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  1. For Survivors of 2004 Tsunami, Recovery Is Slow:

    This is an atricle published in 2006 by the New York Times. Talks about the tsunami that swept several states like India, Sri Lanka, Tailandia, and the state most affected, te coast of Aceh. Two years have passed from the tsunami, and survivors continue living in shelters without work. This tsunami It claimed 230,000 lives, with difference the most dangerous in the history.
    In the article apear testimonies of survivors, and all of them said that are very happy by de luck that God give to them, and when you pass a thing like that, you became in a better person. Many survivors tall to us, that they have lost many people of them family; but two years have passed and i think that now they have to be happy, because they can continue enjoying the life.
    You can see a film based in a true history of a tsunami survivor spanish family colled: "The Impossible", i recommend it.
    Francisco Risquete Viñuales. 1ºA.


    I think England overestimates such events.

    It is important the birth of a new member of royalty, but I find exaggerated the reception that is made to baby

    I understand that press worldwide goes to London to report on the arrival of the baby, as with famous people, but I don’t understand why thousands of Englishmen go to the gates of Buckingham Palace to know the weight and time of birth of the baby, people waiting at the gates of the hospital really mad, a real crier ringing a bell and announcing the birth, which makes willingly, BT Tower London dawning with the phrase "it's girl", the crew of HMS Lancaster representing the word "sister" ¡The City of London dyed pink!

    Definitely, I think England, in this kind of events, hasn’t advanced, it seems a story, a modern tale. In the end, it's just a baby and Englishmen celebrate as if she would change the world, she has an older brother, if no problems and her older brother has children, she will never be Queen of England.

    Miguel Sanz Grasa. Nº 28. 1ºBachillerato - A

  3. Italy Accident Draws Attention to African Migrants' Plight
    This new was taken from the newspaper VOA (Voice of America). The accident happened last October 3, 2013 in Italy, which left dead more than 300 people IMMIGRANTS.
    These are a bad news; 300 deaths are always unpleasant, no matter their race, their religion or their appearance.
    These people were immigrants who came to Italy to improve their lives, clearly not came to visit Italy, they came because certain conditions made their home countries inhumane, no one wants to leave their country if it is not a great need.
    Immigrants have to pay large amounts of money to come and over traveling in horrible situations, but they do it all to get a second chance.
    Then it may be that some come and waste the opportunity but most try to find work and live as anyone and more importantly to achieve happiness.
    Currently there are many boat accidents with immigrants inside and this will surely go farther because this problem is very difficult to fix.
    Many people think that not all immigrants should come and it's true, but to stop this we must over-exploiting African countries by giving them more money for the jobs they realize because they are normal people like you who are reading this or like me who am writing about it.


    This article talks about the Spanish players soccer league that intend to go on strike the last two league matches for problems with taxes payment.

    I think that football players earn a lot of money (millions those who most protest) and should not bring problems to the Spanish government, because there are people in our country that have not enough money for living in a good way and I do not like so unsupportive.

    These people earn a lot of money for playing football. I know these football players are very professional and work hard to be there. But after all they are charging much more money than any other professional in their work by playing soccer and will continue making good money even if they pay more. So I think that they should not put problems when paying more.

    Javier Freire de Blas, 1ºA


    The story of Amanda Todd

    Today I’m going to talk about Amanda Todd, a girl who was cyber-bullied to dead. I think bullying is an actual problem in our society since a lot of kids suffer it and in my opinion is disgusting how some people can make others feel unnecessary in this world.

    In this case, I recognize that Amanda made a mistake posting a picture of her breast in the internet but we all make mistakes and that’s not a reason to tell her to kill herself.
    Nowadays people don’t know the damage their words can cause to other people and I think that’s the main reason they say those kinds of things.

    I honestly can’t understand how some thirteen years old kids can tell other to commit suicide for posting a picture; instead they could have given her the strength to keep going and fight the situation.

    We could stop bullying by thinking before we say anything that could hurt someone; by keeping in mind that everyone is different, not better or worse, just different; by always thinking about what you post online and by never ever telling anyone to kill themselves no matter what they did.

    Cristina Aranda


    In this comment, I´m going to talk about how the people helped in the haiti earthquake
    I think this kind of news are very important because you can read this if you don´t know how to act against natural disasters.
    It´s separated in five parts:
    1.Money;obviosuly it´s important because they need money for the hospitals or food.
    2.Make personal hygiene kits to prevent illness
    3.Volunteer; overall medical aid workers, they can treat people who are suffering those situations.
    4.Be an advocate to consider solutions
    5.Help rebuild; the haiti inhabitants had lost all practically so it was so important to gave them a place where they could libe without danger.
    Apart of the 5 points, there are a lot of more ways to help in this kind of situations, for example sending food or clothes.
    In my opinion, people use to respond properly, bur we can do more, we can´t allow that an earthquake kills thousands of people.
    Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, and obviously their houses or buildings are weak, so we can send money to them to improve them.

    Jorge Osés Lainez

  7. I´m going to talk about the 70th anniversary of liberation of concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen.

    In this place died more than 70,000 people, including the famous Anne Frank. She was a girl that wrote a diary telling everything that was living in the concentration camp with her family and then someone found the diary and published to tell the story of this young girl.
    It´s a high number of deaths, they were killed by the fact of being Jews. They didn´t have no choice or voice or rights, all they could do was work and obey the orders of the soldiers because otherwise they would be killed.

    The survivors tell their story to show us how they lived. As much as we imagine, we never know how this people really felt.

    All these people meet to honored the memory of their families and friends that they lost in the concentration camp.

    To sum up I think that it´s an important date to remember that we shouldn´t live with distinctions of any type, sadly this still going on in the world.

    Isabel Sainz de Baranda Miranda. 1ºA. Nº24

  8. Money makes you a bad person

    I don’t totally agree with this article. On one hand I agree with the idea that many rich people are not sensitive with poorer people as professor Paul Piff said "Wealth makes you more [worried about] your own interests, your own desires, your own welfare. And this is true. But on the other hand you can find rich people that donate a lot of money to charity, for example Bill Gates donated a half of his fortune.

    In adittion many rich people collaborate with Non Profit Organitation, about celebrities from world cinema.

    I´m totally agree with the part of the article that talk about poorer people are more generous with the other people and I think that the reason is that poor people understand how much pain the person in this situation.

    In conclusion my opinion about this is that wealthy people could be more generous with the others if they would have more information about how they could change the life of the poorer people.

    Blanca García Estévez – 1º A

  9. I'm going to talk about what happened lately in Italy.
    During the last week ,it has happened something spectacular, more than 9'000 immigrants have arrived,crossing the Mediterranean sea in small boats, in Italy.
    Unfortunately 400 people were killed after a boat capsized on it's way from Libya.
    Later in a interview with four of the survivors they told their experience of being for four days sailing in the Mediterranean sea in a inflatable boat with other 45 people
    I think this is shameful because they're exploited and murdered in their nations and they think they're gonna live better in Europe but this is an hoax, ultimately immigrants end up in very poor conditions. In my opinion this is the fault of the globalization.
    Mario Bordonado de Luis


    I’m going to talk about the two cavers that died in Morocco after disappearing for six days in the Moroccan Atlas.

    First of all, it’s mainly the cavers’ fault for caving in the dangerous Moroccan Atlas without a mountain guide from the area that knows which parts of the mountain are safe enough to be caved. Also the cavers weren’t professional cavers, which makes it even more risky and dangerous to go without a professional guide. The simple fact of hiring a mountain guide would have avoided this tragedy

    Secondly, it’s also the Spanish government’s fault for not intervening in the rescue. It’s true that the Moroccan government didn't give permission but that’s no excuse, because if a country really cares about its people, it will do everything it possibly can to rescue them. This shows how little the Spanish government cares about individuals.

    Thirdly, the Moroccan government is also guilty, due to the fact that it didn't let the spanish government intervene. This would have been comprehensible if they had prepared a decent rescue themselves, and it would have been true that the spanish intervention was an obstacle for them, which is what they said. But if you know that you’re not prepared for it or if it’s not really important for you, let someone else do it. This might have avoided the tragedy or at least, partly.

    In conclusion, we can’t just blame one part for what happened, because they are all, in part, guilty for it: the cavers for taking unnecessary risks, the Spanish government for not doing everything they could to save their people and the Moroccan government for not taking it seriously.

    Ignacio Pinedo Tejada. 1ºA.

  11. As we scan the text, we can clearly see how the speaker who was the very first woman to attend a proper combat in the US for the first time, still considers herself as a man in some ises such as "white goverment school bus". Not only is she brave for doing was she has done over these years, but the incredibles strenght and determination she has to write how she lived and felt this episode of her life makes her even better in her field.
    I am very proud of women like her who fight for their country, give everything they can in their job (which is quite importan, but no less than any other) and that they keep on going despite the difficulties they might have to do it. Because working that is not a women thing may not seem much, but as he expressed, women and men were treated equally in the US Navy. It has advantages and disadvantages; first of all, the willing of having the same rights for the men and women all over the world develops in this case the imposition of the same rules for the both in the Navy; therefor, women re assessed in the same way as men are which leads us to the thought that women are treated like men in some way. They were asked to carry the same weights as men did, or even to walk the same distances as men did. And the purpose was testing women's performance in combat arms for the Navy, so we could think that they wanted to allow moe women to be Marines but still they have to improve their mentality towards women being less strong or resistive than men, which can be proved with this woman that we, women, can also do men's job.
    Marta Prado Calvo. 1ºA

  12. Freddie Gray died after head ‘slammed into bolt in police van’

    Since the arrival of black people on American shores in the form of slavery, it´s been known that people hasn´t changed its mind set completely. Although mentality has changed along time, we can still find some cases that will make our skin crawl, and today I’m bringing you one of them.

    “Freddy Gray, a 25 year old black man from Baltimore, was killed in a police van after being arrested for carrying a legal knife in his pocket.”

    Again, they did it again. Another name to add to the list. We all know how this is going to finish: police officers involved in the case will be released, the investigation could prove nothing. The worst thing is that nothing is being done to prevent this from happening again and this is completely unacceptable.

    In my opinion, the solution starts in education (from primary to high school) and at home. They (and some of us) need a big change in the way of thinking and the faster the better. White people started to identify black people with animals after the protests in Baltimore; do you truly think this is normal? I think racism is one of the biggest problems in society nowadays.

    As an Afro American you're more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist. That's a fact.

    Álvaro Jaime García Carracedo 1ºA

  13. I have taken this article from the New York Times and It was published on May 4, 2015.

    What basically says is that the government of Nepal told all foreign rescue teams to leave the search-and-rescue work because the likelihood of finding survivors has largely passed.

    I think that It is kind of true that there is no much hope of finding survivors, but if I were one of the members of a rescue team, I wouldn’t leave the country at all. Here is the thing, If rescue teams leave the country, you kill the hopes of relatives who have loved ones in Nepal, and i think that is kind of cruel.

    I think that rescue teams shouldn’t leave the country at all to find every lost person after the earthquake, even without much hope of finding them alive. And that probably is what They will do, because They can’t leave with their work unfinished, and because They probably think the same as me.

    Carlos Peñalver Pérez. 1ºA. Nº20

  14. On this post we can read about how young people have been decreasing their interest about politics. Since 1970 there have been a decrease around the double of votes between people from the 24s to over the 65s.

    The post is based in Wales but I think we can base it in any other country. The problem with politics are the politicians, young people and old people don't trust them because they are tired of fake promises, corruption... We can also mention about the bad ideas they propose, it doesn't convince anyone.

    What it is needed is to refresh the way we use democracy for a major interes in politics.

    Iziar Sánchez Zabala. 1ºA. Nº26

  15. The nutty professor

    We always hear about negative news about teachers, politicians, priests, natural catastrophes but now I am going to talk about something light hearted a bizarre teacher:
    In my opinion it isn´t professional to do that with the students but all of them wanted to try it.
    I think it is bad for the society that we allow the teacher to do what they want with their students
    Personally I think it is a very bad image for the school because the people and the younger students could be scared. The punishment for the teacher was bigger than the action, if the same happened in Spain they would fire and fine the teacher but not send to jail.
    To conclude maybe the teachers will have a bad reputation nevertheless it is a very specific case. Sometimes people make big mistakes but for me it is a small mistake in comparison the punishment
    Javier Bardají García 1ºA

  16. Manchester council bans homeless people from using library

    I have chosen this notice because it shocked me, the way who can people discriminate other persons just for not been equal.
    This notice says that the Manchester city council has prohibited the entrance to a public library to homeless people. I think that this is a racist attitude and people can´t act like this in our society. Every single person has the some rights even if they are blind, deaf, black skinned, etc, because no one can be discriminated just for not having a place to lire.
    Even, the library started to not let in the people who talk to the homeless people, with this type of actions, they are trying to make an underclass of people who aren´t worthy of using a public library on toilets.
    I think that nobody should tolerate this type of actions and the authorities of England, should do somethingelse.
    Pablo Doval Bbernaldo de Quirós. 1º A Bachillerato

  17. Boy armed with crossbow kills teacher in Barcelona.
    A teacher was killed and four people were injured after bursting a student, 13 years old and second of ESO, armed with a crossbow at the Institute Joan Fuster. The teacher was wounded with the crossbow, although death has caused a stab wound. This act affects the entire educational community in the country, especially the teachers, who are so important to the education of students. It is said that the boy had a psychotic break. In my opinion the boy should enter into a juvenile facility until he confronts the disease. They should also get a ticket to the boy's parents as they had weapons at home and were available to your child. A part of it is also said that the boy had a psychological illness but the school was not aware of this which parents hid the disease something that does not help anyone. When interviewing fellow man these said their friend showed them a list in which there were several names and told them that those persons would kill and called blacklist list. If I were one of those fellow nu he had hesitated to tell a teacher of the intentions of the boy as something serious could happen and in this case happened. In Spain the law has to change in many ways and one of them is referred to this case. Minors rarely affects them no laws and this is the problem because it gives more freedom to a child who is less mature and is carried away by anything that an adult who supposedly has matured or more mature than a small child. Anyone in the world can make a thing like this happen and to not have to punish those who have done so to those who want to repent and do not do.

    Jaime García Andreo. 1ºA

  18. How to fake a british accent.

    In this article, the dialect and voice coach, Barbara Berkery, explains that is not so difficult for an american to talk with english accent, they only have to try it right.

    The americans have lazy tongues so they don't pronounce all the letters in the way it is supposed to do. One of the easiest ways is watching videos and studying the movement of their mouths. Also they need to learn how to not run words together. They have to practice consonants and vowels with repetitives ditties too.

    Berkery is a famous coach for actors who have to play roles with english or another accent, one of her most famous examples is Renée Zellweger in "Bridget Jones's Diary", Barbara put her in differents works in the UK before making the film so she can get used to it.

    In summary, the best way to learn an accent it is by talking to stranger in differents situations so you can be comfortable with it.

    I think that talking in another accent that is not yours can be really difficult because sometimes it even has owns expressions. So for me, if you really wanna get it you have two options:
    1. Going to the country where it is spoken(if you can afford it)
    2. If you don't have the money to go abroad, you can watch a lot of films or tv shows in that lenguage or accent and you will get it.
    Also, you can study the accent technically so you will know how to use it correctly.

    Iria Cassinello Cebral. 1A. Number 4.

    During the Nepal earthquake a british woman called "Sarah Khadka-Lowe" had to make some calls to tell their family how she and her husband were because of the huge catastrophy they were witnessing: the eartquake of Nepal. During those days she had to call many times and she recieved a message from Vodafone telling her she could not make more calls because she
    had many invoices pending to be settled and later, the company just offered her a discount of 5 pounds on her invoice. Khadka-Lowe was shocked about this new so she informed to The Guardian. Immediately, the company apologized the woman and adjusted her invoice, they would make a change in their politics because of the earthquake.
    It´s astonishing the number of people that may be affected with this, perhaps they could not make more calls from Nepal, but thanks to this woman and The Guardian the situation will finish. The thing that strikes me straight away the most is that Vodafone didn´t want to reveal the number of people who were affected. In my opinion, it´s disgustting how enterprises make politics against the costumer without any moral judgement, and then they want to succed that´s a relly bad strategy


    Ángel Morencos Vargas. 1º D

    How artificial intelligence could change our lifes.
    At this essay I'll talk about how could artificial intelligence could change our lifes, and if this change would be good or not.
    Firstly, reading this article, you could think that what those robots can do isn't that impressive, but the important aspect isn't what they're able to do know, but what those will be able to do in the future.
    You can face this, by two different ways, thinking that this will be dangerous in the future, and another way of thinking is that this will produce an important step in the evolution progress. What I think is that using this with precaution will produce a lot of benefits for the human.
    There is also people who think that this would make a lot of people to lose their jobs, but I think that this would be just on the first moments, that in the future this would make people to be more prepare and occupate other labours, that would be produced by this progress

  21. I read the news of police brutality on Freddie Gray.
    I will talk about this news as excessive force used by the police in the arrests because are a current issue and will not stop repeated.
    I think that the police can use the force but only as a last resort ( in extreme cases) and never against defenseless people or with people that has already been reduced.
    It is possible that a large number of people may perceive that the use of force by the police is excessive and even when force used is reasonable or when circumstances so warrant but Police brutality is often associated with the race,the religious ,the political and socioeconomic between police and citizens, which can contribute to the creation of a relationship in which some police officers may view the population or a part of it as a group to be punished, while those portions of the population seen in an oppressive police group. In addition, there is a perception that victims of police brutality often belong to relatively powerless groups, such as minorities, the young and the poor.
    In my opinión it is better to think twice before making others suffer.


    Racism is a huge problem for people in many different countries around the world nowadays. The article that I read talks about how racism affects African Americans while growing up.

    They just can´t live a normal childhood. How could you grow up happily and in a good atmosphere, if you were exposed to the challenges that African Americans have to face every day of their lives? And the worst part of racism is that it does not just affect people in the psychical way… Some of the aftermaths of racism are, for example, not being able to find a job or not being respected by others.

    In my opinion, people should definately have a more open-minded about racism tan they actually do. If society would not focus on others´ complexion, racism would no longer be a problem. People should be aware of how what really matters in a person is what is inside them, not what they can see from the outside. They should take a minute to get to know others before judging them by their appearance. To me, that would make the world a much better place.


    Marta Martinez Rodriguez 1ºA


    My passion past me away

    A September 12, 1973 was born a person than 40 years and about two months and a half later would die in a car accident, Paul Walker.

    This actor is known for playing Brian O`Conner in The Fast and Furious saga.
    This saga was perhaps the most important role than starred Paul Walker.

    The loss of a person is always sad, but it´s not the same if your passion, something you put at risk your life with awareness that can be the last time, which in this case you life takes.

    Like a soldier going to war and fight for his country, knowing that you face, knowing it may be the last goodbye, still go ahead because it is his reason for living.

    And in my opinion the following sentence coul summarize it all.
    "If someday speed kills me, I weep not for me because i´ll be smiling" Paul Walker.

    Carmen del Cuvillo Rodríguez, Nº7

  24. Nepal Earthquake

    I'm going to talk about the earthquake in Nepal which killed more than 1,900 people and more than 4,700 people injured. Most of the devastation occured in Katmandu. This earthquake struck shortly before noon on Saturday with the magnitude of 7.8, therefore there's no school which have reduced the death toll.
    Is Nepal prepared for this devastation? Government knows that this country will have earthquakes but they did little improvements in their building structures. Houses are made of mud and thatch. Most monuments like temples and palaces were made of wood and unmortared brick. There were four UNESCO World Heritage Sites damaged.
    In my opinion, this destruction could be avoided if they have strengthen the structures of the buildings. But, on the other hand, mother nature is in control and we couldn't predict bad things to happen in our time. What we can do now, is to help this country recover and help avoid disease to come by lack of clean water and dead bodies not yet recover. They should also have the right technology to predict the coming earthquakes.
    Earthquake Devastates Nepal, Killing More Than 1,900 - NYTimes ...
    By Bruno Castellanos 1A

  25. It´s been almost two years since Edward Snowden, the famous 'whisteblower' revealed the unlawful acts that the US government was comitting. Snowden is a man who worked for the NSA (National Security Agency of US) and decided risk his live only to show the world the truth about the crimes of the USA.
    This article claims for a fair treatment for Snowden (who is now exiled in Russia because in his country is considered a betrayer), and reinvigorate the debate about his Patriotic Act, a debate where Snowden could participate and expose his reasons.
    Some people consider this man a rat, other people consider him a real hero, I guess he´s just man who wanted to do the right thing and show the truth to the world. I think his courage is admirable, because despite all the consequences, this man took the decision of risking his own life for the truth.

    Alvaro Peregrin Garcia

  26. Why You Should Go to the Movies (and Do Other Stuff) Alone
    When we think about spending our free time, most of us imagine ourselves hanging out with friends, going to the cinema, having dinner... what all those situations have in common is that we spend time with other people. But, have you ever contemplated to spend your free time alone? Well that’s what this article is about.
    The author of this article tries to convince us that when you spend your free time with other people, you are as happy as, when you do it alone. Most of the people who refuse this theory support that being surrounded by people who aren’t alone is humiliating. Amazingly the author was able to prove that you can enjoy your free time either if you share it with someone or you spend it alone.
    It’s true that a lot of people are afraid of doing things with no company, but the reason behind that fear is not related with how good or bad time they think they will have. People are humiliating because they’re afraid of what others may think about them so it doesn’t mean they are less happy spending their free time alone.
    Therefore those who don’t care about what people think have no problem to see a movie alone or to have meals in restaurants without a dinning partner. The fact is that if you do not depend of someone else you will be able to do more of those activities that make you feel better. All in all, you will be happier.
    I haven’t done many of my free time activities alone, so I can not give an opinion about how you feel when you do things with out being accompanied. Despite of the previous fact, I can affirm that in all the cases I’ve spent my free time with people I’ve felt very comfortable. From my point of view, spend time with other people different from us complement ourselves; therefore, I think that a good moment must be share with others.
    Gonzalo del Saz Albert 1ºA


  27. Schools that put fines on parents because their children are late to class.

    Many schools put fines on parents because their children are late to class and if parents do not pay these fines in a period of time will increase, can be chased or even jailed. In 2013 the government banned this law

    My opinion on this is that if parents are at home should take care of the children arrive soon, if they don´t take care of them, they are responsible of not arriving soon, moreover if the parents leave home earlier than children, they are not responsable at all. The school would have to take care of this students because parents are not to blame

    Adolfo Meras Trigueros. 1ºA Nº18

  28. María Vega Marin. Nº30. 1º Bachillerato - A

    Megan Armer, a little girl that was only 12 years old, used to suffer bulling at school. Her classmates used to say that she was too heavy for do anything, and they laught at her everytime she tried to do any sport.After this,Megan began to be obsessed with her body and stopped eating. Little by little she began to look very,very thin and she became anorexic. She was nearly to die when she only was eating an apple every two days. She got better when she began to go to a psychiatric for almost two and half years for helping her to struggle the illness.
    She became healthier and more confident.Now,she's working as a model.

    Bullying is one of the most important problems that we have in our society and it hasn't improve during the last years. Adults are concerned about this problem but in my opinion, nobody does anything to fix it. What we have to do is showing the kids and the teenagers that their priority must be the respect to others. It doesn't matter if someone doesn't look like you or don't like the same things. You have to know how to care about each others and respect them. If we do all those things,the dissapearance of bullying will be a reality in the future and it will make our world a better place to live.

  29. Alvaro Porto Tomas n19 1A

    One of the biggest concerns of society right now is the several terrorist attacks from ISIS to major cities of Europe. This fear has increased due to the recent attack that has taken place in Paris.

    During a friendly football match between France and Germany, four terrorists fearlessly attacked the french capital. They planted three bombs, and killed tons of people with automatic rifles in some restaurants and in the concert of Eagles of Death Metal, that was taking place in the Bataclan room.
    Millions and millions of people are praying for the victims and their families, and some of the most important presidents of countries have made a pact over this problem in order to avenge the victims and offer more security to their population.

    In conclusion, I don't know where this is going to take us, but if we don't do something, it may turn out as a major conflict between nations. I think all nations should help each other to destroy this threat that the ISIS is for our world.

  30. Parents of bullied 11-year-old schoolboy publish his tragic suicide note
    Three months after a eleven year old boy from Madrid committed suicide, his parents published the note that he left for them. This has caused a lot of controversy. Many people believe that a suicide note should be kept private. Many others believe the note will help for society to realize that bullying is a real problem for many children.
    In my opinion, it is very important not to judge the parent´s reaction. They have been giving lots of interviews to the media to tell their son´s story with their best intention. Publishing the suicide note is just a step further in proving that their son was suffering bullying at school.
    If I had been them, I would have not published the letter because it is too personal. I wouldn´t have liked everybody to read my child last words
    Javier de la Llama Lozano 1ºA nº12

    Nowadays the media is talking more and more about bullying, but what is bullying? How does it affect? And the most important, how can we stop it?
    Bullying is a pattern of aggressive behavior meant to hurt or cause discomfort to another person. The person or “bullies” who do it have more power than victims. Their power comes from physical size, strength, status, and support within the peer group. There are three types of bullying: Physical Verbal or Social.
    Today the bulling becomes very popular among the schools and affects to many children. To this children go to school is very hard because it means to deal with the person who is hurting him or her. These victims suffer a lot of consequences because of it, some of them are physically attack and others emotionally the effects of bullying in school are varied and fall into both short-term and long-term impacts. Unfortunately, while short-term effect seems to disappear with quick recovery, long-term, and often mental, injuries can take years and decades to recovery from. They can experience anxiety, depression, and unhappiness, but unfortunately the most visible and dramatic result from being bullied is a student’s suicide or taking of his own life.
    However bullying can be prevented and there´s some measures that I think it can be very helpful to stop it. The first one is to improve the communication between children and teachers on this way the teachers would be able to know if someone is being bullied. The second is not allowing xenophobia or sexist stance because the most of the children who are bullied is because they have a different way of thinking and the last one is to make known children that violence is not the way to solve our problems and not only the physical violence also the emotional abuse .
    Laura Calle Martínez 1ºBach. E