Who bears the greatest responsibility for pollution: businesses, individual people or the goverment?

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  1. The pollution is a serious problem which everybody is aware of, but it seems like they don´t really care. Some people believe it is the government’s problem, some others think it is some factories’ fault… the list goes on and on. Actually, this is a problem that involves all of us, because we have cars, we throw rubbish in the streets, we waste water, food… and it looks like we don´t care, because we don´t see any repercussion yet. We need to know there will be.
    Firstly, the pollution was thought to be a really small problem, so nobody really tried to help. This was understandable when we didn´t have enough sources, proves, facts… But now we have, and instead of making a change, instead of contributing to help our planet, we avoid the problem and just assume it is going to happen.
    Moreover, there is this thing I’d like to mention. I find it completely absurd that our planet runs by non-renewable sources of energy. It doesn’t only pollute more, it also will finish soon!
    However, it´s true that it is more complicated to use renewable sources of energy because they don´t provide enough energy.
    All things considered, it doesn´t matter which way, but we need to change a lot of things. We all need to do we can to improve the situation in our planet. It is not that difficult if we do it together and actually try to improve it. You don´t need to do too much, just simple things like not throwing rubbish in the streets/forests, having showers instead of baths, using public transport… And a lot more things!
    Rosa Dominguez. 1ºD

  2. The key question we need to answer is who bears the greatest responsability for pollution. It is a fact that all of us (businesses, individual people and the government) contribute to polution. Having said that, my view is that the government (national and international) is the main responsable of our planet situation.

    Even though there has been focus on renewable energy, the support that the government gives to businesses in the solar and wind power industries is very low. Investments in R&D for natural resources is far from what the enviromental scientists recommend. The government interest to finance other type of energies ignore the warnings of our planet.

    Similarly, carbon emissions are not being taken seriously by our government. They don't spend enough money on preventing global warming. They allow the automotive industry to continue developing fuel cars, instead of electric cars. They allow rich countries to mantain high emission levels in spite of all the global meetings where they promise to reduce them.

    That said, individual people and businesses are also contributing to the worrying situation of the earth. Governments give us instructions on how to recicle at work, at home, at school... that we don't listen to. They encourage people to use public transport and bikes but we continue using private cars and vans. They recommend companies to invest in green energies but they don't.

    While I understand everybody's responsability on the pollution problem, I believe the government has the power and the tools to make a step change. All things considered, government can and should help us to make a less polluted world.

  3. My opinion is that it is the businesses that have the greatest responsibility for pollution. Businesses put money first and bribe goverments. Businesses make people want to buy the cheapest things without worrying about the cost to what is around us. Though both governments and individuals do in part also need to make some responsibility businesses have the most responsabilty.

    Firstly Factories use a lot of energy and energy as we know pollutes though use of billons of tonnes of CO2 . This results in global warning, which results in desertification, droughts, sea levels rising most of which we see today in the media.

    Secondly packaging of products end up in the sea. The great garbage patch, made up of our rubbish, is twice the size of France. This kills fish and animals alike. For example it is estimated that more than 1 million birds die every year fron this rubbish.

    Businesses say they aren´t to be blamed as people need the things they produce such as computers, TV's, mobiles,fridges,etc. If they tried to use less resourses and use alternative products they could help for example cars are becoming electric bat we can do this sooner.

    In conclusion governments shouldn´t allow businesses to break environmental rules and people should try to break bad habits but it is fair to say that it is businesses constant search for profit that corrupts both individuas and governments.

  4. Who bears the greatest responsibility for pollution?

    Nowadays pollution and trying to take care of the environment is one of the most important problems humans are dealing with. The reason is that we have been harming our own planet to the point that we have created a climate change and more other consequences not being conscious.

    Some people may blame the government, on the other hand, others will blame companies and factories. I personally think it´s a problem that involves both of them.

    It is true that factories are the ones who creates pollution and releases a huge amount of CO2. What is more, they actually know they´re damaging the environment, although they will never stop if business are going on profitable and governments don’t take measures about it.

    Firstly, industries and business refuse of being responsible of creating pollution due to the fact that people need food, clothes, technologies… which they elaborate. But, actually there are so many resources to reduce pollution, such as, renewable energies, alternative products… Therefore there is no excuse if they are not applying this methods.

    Secondly, governments are indirect responsible, as I said previously. They could avoid a lot of pollution, nevertheless, they aren’t interested on this topic. The fact is that they could adopt more protective rules to force industries and companies to obey them, in order to protect the environment.

    On the balance, I believe everyone is responsible of leaving a better and cleaner world to the future generations.

  5. Nowadays, we can see everywhere the great amount of pollution that businesses, people and governments are producing on a daily basis. In the last decades, some organizations have become involved to fight this problematic issue. However, I think that none of them have solved this catastrophe. So, I believe that the business sector and the governments bear the most of the responsibility.

    First and foremost, the business sector produces tons of waste and, normally, they throw it into rivers or oceans, producing pollution all over the ecosystem. Despite breaking the law, they continue doing so. Furthermore, governments don´t take part in the solution of this serious problem, something that I think is essential to take care of the world.

    On the other hand, there are individuals who are still saying that it isn´t true that we are destroying the world, or saying that it doesn´t matter because we are all going to die before the effects of pollution can affect us. This negative thought is just an excuse for not recycling or polluting.

    To sum up, pollution is without a doubt affecting us and our descendants, who, if this continues, will not enjoy the same healthy environment we have. We can all make an effort and try to stop this disgusting and harmful pollution. Yet, it must be governments and big corporations who should give example.

  6. There is no doubt pollution has been a big problem these last few years, everyone is worried about what will happen in the future. Will life at The Earth be the same ?, Will we survive ?

    The way I look at it, there is no specific cause of pollution, everyone contaminates, but what people don´t seem to realize is that If they want to change this situation, they can. I must say businesses contaminate more with their factories, but this is also the fault of individuals. If people didn´t use so many products made from non-recyclable materials, factories would´t produce them.

    Governments are starting to make changes in some laws trying to avoid CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases but global warming only depends on what people do in a personal standpoint.

    All things considered, I think individuals are the primary cause of pollution and If we want to change this global warming situation, we should start by not producing more waste than needed. Then, Governments and businesses will be more careful at the time of controlling pollution.

  7. the pollution is a very serious problem that affects all of us. It´s a problem that we don´t realize how important is to solve it.
    To start, the pollution is caused by all of us, enterprises, governments, individual people... but that isn´t a thing to compare who pollutes and have to deal with the measures we produce.
    We all are concious about what we do and the level we pollute. Although, we know that we are doing things in a very bad way, we continue and don´t stop, because we want to believe that everything is allright and pollution problems don´t exist.

    Furthermore, different types of enterprises are warned by the government because they have passed through the limits settled down. On the other hand, the goverments have also part of this tremendous problem, because they settle down lots of laws and nowbody respects them.

    In the other point of view, enterprises are very responsable for the pollution of our planet.
    They produce toxic gases, substances, and other types of materials. In addition, most of the enterprises continue polluting, not caring about the effects they produce.

    In conclusion, I think that as all of us pollute in different type of ways, we also have to try to reduce the pollution, as the effects affects all of us, and damages our enviroment.

    Itziar Bernal Paradinas

  8. ohhhh!

    I am soo interesting about this problem

    The pollution is a one of the mos problems in the actulity and we have to change the world because there are many problems in the world... for example the poles are been melting because the weather in the poles is so elevate other problem is for the humans, we are having many problems to breathing in the citys and this problem is provocate many deseases.

    Now in madrid there are some days that the goverment have to ban the cars to decrease the pollution,


  9. Our planet has been constantly evolving since the day it was created. From the first day on, humans have been the ones who have taken the role of leaders in this development, aiming to achieve whatever they wished. As our society has grown, in all senses, it has also developed new tools and techniques to make our lifes easier and more comfortable. Therefore, our planet has been hugely damaged by pollution, an issue which everyone seems to be aware of, except for the politicians, who have been fiddling while Rome burned for many decades.

    On the one hand, as we live in an extremely materialistic society, money is the most valuable good, and that is the reason why our daily work in our jobs has a single purpose: to earn more and become wealthier. This same thing can be related and perfectly applied to the pollution topic. The enterprises generate big quantities of money, and due to the taxes, part of it ends up in the national coffers. This benefits everyone in terms of economy, but also harms our health in a serious way.

    On the other hand, it should also be said that even though the most culpable of this uncomfortable situation are the people in power, it is fair to recognise that we do also pollute individually. The act of recycling, which is vital for the stability of our atmosphere, using public transport or simply saving energy are all recommendations from a countless list of actions that prevent us from polluting. The problem comes when, after many attempts, and despite knowing them, we still commit the same mistakes.

    On balance, pollution is a problem that has always existed, but we have only realised of its existence when it has started to affect us in a serious way. Humanity ought to be concerned about it, because we would not be ready to stomach the idea of a dark as well as unpredictable future. That is why every single person on Earth must face the music and make an effort to save this marvellous world that has been given to us. We are still in time.

    Pablo López García 1C Bach

  10. Nowadays, pollution is a controversial topic to talk about, some people believe that it is businesses responsibility’s; others claim that it is government’s fault and others think that it is individual people’s. Personally, I think it is everyone’s responsibility, however, if I had to chose one, I would say that it is government’s.

    Firstly, businesses are harmful due to they throw away a huge amount of chemical products to rivers, sea, fields and atmosphere.Factories increase global warming sending out exhaust fumes, methane pollution or CO2 emissions.

    Secondly, people are responsible for it, owing to they do not do as much as they can.. For instance, they could use public transport instead of taking their owns cars. People should also recycle, use electric cars, do not waste water, do not use pesticides, reduce noise pollution and vote a political party who cares about the environment.

    Thirdly, governments should invest in renewable energy, installing wind turbines and solar panels. Furthermore they should reward the enterprises who respect the environment and punish the ones who does not respect the laws and try to get benefits doing no matter what.What is more, they should make advertisements promoting reduce our carbon footprints.

    All things considered, governments action’s are the one’s which have more influence in our planet. In spite of this, if everyone cooperates, even though if it is a small step, it would be enough to improve our blue planet.

    Teresa Martín del Castillo 1C

  11. Pollution is said to be an important topic nowadays. Everyone who has an important role in the world use it to attract people and launch a campaign to make the most of what they can do to reduce it. The question we need to ask is: who bears the greatest responsibility for pollution? In my opinion the biggest part of this responsibility fall to individual people.

    Firstly, most of us pollute without even meaning it and we don´t care about it. It is not as simple as we think it is. We might not do anything because we know that our contribution is too small to change the world. However, if everyone thinks that, the world will end up getting destroyed and the future generations aren’t going to have a better life.

    Secondly, we don’t want to get involved in doing things to reduce our contamination. All of us want an easier life, which means that we don’t like to change our habits and even less, do it to make a small improvement in the reduction of contamination. That said, there is a shortage of people who try to reduce their carbon footprint in the world.

    Similarly, some people defend that the government is the only responsible for contamination, so they hardly do something to reduce it.
    All things considered, I really do think that we bear the greatest responsibility for pollution and we should try to make our contribution to make the world a better place to live.

  12. Pollution is one of the biggest problems we have nowadays in our planet. We all live on a planet called Earth, which is the only planet known to have living tings, so we need to take good care of it. The posibility of having a good and healthy environment is in our hands. The question is, who's responsible of pollution? Well, all of us.

    Our Earth is being overloaded because of the fast growth of population, summarizing, the Earth is becoming more crowded each day that goes by.
    As a result this makes the ecosystem unbalanced and leads to pollution. Moreover towns and cities are full of smoke, dirt, garbage, gases...etc.
    All of this facts could cause serious health problems.

    Furthermore, bussines and factories have taken over the world, meaning that they are guilty of the major part of pollution. We've seen enough information that proves that there is a conection between factories and air pollution. This kind of pollution is one of the most serious problems that exist, because it affects the ozone layer. Without this layer there is no biosphere and without the biosphere we can't survive.

    On th other hand, the government has probably the biggest roll in all of this. Pollution has been an increasing world issue for a long time.
    The government should have stopped and taken some measures for this problem.
    The government's main job is to keep us informed and motivated to solve this issue. The government needs to step up, take action and prevent the increase of pollution.

    In conclusion,pollution has become a problem that every country can relate to. We should be ashamed of the way we treat our planet.
    We have to work together to reduce pollution, so that the future generation can live in an unpolluted planet. Public education and awareness are the key to solve this problem. We all have to be aware that this is not a problem of one person, or the government, or the fabrics, this is a problem that involves all of us.

  13. Nowadays, pollution has become one of the most dangerous problems on earth. Pollution happens when pollutants contaminate the natural surroundings. Pollutants are generally waste materials of different forms. Pollution disturbs our ecosystem and the balance in the environment. With the modernization and development in our lives pollution has led to global warming and human illnesses. So who is guilty of pollution?

    Firstly, the main sources of pollution are the businesses. They use factories to make their products but in the process of manufacturing a product, they give off harmful, toxic or dangerous substances. The chemical industry is one of the most polluting industries. This is the main source of pollution.

    Secondly, the government should draw the line at the use of polluting materials, which factories, and set a common limit for all companies. However, the government is more interested in money.

    Some people argue that everyone should use public transportation instead of private cars, recycle and use less electricity at home. That said, I think that we should first focus on lowering the amount of polluting materials used by the businesses because they are the primary cause of pollution.

    All things considered, in my opinion, enterprises are the main sources of pollution and if we want to stop global warming we should raise awareness about the effects that it involves.

    Juan Caminos Colmenarejo, 1ºE.

  14. The problem of pollution and global warming is becoming a more and more frequent subject matter in our education. But, who bears the greatest responsibility for pollution: businesses, individual people or the government?
    As I see it, it is a combination of all. Let’s take the example of improper waste disposal, which is the cause of great part of the pollution in our country. People may not be well informed about how to separate their waste, or even worse, they decide they just don’t have the time to do so, which is a frequent claim in businesses such as restaurants, and it all ends up mixed in one same bin. However, the government should implement the correct process to make proper use of our waste: recycling plastic, glass and paper, turning organic waste into natural fertilizer, etc. To make this problem worse, waste treatment plants, which are private companies, don’t deal with this and just burn it all together. Most of Spanish waste is dropped in large rubbish dumps, many of which are illegal.
    The same analysis can be done with most causes of pollution and the same results will be seen. This indicates that we are all, individuals, businesses and government, responsible for the existing and future pollution. The thing here is not about trying to find someone to blame, but to find ways to effectively fight this problem and make our countries greener and better places to live in.


  15. The pollution is something very important that, unfortunately, not all of us value it enough. We are all guilty of pollution, but, in my opinion, the guiltiest are citizens.

    Firstly, we hurt Earth more than anyone else because if we all worked together, we could stop pollution. We should do activities like recycling, doing less noise, use more the public transport, or stop wasting water, so we could reduce the pollution emissions.
    Anyways, not all of us care the same about this problem. Some citizens still not believe that pollution is unhealthy for human race. We are killing flora and fauna and that is not great for future human race generations.

    However, not all of the blame goes to us. Factories and the government also contaminate a lot.
    On the one hand, factories don't care about the pollution, or don't care enough about it because if they do they would lose money or don’t incrementing their benefits so they do a lot of things that hurts our planet like send out CO2 emissions even though they know it's very damaging for the environment and they produce greenhouse gases destroying the atmosphere.
    Furthermore, they contaminate water damaging rivers and oceans, killing the species that live in there.

    On the other hand, the government should emphasize more on the Kyoto protocol, or doing more actions like invest on renewable energy, protect natural environment or start incrementing the use of electric cars instead of gasoline ones because they contaminate less.

    On balance, we could do a lot more than we already do to save our planet, and even though we are all guilty (government, citizens and factories), all of us can also work together to protect ourselves and our environment from greenhouse effect. So, LET'S MAKE THE WORLD BETTER!

    Sergio Durán
    1º Bach E.

  16. The topic of the pollution is getting an usual theme of discussion, but actually, Who is the guiltiest of the pollution?

    In my opinion, all of them have the same fault, starting with citizens, who instead of take care of the environment, they help to destroy it; business are same guilty as citizens are, using chemicals and throwing away the rests of them and government, allowing them to produce and use this chemicals or not punishing citizens who throws away rubbish.

    Firstly, citizens, who throw away papers, rests of food or papers, are one of the guilties because of these reasons, and buying business which pollute or contaminate.

    Secondly, some business, are guilties too considering that they produce lot of CO2 emissions and others emissions which pollute the atmosphere. Moreover, business contaminate rivers and oceans waters, pouring rubbish on them.

    Lastly, governments are, if I would have chosen one of them, the guiltiests due to they don´t punish business and citizens that work out well the pollution of our planet.

    A way to come up with this topic, would be that governments should punish with, for example, some fines, as in London do.

    Iñigo Pérez Rivero
    1º BACH F

  17. Nowadays, pollutions is a important topic to talk about. It is a huge problem that is affecting the whole world and it is increasing more and more. We have this problems for years and there are few measures to solve it but unconsciously, our planet is being damaged. But who bears the greatest responsibility for pollution?

    Firstly, the business sector produces a huge amount of waste and most of them throw it into places such as rivers, oceans, fields… without realising in consequences. Factories increases global warming because of the smoke and the dust emitted.

    Secondly, the government has an important role with pollution. They should have more solutions and try to stop it until it be late. Besides. They should warn people about the risk of pollution and thus raise awareness.

    And thirdly, the humans have an important power in the world and we are guilty of the harmed is provoking the pollution. If everyone helped, we wouldn´t have to be careful and attentive about our future in this world.

    To sum up, these facts have to deal with pollution and are blamed of this. But I think we are not as aware as we should and all of us bear the greatest responsibility for pollution. And because of that, we have to try to contribute to make the word a better place to live.

    Irene Jiménez Berazaluce 1ºB

  18. Nowadays some people claim that goverments have the greatest responsability for pollution, but i couldnt disagree more.I personally reckon that individual people can do little things such as recycling or using public transport to improve this serious issue.
    It's important to recognise that the majority of people prefer to drive cars because it's more comfortable and faster, as a result, the pollution has increased by 20% in yhe last year.From my point of view, people should take bikes or public transport instead of their own vehicles.
    We should also remember that 50% pf spanish people dont recycle at home, due to that, forests have been destroyed in order to make furniture and paper, as a consequence, numerous species have died.
    To sum up i strongly believe that pollution is a grave problem but individual people can do little things to improve this situation.
    Paloma Gardon Izquierdo 1ºC

  19. Pollution is the reason for 1.3 million people deaths per year.

    The earth is in trouble, so as all of us that live on it. But, who is responsible for allowing this situation? The answer is everybody.

    We are spoiling the earth like an endless waterhole resource. We aren´t aware that droughts, hurricanes, poverty, starvation, world destruction are some of the terrible consequences of global worming produced by pollution.

    Everybody wants to use last generation infrastructures, to enjoy facilities that have become essential to their day to day, without considering the consequences that it entails.

    Protagonists of this situation are, in one hand industries. They are using production systems focused on benefit results and are generating CO2 gas emission very toxic for live without considering environment.

    On the other hand, it´s our own fault. We aren´t acknowledge of the harm we are doing with our way of life.

    However, it´s the Government the main protagonist that has to lead the project in order to stop this situation. It´s a must to stop the planet destruction by pollution. Starting with the need of raising conscience on the situation and continuing with urgent measures to control production systems and rules to avoid pollution like infraction fines or penalizations. It won´t work out if we wait to come out with the solution individually and voluntarily.

    Having said that, if we all make an effort and cooperate, it will be much easier to solve this situation.

    Pollution is a tremendous problem, a serious reality that we’re ignoring. In the long run, we will regret not having taken actions now.

  20. Responsibility about the pollution is a hot topic to discuss.
    Who bears the greatest responsibility for pollution? Who has the duty to do something about it? These questions have a controversal opinions.
    I think the responsibilities for this, fall on many shoulders, from individuals through the daily choices we make, to government and businesses.

    An important part of managing environment is education. Consumers, citiziens, builders and officers must be equally aware of the responsibility that they have. For this, a process of constantly educating people about the importance of protecting the environment is needed.

    On the other hand, governments can help people to reduce their environmental footprint by supplying environmentally public services and infrastructure to foster a world with a sustainable consumption.

    To sum up, I would like to highlight that we all have the fault and the responsibility to solve this big problem due to it is affecting all of us.
    We must work together to protect ourselves and our environment from greenhouse effect.
    However, the government, unfortunatelly, is doing much less that we were all expecting.

    Laura Ramírez Moraleda
    1º Bach C

  21. The majority of people seems to be aware of the health of our planet but do they really contribute with pollution control? Rolling news channels show us how messed up is the ozone layer. Headlines are like "We are destroying our world" or "Donald Trump says no to measures against pollution". The press blames the authorities; others argue pollution is due to the fault of corporations. But the question we need to ask is who bears the greatest responsability for pollution: businesses, the goverment or us as individual persons? As far as I concerned, we are those who feed the pollution.

    Nowadays, pollution is one of the most dangerous problems our planet has. Do businesses really cope with this difficulty? They build us up a picture of let's say, organic and vengan food, but behind of all these false campaigns they only look for their benefit and yet we remain committed to the consumption.

    On the other side, we think that the goverment must set up some measures to end up this problem because we can only recycle and not to throw bin to the floor for example. Furthermore, "they have the real power to solve this problem". Notwithstanding some people think that, others feel that pollution has a huge impact on us and we are the ones who have led to this situation but , however, we can also sort it out.
    These people support the positive attitude to the environment and the attempt of reducing our environmental foodprint.

    On balance, I personally think that if we hadn't consumed all that companies had offered us, the goverment wouldn't need to settle on measures. All things considered, we should look after the world we live on and never think that we can't do something because every grain matters!

  22. Nowadays, our environment is being damaged by polluting gases and rubbish, or in other words, by human activity. For this reason, human beings are asking themselves if this situation can be solved.
    To begin with, from my point of view, the government has a big responsibility for the pollution; however, the biggest responsible of this situation is the individual people. Even though the government allows an unlimited use of cars or huge polluting discharges, people have to be conscious of how much they are contaminating.
    Secondly, we have to think in all type of activities we do everyday from driving our car to what we throw away. Nevertheless, we are not aware of our environmental footprint. Most of the people take their car everyday, do not separate garbage in different containers or throw garbage on the floor, and this actions can not be almost controlled by the government, it is our responsibility.

    Having said that, the conclusion is that the pollution is a reality which has been produced by the whole humanity. Some argued that they have no choice but to use their car, and that is one of the most popular excuses to say that this situation has to be solved by the government. Notwithstanding, there are some other habits we can change and in this way, we will be able to reduce the pollution

  23. It's common knowledge that pollution is one of the most worrying problems nowadays in our planet, which is slowly dying due to human race's abuse. And instead of trying to find a solution, we are very busy blaming each other’s. But the real issue here is… who’s the main responsible of this damaging?
    My view is that we are all co-responsible; however, seeing that governments are supposed to care for our welfare, they should have a stronger compromise with our planet. Instead, Governments cause a great damage with its indifference, since they don’t make it easier to use renewable energies as the main energy sources. In addition, it doesn’t penalize those great companies who base their benefits in polluting the environment and it doesn’t create laws to regulate citizen’s ecological behaviour.
    On the other hand, if big businesses and citizens took a responsible attitude, these laws wouldn’t be that necessary. We should remember that this great companies only care about their benefits, and they absolutely ignore the harm they cause on Earth. Also, most people don’t want to assume that new lifestyle since they would have to live with fewer conveniences.
    All things considered, I still think that the Government has to make people more aware of our planet’s situation. This is the only solution for the problem, and it should be as soon as possible, because we still have the means to avoid Earth’s destruction. If not, the planet who gave us life will give us death.

    Paula Catalina de la Cruz. 1ªE de bachillerato.

  24. The population of our planet is increasing constantly. The population growth, unfortunately, has many adverse effects, one of which is the pollution problems.

    Firstly, businesses have plenty of reponsability. They continuously emit greenhouse gases and contaminate the environment with products harmful to our health. Furthermore, using chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides to increase production actually pollutes the air, soil and water with toxic chemicals.

    Secondly, individual people has their responsiveness too. Removing trees and other plants to increase areas of cultivation causes habitat loss and threatens the survival of numerous species of animals and plants. Also
    the greater distance food items have to travel to reach the consumer, the greater that transportation's impact is on the environment.

    Thirdly, governments had their liability too. They could help much more tan what they are doing now. Governments can use NPI data to assist with environmental planning and management. NPI data is often used in the preparation of State of the Environment reports, and to support initiatives which help protect the environment.

    In conclusion, I thik all of us have to think to help with the environment. We are all guilty of what is happening now with the world and I hope we all help so this could end as soon as possible.


  25. Nowadays, pollution is one of the biggest problems we have in the world. Everyone is worried about this topic but who is to blame for pollution? There is a big range of opinions to answer this question. Some people blame the government, some people blame the factories.. but in my opinion this is everyone's​ responsability.
    It's really easy to throw people under the bus. To blame others for our very own mistakes. Of course industries produce a lot of pollution, with its emissions of carbon dioxide.
    If we compare an industry's pollution to our own, we'll say that industries produce way more. But in the world there are 6 billion people, contaminating with, for example, their cars.
    Car factories are providing the environment with solutions such as electric cars which are popularly accepted by governments as well as consumers, although there is still a long way ahead to introduce these cars massively to the market. These and other measures are been taken after the summit that took place in Kioto in 1997 in which well known protocol of Kioto was defined, whose main purpose was to reduce 5% the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere in comparison with those emitted in 1990, in order to avoid the global warming. More than 180 countries were committed to the protocol, that was renewed in 2009 and has become the main agreement in terms of protecting of our environment.