    The story begins when zamperini's plane went down in the pacific ocean, he lived on rainwater over 40 days and he was finally found and captured by a japanese navy and transferred to a japanese prisoner camp, he wasn't killed because of his relative fame for running but he had to life there for many years in really extreme conditions fighting for his freedom

    As i said i'm not a fan of bloody movies but a week ago i as at my cousin's house and we didn't know what movie to watch as we had so many so i said why not give it a try and give my friend a solid reason about why this movie was so bad, but i ended up loving it.
    Because it a gripping, thought-provoking movie that introduces you into reality in Japan ad even if it's a little sad sometimes it is totally worth it.

    Laura Olmedo López 1E

  36. One week ago, I decided to go with my friends to the cinema. We went to see Logan. The main characters are Hugh Jackman(as Logan), Patrick Stewart (as Charles Xavier) and Dafne Keen(as Laura). All these three have a remarkable performance in the film.
    The plot revolves around a future when the mutants are alredy a legend. Logan is lost and wandering around, taking care of his mentor Charles Xavier. This persuades Logan to help him with a last mission: to protect a mutant child who is the only hope for the survival of the mutants.
    The special effects are astonishing, although not many, and the soundtrack is outstanding among others films.
    "The film is a proposal which goes beyond a thriller". "This film has his own strong personality and offers an unforgetable farewell"... are some positive reviews about the film.
    Some of my friends found the film boring and apalling; however it fulfilled my previous expectations: I loved it and didn't disapoint me

    Alberto Alcantarilla 1F

  37. A few years ago, my dad arranged for movie session at home on a Sunday evening. He plannd all details… popcorns, dimmed lights and a big screen, just like in a movie theatre. It was all a surprise and we were excited to know which film we were about to watch. Dad told us it is "Armaggedon" and told us a bit about the plot. At the beginning I must say I thought I would get bored since I am not into action movies. Despite of that I made an effort and I sat down with my family as I did not want to put my dad down after all that preparation.

    The plot revolves around an asteroid in collision course with The Earth and cause extinction of life and how some people with a lot of personal problems had to overcome them, work together and save the word. The main characters, performed by Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis are oil drillers and NASA asks them for help to destroy the asteroind by travelling in a spaceshuttle and drilling on the surface of the rock so they can put a nuclear bomb to blast the asteroid. At the same time, a love story unravels between Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis's daughter in the film, played by Liv Tyler. The fact that this love story was important in the overall story made it more interesting to me considering the rest of the plot was truly a series of crazy events and a lot of fiction.

    The movie has some moments which make you cry while others are exhilarating or keep you on your toes as nothing resolves as planned and only at the last minute they can save the World.
    When you think there is no chance and the World is doomed, resolution, bravery and heroic main characters achieved the salvation of our planet. Even knowing that mankind gets saved, I felt sad because quite number of the characters die on the mission…… but I guess that is how many heroes are made.

    I would recommend this movie, right doses of action, humor and a sweet love story altogether. It makes you think about the sacrifices of people, even unnoticed, to make possible the world we live in and the things we love.
    Arancha Porqueras Vic 1E

  38. Could anyone dislike Leonardo Dicaprio’s films?

    A few weeks ago I watched “The great Gatsby” directed by Baz Luhrmann. The film is based on the 1925’s novel written by Frank Scott Fitzgerald with the same name. It was filmed in 2013 in Sydney despite of the fact that the story is supposed to be set in New York area. In addition, it has won and Oscar award to “Best costume design”. My friends had recommended me the film and so I started feeling curious.

    The film is starred by Leonardo Dicaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, characters very well rounded who make from the film a fascinating romantic story. It offers an awesome soundtrack that totally introduces you to every scene.

    The plot revolves around a love story: Jay Gatsby (Leonardo Dicaprio), known because of his money and his parties, is interested in knowing his neighbor Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), Daisy’s cousin. They start to establish a good friendship, but Mr. Gatsby has been in love with Daisy (Carey Margullis) since he first met her before the First World War and Nick has no idea about the plans that Jay has in mind to see again his lover who has remade her life and is married to Tom Buchanan, the richest man in the whole USA because she thought that Jay was killed in battle.

    Jay is completely in love with Daisy and he would do anything to share with her the rest of his life, when Jay sees Daisy he shares a lot of memories and feelings, which will bring romance to the film.

    On another hand, the scenes show how Jay, an interesting man who has not been seen yet body seen, hides himself inside of her mansion behind the music, lights, balloons, dancers, alcohol and the most important people from New York.

    These details will make you feel the rhythm of music in every party scene and will have your heart beating in every scene which Jay and Daisy appear together.

    Finally, I highly recommend everyone this film as it shows how love walks aimlessly trough life and creates a thought-provoking film.

    María Casado Cucart 1B

  39. I have recently seen the french film " Tomorrow I'll start" with my friends which is both comedy and a dramatic film. Despite the fact I had never heard about this film, I decided to whatch it.

    The protagonist is Samuel, played by Omar Sy who is famous french actor and has appeared in films like "Intouchable". The other main character is Gloria, his daugther, played by Gloria Colson. This film is directed by Hugo Gelin, this is such a gripping, intricate and entertaining movie.

    The story starts with the life of Samuel. He a happy single man who enjoys his life without carelessly. But one day a girl appears with a baby in her arms and told him: "Do you remember we had a relation last year? Well, here is your daugther; called Gloria." Then, when he didn't pay attention, she run away to London. When he realised he tried to follow her and flies to London. There, his boss calls him and fires him, and also somebody steal his wallet. So he lose everything he has except Gloria and he wasn't able to come back to France. After a while, here appeared a man who helped him to find a job as an actor and he helps Samuel to educate Gloria.

    To sum up, this is such an interesting film which shows that life is short and you must enjoy and share every moment with all people who care about you. I recommend everyone to see it.

  40. A couple of months ago I went to the cinema to see La la land, a Damien Chazelle movie.
    At first glance, the trailer seemed appealing, but I didn’t go to see it. Later, everyone started talking about the movie. All the reviews were great, and I got tired of being told how wonderful the movie was. I began to think that the movie was overrated and that people liked it because other people liked it too.
    Finally, after seeing how many Oscars it had won, I decided to give it a try and I realized that if I had listened to what people told me, I would have discovered this amazing movie, which now is one of my favorites, before.
    La la land is a modern version of the Hollywood musicals that hooked me from minute one. I've always liked musicals, but I've never seen any like this. This movie has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard; it makes you feel a lot of things at the same time. The plot is also great: It's about a girl, Mia, played by Emma Stone, who dreams of being an actress, and a pianist, Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling, who dreams of opening his own jazz club. Both live in Los Angeles and, after several meetings they end up falling in love. That is when they have to decide between love and dreams.
    As the movie goes on, the music and the actors make you feel inside the story, and it is an incredible feeling.
    La la land is definitely not the typical love story. It shows, unlike many other romantic movies, the real life, with its good parts and its bad parts, and every second of the movie invites you to dream.
    I strongly recommended it, whether you like musicals or not, because, despite my first impression, I think it's a thought-provoking movie that will make you enjoy with its well-rounded characters, its great music, its beautiful costumes and its gripping story.

  41. Few months ago, my friends invited me to go to the cinema as it was my birthday. It was a surprise not only because I didn’t know they were coming, but also because I hadn’t spoken with them since we have finished the school. My friends told me we were going to watch “Inception” and they had bought popcorn and 3D glasses. However, I didn’t say anything but that summer I had read an article about this movie and it didn’t seem to be a good movie. As I didn’t want to put my friends down after all they had done, I went to the cinema without showing any mark of disappointment.
    The plot revolves around a skilled thief, the best one in the art of extraction (stealing ideas from the subconscious) that will have to do it all the way around, he will have to implant an idea. If he succeeds in he will be back with his sons; but in order to do it, he will have to face a lot of enemies, enemies that only him could have seen coming. The main character (the thief) is performed by Leonardo DiCaprio and is helped by other characters like Ellen Page (she is the architect who designs the dream). The main enemy will be his wife that is performed by Marion Cotillard. The fact that he had already done the “inception” with his wife made the movie more interesting and intriguing.
    The movie starts telling how the life of the main character is and introducing the mission he has been commanded to do. By the time the mission has started is a non-stop of action and you can’t get your eyes off the screen because you will miss something. Although one of my friends had already seen the movie he still got really when DiCaprio had to face his wife…. That moment was incredible.
    Finally, I highly recommend this movie to everyone who loves movies of action mixed with a bit of science fiction. Moreover, it fulfilled my previous expectations: I enjoyed it a lot and didn't disappoint me at all.

  42. Captain Fantastic

    Last month I watched this different yet wonderful movie. Starring Viggo Mortensen, it's the story of a father that decided to raise his six children away from the rest of the world. The film was nominated to several festivals such as the Oscars, the Golden Globes and Cannes.

    Ben Cash and his wife Leslie decide to educate their children in a completely different way, since they dislike capitalism and the American way of life. The children grow up in the middle of the forest, apart from society and from any kind of technology. They teach them to survive in the wild, to discuss philosophy... Ben's intention is to make them extraordinary adults without having to go to school, believing in any religion or depending on any technology.

    When Leslie kills herself due to bipolar disorder, Ben and the children are forced to face society as they try to accomplish Leslie's wish to be cremated. As the film advances, we get to see how Ben's methods are criticised, but at the same time we discover that the American way of life doesn't give the best education either. In the end Ben realises that even though his children are very intelligent, they still need to live in society.

    Overall, I recommend this film to everybody due to its thought-provoking plot. I had such a good time watching it and it made me see a totally different perspective of our way of life.

    Helena Marçolla Santos 1ºA

  43. A few months ago, my mother suggested all the family watching a movie together and it seemed quite good to all of us. So we sat down and think about what type of movie we were feeling like.
    She had a craving for classic movies, specially, for the film called “The Birds”. At first, we weren´t willing to watch it but, eventually, we decided to give it a try.

    The Birds is a 1963 American horror-thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
    It focuses on a series of sudden and unexplained violent bird attacks on the people of Bodega Bay, California over the course of a few days.
    The film stars Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren supported by Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette and Veronica Cartwright.

    I must say that, despite my initial doubts, I ended up loving every single part of the movie; it caught my eye since the very first minute.

    It is a film expertly directed that counts with wonderful characters, whose performances are absolutely remarkable. What´s more, its plot is full of tension and unexpected twists. As you are watching the film the curiosity of knowing what will happen next arouses. Not only is the film spellbinding but also exhilarating and unpredictable.

    Having said that, I strongly recommend all of you this amazing film.

    Elena Sanz Sánchez

  44. Looking for the English blog, l realized that I have to do a critique of a movie and I put to think what movie will be... Looking in the critiques of the movies of my friends, I realized that the majority they are movies very known by which I thought: and why not to do it about a less known movie? Then I remembered a movie that I taught myself my grandfather more or less one year ago to there show me different problems that exist in the world. That movie is called " other family " and was created in 2011.

    The movie begins with what shows off to be the party of a wedding, but not a wedding anyone, but of a pair of gays, here it is where they make his first appearance Jean Paul and Chema.

    On the other hand, is a child who is practically left by his mother Nina. In this movie Nina is a drug addict with dependence to the cocaine and to the marijuana.

    Hendrix goes 3 days in complete abandon, for what a few neighbors it decide to help and call a friend of Nina, Ivana, but due to the fact that it has to travel, he asks Jean Paul for help in order that it takes care of it during the time of absence and in what Nina finishes his treatment to leave the drugs.

    Due to, Jean Paul and Chema's life changes drastically, since in his plans a child was never to have and less foreign.

    Nina due to his addictions has problems with a dealer, who he pays with sex and is left to manipulate easily. And the dealer decides to sell Hendrix. In that moment begins the whole drama.

    In this film, we can see them more sincere emotions and thoughts of the prominent figures; feeling as: a sorrow, shame, love or discrimination among others.

    The script is very simple, but has funny comments with something of black humor, the principal characteristic of the Mexican cinema, but in the conclusion it loses the rhythm.

    Gustavo Loza is the director in that movie and probably this one is one of his best projects besides his award winner’s shorts.

    The actors has an excellent performance, they do not exaggerate his movements, have charisma and manage to focus emotions that must show, creating a harmonic empathy. Part of this is because the professionalism and the experience of years that have actors like Carmen saline or Dominika Paleta.

    The wardrobe, make up, and photography are extraordinary, believe an excellent aesthetics. Being native and represented well. Something that must be outlined is the sound, it is very clear and surround.

    To finish I have to recognize that when my grandfather said to me of seeing this movie, I think that I wouldn’t enjoy her very much, maybe you will think the same like me. But in his favor I have to admit that the film is very good and there appear some many social problems. On the other hand it is very hard and painful. For which I recommend to you to see this movie in order that you realized these problems and then you try to avoid and to think about them though you can suffer a little.

    Thanks for read that article.

    Alberto Martinez Liñera.

  45. A few months ago, my father proposed me to go and see a movie with him and his friend Paul. He told me that Paul had rented a projector that afternoon, so we could watch a movie called "Vertigo" with him. He told me a bit about the plot of the film and my first impression was that it could be a little boring but I finally decided to go see it.

    Vertigo is a 1958 American film noir psychological thriller film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock.

    The film stars James Stewart as former police detective John "Scottie" Ferguson. Scottie is forced into early retirement because an incident has caused him to develop acrophobia and vertigo.

    I have to say that although at first I thought it was going to be boring, I liked the movie right from the start. I loved the feeling of intrigue throughout the film and also you always wondered: what will happen next?
    It's an unpredictable movie that entertains you until the end.

    Having said that, I recommend watching this movie because the plot is very good, the characters look very realistic and the sense of intrigue that you have is spectacular.

    Javier Martínez Liñera 1E

  46. Last weekend I saw for the first time in my life "Pretty woman". When they told me about it, I was not really eager to watch it, due to the type of film it is, which is not my kind. Although, I agreed on watching it. I did not regret it the tiniest little bit.
    At first, I was skeptical towards about what I was about to see. Nevertheless, as soon as the film started, the plot really got me into it.
    The main character is a prostitute, played by Julia Roberts. This film is the one which made her famous. In the film, Julia is broke and meets a rich man, played by Richard Gerd. This man takes her to his hotel, and besides from what Julia expects, they only talk. They end up making a deal, in which we see how they both agree that Julia stays with him in exchange of a huge amount of money. In addition, Richard pays for her expenses and she starts to live the luxury life. In spite of the fact that she is from a poor neighborhood, she manages to get by in that kind of world. As it may be expected, they both end up falling deeply in love, even though they sometimes have their arguments and obstacles in between. Having said that, the film finishes with them together and living a happy rich life.
    In order to discuss the plot, I would define it as a romantic comedy. We get to know deeply the personality of the main characters. It suggests us that sometimes what we do not see coming, happens. It also teaches us that social classes are not an actual problem and that many people judges others by their "cover" ( as we can see when Julia tries to buy herself clothes in expensive shops). Also, it shows how money it is not everything needed, like for example when Richard feels lonely and has to pay Julia.
    To sum up, the script, even though it was predictable, was pretty catching. The roles were well represented and the actors were from my favourite ones. I strongly recomend watching it if not, as it is one of the most famous films in hollywood. I would watch it all over again and I wish I had watched it before.
    Margarita Martinez de Velasco

  47. Since I was a kid, my family has always talked about how Forrest Gump is such a great movie. However, I´ve always hated old movies, and since I saw that it was released in 1991, I shivered from disgust. But the other day, I had a few hours to spare, so I decided to watch this ancient film.

    The protagonist is Forrest Gump, played by Tom Hanks. Hanks interprets Forrest´s role to the perfection, being a simple minded man yet extremely kind. Throughout the story, Forrest manages to make Jenny, a beautiful woman played by Robin Wright, fall in love with him. The deaths of characters throughout the film, like Forrest´s mother, his friend Buba, and even Jenny, make this comedy very sad at times.

    The story begins with a cripple young Forrest, who actually turns out to be extremely fast. Forrest witnesses many historical events, like the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal, and the Civil Rights movement, to name a few. In Vietnam, he meets Buba, who dies in the war. Forrest builds a shrimp company in honor of his friend, and ends up becoming a millionaire. Then he receives a letter from Jenny, who´s sick. Forrest then meets his son, who he conceived with Jenny. The movie ends after Jenny´s death, where Forrest and little Forrest get ready for his first day at school.
    I have to say, despite my previous doubts about watching the movie, this is probably the greatest movie I have ever seen. It´s entertaining and light-hearted, yet upsetting at times. Therefore, I greatly advise everyone to watch Forrest Gump, you won´t regret it!

    Jesús Muriel López

  48. Last year, my friends and I decided to see a film, 'Hacksaw Ridge', which was in the cinema. We were expected to see the typical serious and upsetting film about the World War II, but we were wrong!

    'Hacksaw Ridge' is a drama film based on the Battle of Okinawa during the World War II. Desmond Doss, the main character, is an American Christian medic who refused to carry a weapon due to his beliefs.

    At first, the generals didn't let him to fight without a weapon, but then, they realized he just wanted to protect his own country treating his army.

    In the film, we can see how many lives he saved during the first day of war. So many that, before the second day of action, the whole army waited for him because he had to pray. Nobody wanted to fight without his presence! Moreover, he became the first conscientious objector to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

    Overall, the film has a plot twist, between the pain and the glory, which changes all our minds making this a thought-provoking film, so I would recommend anyone to see it.

    Jorge Jiménez Berazaluce, 1°E

  49. A week ago, I went to the cinema with my friends to watch the new film of the saga "Fast and Furious". The same plot as the others "Fast and Furious" films.

    This is a cars-and-action film. If you watch this film, you will see cars flying, a lot of gun fights and sentimental moments.

    The director, Felix Gary Gray, mix the action with the sentimental, resulting a blockbuster that you can not miss!

    Old names like Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham continiue appearing in this frenetic and exciting film.
    In addition of being a action film, you will laugh and have a good momento. If you are extremlely sensitive you can also cry (not my case).
    This is a perfect film to watch with your friends, so if you don't know what to do this afternoon, call your friends and buy a pair of popcorn bucket, A PERFECT PLAN!

  50. A couple of months ago, my family decided to watch La La Land at the cinema.
    At first glance,I didn´t want to see it cause i get bored with musicals, but my grandma was really excited about it so I finally decided to give it a try.
    The film is about a girl,Mia(Emma Stone), who wants to be an actress,and a pianist(Ryan Gosling),who wants to own a jazz club.They both fall in love with each other and they have to decide if they want to persuade their dreams or be boyfriends.
    The reviews were amazing and they got a lot of Oscars but i wasnt really excited because i dont normally like musical films, but this time i did.
    The film was all about music and romanticism,something that dont call my attention,but had the best soundtrack i have ever heard .
    When the flm ended,all the family were talking that the film was great,all excluding my grandad,because he felt asleep at the beginning of the film.
    Overall,I recommend this film to people that like musical shows or films with soundtrack,but if you are a man that prefers action movies,you are not going to like this film at all

  51. MOANA

    Last weekend, my sister and I, were watching TV and We decided to watch a movie. My sister suggested me to watch Moana, but I wasn't sure at all. Because of the fact that it is a Disney movie I wasn't interested, but finally I accepted.

    Moana is an animated movie by Disney, directed by John Musker, known for his work on "the little mermaid", "Aladdin" and "The princess and the frog".
    The plot of the film deals with the adventures of Moana when she tries to restore the powers of an ancient goddess, Te Fiti, with the help of the demigod Maui. During her adventure she has to overcome odds and meets lots of people.

    I really liked this movie because of the beautiful songs and the richness of the characters, like Moana, Maui or Moana´s tribe. Furthermore, the message and symbolism across the movie are quite inspiring.

    Lucía Díaz-Mor
    1ºC Bach

  52. Last weekend I saw the movie called “Life of Pi”, directed by the acclaimed Taiwan-born director, Ang Lee, “Life of Pi” is the film version of the novel of the same name. In 2012 it won several Oscars, although it lost out “Argo” on Best Pictures. My parents had recommended me the film and I started to feel curious.

    The film is a magical story of faith, friendship and perseverance. On one level “Life of Pi” is a fantastic epic adventure but on another it is an allegorical tale about religion and faith. It tells the story, in flashback, of an Indian teenage boy called Pi who loses his entire family when the ship in which they are sailing to Canada sinks during a violent storm. The only survivors are four zoo animals, which were being transported to Canada for sale, and Pi himself. Eventually only Pi and a huge Bengali tiger called Richars Parker remain on the lifeboat, which drifts on the open ocean for over two hundred days before it reaches dry land.

    The film is visually stunning, the digitally created tiger is so realistic you would swear it was real, and emotionally uplifting, “Life of Pi” is certainly one of the best films of recent years.

  53. Around three years ago I went to my cousins' house to see a film whose name is "Man on a ledge", a thriller that didn't sound very appealing to me when my cousins told me about its plot, but I had to see it because I was not in my home.

    This film is starred by Sam Worthington (as Nick Cassidy), Génesis Rodríguez (as Angie) and Elizabeth Banks (as Lydia Mercer). Their characters are all smart and they know how to proceed in every scene (I appreciate very much when the characters are as good rounded as in this film). I have to say that I am a truly-follower of Worthington's films.

    The plot goes about a fugitive claiming his innocence who feigns a suicide attempt by jumping off a ledge, while his brother and his girlfriend make a huge diamond thievery. Nick and his family win eventually what they wanted because they stole the diamond.

    While I was watching the film I was like "thank god I am watching this" due to I was kind of nervous because of the robbery.

    In my opinion, "Man on a ledge" is a film that teaches you something: if you have good-planned something, it will very probably end up as you want.

    To sum up, I highly recommend this thriller. Personally, it is my favorite film. If you like action films you will enjoy as a child the hundred of minutes it comprises.

    Gonzalo Doval, 1F.


    Seven months ago I went to the cinema and watched a famous film called “The Martian”. At first, I thought I was not going to enjoy it, but when the movie ended I realized I was quite wrong. I am going to tell you about its fascinating screenplay and the stupendous special effects.

    The eye-catching plot of “The Martian” is about a human mission sent to Mars with the objective of having a better view of the “red planet”. The film takes place in two planets: a space base in the surface of Mars, in the outer space, and in the NASA headquarters established in Houston, Earth. Thus, the argument develops in a recent timeframe, such as 2016.

    As for the scene setting, it really transmits the abstract idea of how extremely small we are in comparison to the colossal universe: we are insignificant. When Matt Damon, who portraits the leading role of an astronaut, is left alone by his workmates on the unknown planet with very limited resources, the scene creates a loneliness and an atmosphere of hopelessness which touches the audience.

    When it comes to the cinematography, it is important to highlight the quantity of awards and positive reviews from the public and media. The producer, Ridley Scott, his small team and the entire cast have developed an incredible story that could be even real. Furthermore, I would describe its intriguing soundtrack as exceptional.

    Not only this masterpiece brings to the big-screen the dream of reaching Mars; but also it reflects the hard work of American astrophysicists, for instance, when the NASA director has to face a compromising press conference. Importantly, the story also shows how a botanic-astronaut survives alone for more than three years in the lonely red-planet.

    In conclusion, “The Martian” shows how the NASA has gone beyond the dimensions of our galaxy to discover the secrets our Solar System hides. However, I do not want to spoil it for you, so I am not going to tell you what happens in the end. In my personal opinion, anyone who likes space and science fiction should truly watch and enjoy this film.

    Miguel Ángel García de las Heras

  55. SAW VI
    Last Friday night I was at home by myself, so I invited some friends to come over, order some pizza and watch a terror movie. After half an hour discussing about what movie we should watch, we decided to watch SAW VI.

    SAW VI is an american terror movie directed by Kevin Greutert. The filming of the movie started the 30th of March of 2009 in Toronto, Canada and it ended the 12th of May of 2009.

    This terror movie is about an old man (called `puzzdle` by the police) who wants to punish some employees of an evil life insurance company. He abducts those employees and leaves them in a dark place with no escape. The only way to escape from that place is playing an evil game. The game`s goal is to make them realize how much pain they have done to a lot of people. Not many of them will survive.

    The only think I didn`t enjoy that much was the big quantity of blood that appears in the movie.

    I highly recommend this movie if you really want to experience a boost of adrenaline or if you just want a scary girl by your side hugging you... haha

    Álvaro de Córdoba Ribalta

  56. Prometheus is the story of a trillion-dollar mission to discover the origins of human life on a distant planet. Basically, this is supposed to be the greatest exploration undertaken in the history of mankind.

    So who do they send? A gaggle of fractious goons whose collective scientific nous is rivalled only by that of the Three Stooges. Within minutes of touching down the 'scientists' are yanking off their helmets, on the basis of 'it seems fine to me', dipping their fingers into strange organic ooze, and lugging a severed alien head back to an unquarantined spaceship in a sandwich bag.

    Once there, they speedily discover the meaning of life. Then, while one of them gets a bit drunk, his two female companions decide it would be useful to stimulate the head electrically to reanimate it. They don't say why. They give it a bit too much juice, then too little,then dither over too much or too little like a couple of schoolgirls fiddling with a dicky bunsen burner, while the most important scientific discovery in human history waggles its ears and rolls its eyes.

    Are the scientists abashed? Is the man angry? Do they all calm down and remember they have degrees in clever things, not diplomas in macramé? Do they heck.

    The WHOLE MOVIE is a litany of ludicrous so-called science, schoolboy errors, and pseudo-profundity about the origin of species. Ironic really, when none of the crew would have a chance in hell in any sort of contest governed by Darwinian rules.

    Crass stupidity is rampant in every department. Hi-tech helmets record every heartbeat - apparently until anything worth recording happens; stranded crewmates are abandoned to their fate in favour of a quick shag, and the spaceship door is opened to anyone who comes a-knocking. Although, after hitting the 'welcome' button, Idris Alba does do a double take and go 'Hold on a second!' but that might have just been an involuntary ad lib at his own character's baffling idiocy.

    There is spectacular cinematography and effects, but not one iota of originality has been squandered on plot, subtext, tension or characters - which are as shallow as the Prometheus's muddy little gene pool.

    Ridley Scott is a hero of mine, but Prometheus is not the intelligent.

    Jaime Polop

  57. I recently saw the film "demain tout commence". This film was directed by Hugo Gelin and stars Omar Sy one of my favourite actors, he also appears in another film "intouchables".Despite the good comments from my friends, I was sure if I would enjoy it because I dont like dramas, but finally I went to see it whit my grandmother.
    The protagonist is Samuel, a lively single who enjoya life without worries on the French coast. The other main caracter is Gloria, Samuel's daughter, cheerful girl who admires her father.
    The story begina when Kristin, Samuel's exgirlfriend,hands over Gloria to Samuel, claiming that he is her father. Throughout the course of the film Samuel travels to London to find Kristin and give Glori back to her, but he doesnt find her until eight years later, when Kristin comes back to recover her daughter, but what Kristin doesnt know is that Gloria has a serious disease and soon she will die.
    Despite all my doubts I really enjoyed the film.I reckon that it is an unpredictable, upsetting and thought-provoking film, It shows you that lifes goes on despite the fact tha bad things happen, I thoroughly recommend everyone to watch it.
    Paloma Gardon Izquierdo 1ºC

  58. A few years ago, someone recommended me to watch “The Bourne Identity” as he had really enjoyed it.
    At first, I was not interested in watching the film. I knew that “The Bourne Identity” received mixed reviews, but the plenty majority of them raved the film.
    Notwithstanding my initial doubts, I agreed on watching the film with him. When it started, I was immediately struck by the plot and by the main character, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon). Bourne is a well-rounded action character who, through all the movies, is trying to remember who was him, as he had forgotten all his past.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, as I first thought it would be boring.
    After watching this first Jason Bourne film, I decided to watch the others. As I thought, they were even as incredible as the first one. However, I found “The Bourne Legacy” really boring as Matt Damon wasn´t on it, neither Paul Greengrass, director of the trilogy.
    Having said that, I would personally recommend everyone to watch these amazing films, as they will really love them as much as I do.

    Javier Andersen Muñoz. 1 E

  59. If I'm honest, I will admit that I'm not a very big fan of films. I know. I just don't understand how so many things can happen in a couple of hours because, in my opinion that's not enough time for the characters to evolve. Or at least that's what I thought before our history teacher pressed "play" on the screen of his computer and introduced us to one of the greatest films I have seen so far. Invictus.

    This story evolves around South Africa's leader: Nelson Mandela. He has just come out of prison and is elected president of South Africa. Considering South Africa's social situation, it is a big surprise that a black man is to be leader of such a racist country. This story is about forgiveness and teamwork, about the reconciliation of two societies that, for so long, have only shared hatred. But this is not everything. This film focuses as well on the Rugby's World Cup of 1995 and a team that has to fight, as well, against racism.

    Nelson Mandela, played by Morgan Freeman, is a charismatic man, although a bit complex in my opinion, as he tries to save the country and yet he can't even save his own family. This, however, will make him a well-rounded character.

    However, Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon) is a much more familiar character, he represents strength and leadership.

    This film moved me, some scenes even brought tears to my eyes and gave me chills. It was exhilarating and very gripping... what else can you ask for in a movie?

    I highly recommend it as it is not just a historical film, but a thrilling and exciting one as well.

  60. This event happened like 3 or 4 years ago, in summer. I was in my house, enjoying the holiday, when suddenly, I received a message. It was John, asking me to go to cinema for watching “Transformers 2”. Of course, I refused, and I told him to not watch it, because it was a waste of time and money.
    First of all, “the film´s history is ridiculous”, I said. Furthermore, the film only has shots, fire, special effects and explosions. In conclusion, the history and the film is trash, and you shouldn’t pay 20€ to watch it, I insisted.
    I don’t know why, but that afternoon, 1 or 2 hours after telling my friend not to watch it, I did watch it.
    When it finished, I had a mix of feelings. I had liked the film, in spite of being so bad, but special effects and scenarios were incredible. I couldn’t believe I had liked a film like that. “I can´t even recognize myself”, I thought.
    The film was called “transformer 2: The legend of the Fallen” The argument is so simple, and at the same time bad.
    Sam Witwicky (the protagonist) leaves the “Autobots” (the car-alien-robots) behind in order to lead a normal life. But when his mind is filled with cryptic symbols, the “Decepticons” (the bad ones) target him and he is dragged back into the Transformers' war.
    In conlusion, I wouldn’t recommend this film even to my worst enemy, excepting the people who love shots, blood, robots and special effects.
    Fernando Jiménez del Moral

  61. The arrival
    Louis Banks is a linguist professor who while is lecturing at the university, twelve extraterrestrial spacecraft appeared across the earth. Us coronel ask Louis to join quantic physics Ian to decipher the aliens language and find out why they have arrived. What appears to be an impossible mission, little by little, become a no-so difficult work for Louis. However this comes with several consequences for her, which will affect human destiny.
    A thrilling, dramatic, breath-taking film will be an accurate description to The Arrival. Thanks to the splendid work made by the Sicario and prisoners director Denis villeneueve, the movie achieves a huge sentimental atmosphere even though the awful reputation of the main actors (Amy Adams “Superman” Jeremy Renner “The avengers”) whose interpretation surpass any of their previous works. The Jóhann jóhannsson´s music also helps in the creation of such an astonishing atmosphere.
    Overall, The arrival is the perfect balance between drama and science-fiction. It keeps you stuck in your seat with a gripping plot and it makes you stay alert from the very begging to the last sequences .And this was proved by the huge number spectators who in December of 2016 chose this film among the wide variety of movies the cinema offered them.
    If you looking for an spectacle in both script and visual ways, The arrival is your movie. Nevertheless, if what you want is the typical silly Hollywood film, do not watch it since it keeps you thinking because of its enigmatic and original script.



  62. Around two months ago, my friends and I decided to go to the cinema in order to see "Logan", a film produced by Marvel Studios, written and directed by James Mangold and starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.
    The movie tells the story of Logan, also known as Wolverine, a mutant that belonged to the "X-men" group of mutants, about 15 years into the future, when most of the mutant population had been hunted and exterminated.
    Over the previous 10-15 years, there had been an insane amount of superhero movies, many of them belonging to the X-men saga, that i believed it had been milked for long enough. Furthermore, there had already been around 4 or 5 movies about this character, Wolverine, and some of them hadn't been that good. Bearing all of this in mind, I thought the movie was going to be a disaster, but I agreed to go just to enjoy some gratuitous violence and some humour.
    We arrived pretty late to the movie, but thankfully, nothing relevant had happened yet; by the end of the movie I was shocked, I came in expecting a really bad movie and ended up getting a beautiful story.
    Logan(Hugh Jackman) is, initially, a sad person, who has pretty much given up on life, all he did was take care of his older friends, drink alcohol, drug himself, and hide from the government. This all changes when a child mutant, created by the government through genetic mutation in an experiment gone horribly wrong, called Laura appears and her mother is killed by the government, who are hunting down all the failed mutants they created. Charles Xavier(Patrick Stewart) ends up convincing an initially reluctant Logan to take care of her, and he ends up feeling like a father to her since they have the same power of momentarily growing claws, which is curious since very possibly the government used Wolverine's DNA in the creation of Laura. They run away from the government in order to reach Eden, over the Canadian border, which is allegedly a safe space for mutants to live, however, the government won't give up on the hunt. In an unfortunate twist of events, while they are sleeping in some kind stranger's house, the government track them down and send an advanced clone of Wolverine to kill all of them. The clone fails in his task but does succeed in killing the whole family and Charles Xavier, leaving Logan and Laura by themselves. They join a group of other child mutant survivors close to the border, where the final battle against the government takes place; the clone is finally killed, alongside all the other government soldiers. However, Logan also ends up dying, Laura buries him, and the mutant kids are safe, leaving the audience with a bittersweet ending.
    In conclusion, "Logan" tells a surprisingly powerful and emotional story; also, it's still filled with gratuitous violence and humour, so you won't miss out on that. Overall, i would say it's a very good film as long as you can stand the gore and overall violence.
    Rodrigo de Miguel Lamminen.