A great ending for the Mystery Story

Here's a very good ending one of our students wrote for the Mystery Story Project.
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  1. - Well, well... Look who is lost- Said a man's voice behind me and, suddenly, someone covered my mouth with a rag and I fainted at the moment.
    I woke up later and, disoriented, I looked around. There was no one there and it was very dark and cold, the only things that I could see were four gray walls and an ancient door.
    I started to scream for help but no one seemed to hear me. I tried to move but, terrified, I noticed that my feet were tied with a chain to the ground. I didn't understand anything. I stayed in that small and creepy room what seemed days to me, but nothing changed. Suddenly, when I least expected it, the door opened with a squeak and my eyes accustomed to the light. That was when I could see the man coming in. I was very shocked when I realized that he was exactly like me, but with a crazy look.
    - Hi Will, I'm sure you have many questions, but I'm going to tell you a story... Brother- Said the man.
    When I heard those words I was paralyzed, I thought I was still in the river and I was having hallucinations because of the beers and my tiredness, but then the man began his story.
    - 25 years ago, two twin brothers were born in London, but one of them wasn't expected and went to an orphanage. Will had an incredible family, he went to a good school and he had so many friends. He had a wonderful house and a great life. His brother, on the other hand, was in several shelters but he didn´t stay. He just wondered what he had done wrong. When the boy turned 21 years he started looking for his biological parents. I suppose you already know that I’m that boy, and I have been looking for you for almost four years, Will… I should have lived your life, and that is what I´m going to do.
    - No! - I shouted- That is not fair, I didn´t know it.
    - I don´t care, now you know it- Insisted he- I´m sorry, it´s my turn.
    - But you could come with me- I suggested. I was so shocked and terrified that I couldn´t move. - Also, they will notice you aren´t me.
    - Oh no, Will, I have thought about it. Thanks for giving your life to me. – The slam was the last thing I heard before everything went black. I woke up on the banks of the river and the sun announcing a new day. I walked to my house without any other thought besides my strange dream.