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  1. How to cook with bones, shells and peel

    I have read an article about this kind of cooking and it caught my attention and interest because it´s not very usual to cook with bones and peels, because we usually throw away them with no doubt.
    This article shows you different ways of cooking with this parts of the food and tells you also that they can be even more healthy and nutritive than the "good" part of the product you are cooking.
    I think that everyone should read the article and trie to take advantage of all the parts of an ingredient, animal or vegetable, depnding on what product you are cooking.

    Andrés González Rodríguez, 1º Bachillerato E, nº10


    When somebody has an accident, the first thing the injured wants is to arrive as fast as he can to the Hospital.
    Nowadays, Hospitals have developed a new industry called “Air Ambulances” which uses helicopters instead of vans to carry injured people.
    Sounds great, but there´s one disadvantage, the price of using these helicopters. One person who uses this method has to pay between $20.000 and $50.000. This is a very big problem, which has been rated in the United States Parlament. The solution hasn´t been placed, but the prices will probably decrease to $10.000 (which is still a very high price, but more convenient).
    Who knows, maybe in a near future we will all travel in this kind of ambulances

    Written by: Javier González-Guerrero, 1ºE

  3. Everyone of us wants to be fit, healthy, and live a long active life. Right? But what do you do for it? The health is one of the qualities of the humans and it´s something that we must to take care.
    Well, we all know, that a healthy person doesn’t smoke, is at a healthy weight, exercises and eats healthy. Sounds simple, but those who have tried changing their habits know how difficult it could be. Some people decide to make drastic changes, but when they face the difficulties, they just lack motivation and give up.
    Sometimes we don’t pay attention to the things that we have to do for having a healthy life, the secret for it is making small changes: glass of water in the morning, more physical activity, optimistic point of view these are just a few simple ways to improve your lifestyle. Small changes lead to big results!
    Daniel Gómez Jordá , 1ºE, nº8


    Ebola is a dangerous virus which has killed thousands of deaths in a few hours.
    Scientists have discovered that people who had been infected, had their genes changed a little bit. Currently, 250 out of 25000 people have been confirmed to have mutations in their DNA.
    This suppose a very important fact to scientists who have been investigating throughout ebola; they must keep researching for the possibility of the existence of more cases similar to this one.
    Ebola is now a high priority to research for cure.

    Javier Gómez de Lucio, 1ºE Bachillerato

  5. I chose this article because it really made me consider the fact that we always tend to think that nothing bad is ever going to happen to us.

    This article is about a guy who was practising gymnastics at school and when his dad went to pick him up from school after the training, he says, he saw an ambulance leaving the school and he would have never thought about his son being the one taken to hospital.

    He is a 14-year-old student and has been in a coma for 5 weeks after hitting his head while trying a new gymnastics trick.

    At the hospital, the doctors told the family that his son had several hematomas on his head and they gave the boy a 50-50 chance of survival, and in case of waking up from the coma, his son would never be the same person he was before the accident.

    But suddenly, some weeks later, the boy opened his eyes slowly  and since then, he learnt how to speak and move again. He has developed his capacities again so that 15 months later, he is going to go back to school to finish the school year.

    To be honest, what really had an impact on me about this story is the fact that this guy is just someone like any of us. Someone who was training as usually and then he has been “dead” for more than one month and has had to learn a lot of things from the very begining.

    At the age we are now, we tend to think these things will never happen to us but if we are not careful enough, because of any stupid thing we do, maybe to impress our frinds or to show off in front of other people, we can end up in a coma.

    I really wanted to make people, specially teenagers, concious about the seriousness of this aspect. It is not something to laugh at because this boy is really lucky for having awaken, but in other case, the person can stay in the coma for the rest of his life.




    We've always been told that our nutrition habits, the amount of exercise we practice, the time we waste in front of the computer, all the things that are part of our lifestyle, are the reason of obesity and gaining weight. But, are them the only cause?

    It has been studied that lifestyle is actually the main risk factor for obesity. The kind of food people eat daily mixed with the sedentary style of life (nowadays we use to work in front of a screen, and there's no time left for exercise) plays an important role in the development of this disease. But also genetics influence this development. It's being studied the role family inheritance have in obesity, by comparing two groups of women, one with "risky" obesity genes and the other one without them. The results are that the women without those genes lose weight and fat in an easier way than the women with them.

    To sum up, both genes and lifestyle are causes of obesity, and it's very important to control them so we can prevent the spreading of this disease, one of the most prevalent in the world today.


  7. McDonald´s

    A long time ago, one of the first fastfood companies, called Mcdonalds, came out to bussines world. It only took a few months to become one of the most succesfull restaurants in the world.

    Are you in a hurry? Are you late? Mcdonalds offer you any food you can think of, during the whole day and faster than any other restaurant. A lot of people started using Mcdonalds for this type of cases but later, because of the good tasting and the price, people abuse of this food. After this, doctors and hospitals began to observe the increase on health diseased so they started to investigate the problem. Finally the found out how bad the McDonald's food was and how this fast food was affecting all this patients. Mcdonalds where using some chemical products to keep the food good, for long periods of time like 2 or even 3 years of conservation.

    Then, other companies sued Mcdonalds for using products that could affect hardly in our health. So McDonald's decreased a lot their sells all over the world but it didn´t close up. Because of the charges the company began to change a lot of their stuff. Can McDonald’s be both fast and bespoke? Cheap and high-quality?.

    I don´t think that any fast food company can have all this four qualities at the same time, but I also believe that sometime a company will get close to this four qualities.

    In conclusion, fast food it not good if you abuse it but you can have it in some circumstances.
    Fast things are always worse things.

    Javier de Miguel Zorzano 1ºE

  8. Breastfeeding helps fight against obesity.

    The article talks about how the reduction in the number of people breastfeeding in Europe is creating a big problem with obesity in children.

    It says that in Europe Ireland has the highest number of obese children and the UK is second with almost 25% of kids under the age of five being fatter than they should be.

    It goes on to state that if you breastfeed your child it has around a 15-20% chance of not putting on too much weight later in life because breast milk contains less protein than formula milk and also how being overweight cause a lot of health risks.

    The article finishes by saying that from the year 2003 the total number of children with weight problems has stayed the same but with people aged between 11-15 it has gotten worse.

    After Reading the article I believe that everyone should breastfeed their children especially if it can help reduce the possibility of suffering from health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer later in life.

    Low breastfeeding rates help fuel epidemic of child obesity


    Low breastfeeding rates help fuel epidemic of child obes...
    One in four children is now overweight or obese, but breastfeeding has been shown to protect against excessive weight gain
    Ver en

  9. Bioelectronics: The future

    This article talks about the use of the bioelectronic, the dr Daniel Chew (the principal responsable of this project) ensures that if this works it could be possible to cure the asthma and the diabetes forever instead taking pills.
    this treatment was used decades ago on mental patients, the bad side of that is that it was very invasive and painfull, but now GSK (the company which is studying this project) want to make bioelectronic a method more effective, less invasive, and with fewer side effects.
    In my opinion, on one hand, this method will grow up very fast because is very innovator and it is very promising because it guarantees that it will be able to cure most of the diseases in 10 years time. On the other hand, i think it would be very expensive because is a new project with advanced technology. Not every one who has asthma or diabetes could afford it, but by the pass of time it will be available to all of us.

    Álvaro Fernández Blázquez, 1ºE, Nº6


  10. Europe's obesity crisis expands to 'enormous proportions'

    As we can see Europe is facing a crisis of obesity. This article shows us a large information and percentages about it. An example is Ireland which is hopes that by the year 2030 the majority of the population would be overweight.
    It is well-known that obesity is one of the most important health problems. However we should be more worried about the recent increase of this. Nowadays, a 40% of the European population suffers from this disease. A recent study of oncology said that this disease can even cause cancer. Besides, it is associated to diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis and kidney disease. Fighting the obesity requires basically: exercise and a healthy diet .Doing this we would save enough money to dedicate it to cure other diseases or destine it to help needy people rather than a disease that can be prevent. How can be possible that this disease cause more deaths than people who suffer from famine?

    Written by: Diego Fernández Olombrada, 1ºE Bachillerato, Nº7.


    As we should know, there are many types of sugar such as maltose, glucose, sucrose etc… and the one that fruits have is called fructose.
    We have always thought fructose was good for our body until now.
    In the National Academy of Sciences of USA, 24 volunteers were told to have drinks sweetened with fructose on one day and another day with glucose on.

    The experiment revealed that the fructose drink led to more hunger and desire for treats. This means that different sugars affect us differently.

    Another experiment was made and this time they studied the brain while the volunteers were watching some pictures of tempting food. They did this experiment twice; they gave them fructosa once and glucose another day. The brains scans showed that people responded stronger to photos of food after giving them drinks with fructose.
    This can explain why the body breaks sugars down in different ways even though they have the same energy and calories.

    After reading this two experiments, I think we take more seriously the fact that sugar affects us differently and we should be more careful having them. I don´t think we should be worried, we should take care a little bit more of our body.
    Marcos Tenorio 1ºE

  12. Premature babies:

    This text talks about some premature children that have been treated with new technological researches that have healthy problems so, at the end, we reach in to an abortion problem, because there is the chance you have a baby born with several problems due to the artificial incubation process. What doctors say is that if there is the chance to bet for life we should do all we have in our hands.
    I agree with this solution but there is some people that think that having a baby with problems is problematic so they choose the easy way (not to have it) because that family would feel tied to him. Here is when we can see the problem of the abortion, so, I say to people that are agree with the abortion that babies with 24 weeks of life are already a human and to kill them is assassination.
    I think that this new technological researches are a great job and an important device to life, because today are premature people who are alive because of this. It is true that there also are people who have been treated with this new technological device and have problems, this problems are not important (like allergic reaction, difficult breathing, skin problems…). Little by little it could be an amazing devide to save premature babies.

    Written by: Pablo Monge Fdez 1ºE


  13. ‘Bionic’ eye allows man to recover the vision when suffering from blindness

    This title introduces us a new research made in eye surgery. An ophthalmologist from the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Raymond Lezzi, offered the patient a retinal prosthesis which would help him to make out the outlines of objects and even people (it is at an early stage of the research). Thanks to this prototype this man could see his wife for the first time in ten years.

    Giving back the sense of sight to a person is priceless. The possibilities are limitless. This means that people who have suffered from blindness their whole life will have the oportunity to see the world that surrounds them for the first time. If I were blind I wouldn’t doubt about having this surgery done. It is true that at first this surgery is going to be very expensive but, who knows? This kind of new researches bring us closer to a new age where we are going to restore any kind of disability, such as amputations, malformations, deafness, blindness and so more.From my viewpoint it is going to help a lot of people around the world and also it can be used for other purposes, such as creating a total eyeball just like we can create human skin at labs. This new ‘eye’ colud be implante don some whose eyes have been totally damaged. But this is just an example. For sure there is no doubt that this research is going to make a difference in the near future.

    Here you have the link to the news:

    Written by Javier Serrano, 1ºE

  14. Hi!
    “Premature Babies May Survive at 22 Weeks if Treated”

    First of all, I think premature babies must be treated, even though they may have health problems. I think they should be treated because no-one knows if they are going to have problems; Hope is the last thing you lose, and we have to do all we can to keep anyone alive – even a baby.

    The next stage to discuss, the second main theme: abort a 22 weeks-old baby, is this ok? My opinion: you mustn´t abort at any moment; you can´t blame the baby, it´s not his/her fault.
    Then, we can see real people, like Jennifer and Mary Ellen, talking about her babies, and how they survive the treatment; Jennifer and Mary advise other moms to continue with the treatment.

    Lastly, I want to say that we all have to promote life, and you must think deeply about what is best for your baby.

    Here you have the link:

    Written by: Pedro Acero, 1º Bachillerato E

  15. Drinking soft soda can cause more damage that just a fatty body.

    A recent study has shown that the danger of consuming soft drinks is bigger than we thought.
    Researchers have proved that these beverages, besides of being the cause for most fatty bodies in the world, can be a cause for suffering from cancer. A chemical contained in these drinks called 4-MEI it´s a potentially cancer-causing ingredient. This ingredient is used for the familiar caramel-color of cola.

    On top of the matter is the fact that this ingredient is actually not necessarily needed, it is just a matter of esthetics, which brings us to question, why isn´t it forbidden? And the answer is that there is no answer because nobody wants to give one.

    This problem increases when we look at the number of people all over the world that consume at least one can of Coca-Cola, Pepsi or root beer and don´t even realize that what is causing them pleasure can be a cause for their premature death.

    The solution resides on prohibiting this ingredient, but governments, even being aware of this matter, haven´t done anything about it. The only ones to seem to have done at least something is the state of California, US, which forces the companies to warn the consumer. But I am sure that most people agree with me that this is not a solution.

    In conclusion, I think people´s health must be considered more importantly than selling strategies. A product which potentially causes such a serious illness in humans and that is a cause for deaths, like cancer, must be automatically forbidden.

    Javier Merino Tribaldos 1ºE


    Researchers from Cornell University, USA have discovered that having an apple just before you go shopping, will make you buy healthier food it might sound a bit stupid or non-sense to you, but continue reading and you will find out the reasons.

    To come up with this conclusion they carried out and experiment that consisted of splitting 120 shoppers in three groups. The first group were given an apple, the second group a cookie, while the third group didn´t eat nothing at all. Surprisingly, the apple eaters bought 28% more fruit and vegetables than the second group and 25% more than the ones who didn´t eat nothing at all.

    What this experiment can teach us is that having a healthy snack just before you shop can make you rather buy healthier food because it puts you in a healthier mind.
    I chose this article for the only reason that at first I didn´t think it could be true, but according to this results, it is. So why don´t you try yourself next time and eat an apple before you go to the supermarket and see what happens? It might surprise you.

    Laura Guerola Pérez
    1º E nº 12

  17. Anti-vaccine movement is giving diseases a 2nd life
    This article talks about some American families who fear vaccines may cause autism or who do not trust federal government, in consequence families do not vaccinate. This is having a negative impact in this part of the society, because children are suffering again from diseases which were almost extinguished or were very unusual for humans to develop. This is creating several economic problems in developed countries and even death in the less developed ones.
    Some consequences are that, when common diseases, which could be prevent with a vaccine, appear in children as measles, varicella, mumps, etc ; It produce epidemics with higher impact. It also increases the danger of some children with immunodeficiencies. This is making a great impact in underdeveloped countries which are less concern with health and where human crises are rising.
    Jaime Álvarez Fernández 1º E Nº2


    New research suggests foods high in sugar, such as cakes, probably increase your risk of Alzheimer's disease later in life. In fact, some studies from the Washinton University School of Medicine claims that high levels of blood sugar could have "harmful effects on brain function".
    However, what many people are wondering is how seriously should we take this studies.

    From my point of view,first of all, i have no doubt that what researchers suggest is true. Not only because i believe on them, but also cause it is not the first study about this topic. In fact, the -University of Medicine in Berlin did on 2013 some studies where they found that raised blood sugar may lead to memory problems.

    However, most people have no idea how to react feaced with studies. Some people maybe decide not to eat more cakes,chocolate... and other people just don´t care about it.
    My viewpoint is that both reactions are wrong. What we should do is: fisrtly, reduce the amount of sugar we consume to appropiate levels.And, secondly, we must take it seriously due to their huge importance, but we shouldn´t overstate what the studies claims.

    Finally to sum up, this studies allow us to know how important is to have appropiates blood sugar levels to avoid some desease like Alzheimer. But that, doesn´t mean that we can´t eat once a week or month a piece of cake.

    Here you have the link to the news:

    Javier Borrachero Prieto, 1ºE

  19. Sleep deprivation impedes decision making in crises

    Everyone knows that sleep deprivation is bad. But why? Lack of sleep can make you spend a typical day or a catastrophic day . Its scientifically proven by the University of Washington that who has a lacking sleep are slower at thinking in times of crisis. Sleep loss affects critical aspects of decision making in high-stakes.

    From my point of view , getting enough sleep can be decisive for the daily routine of people : Driving in critical situations , armed robberies , sports highlights situations ...

    Here you have the link to the news:

    Written by Daniel Mulas Hernando, 1ºE

  20. Healthy diets forge smarter brains.

    Some studies that were carried out in the University of McMaster (Canada) and in the National University of Ireland (Ireland) have demonstrated that those who follow a healthy diet have a better condition than the ones who does not take care of what they eat.

    Researchers, followed during five years the diet and cognitive performance of 27,680 volunteers with ages over 55 years old with high cardiovascular risk, discovering that a diet based on eating fruits, vegetables, fish and a moderate amount of alcohol. In order to prove this theory they made memory tests at the beginning, during and at the end of the process.

    The results indicated that the candidates who followed the diet they recommend, had their brains 25% less deteriorated than the ones who did not follow it. Not only did it help in the deterioration of their brains but it did also contribute in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

    Finally, the results were published in the recognized magazine which is called Neurology.

    To conclude with, I would like to point out that I have chosen this new from among all the possibilities I had, because is something that will affect everyone sooner or later. From my point of view, these researches are very useful due to the fact that following a healthy diet is a feasible goal and as a consequence it will prevent you from many problems.


    Carlos del Río Briones nº21 1ºE

  21. "Eating well when you are not at home"

    Most people will agree if I say that the best way to eat in a healthy way is to stay home. And this is totally right!
    When you are away from home, a lot of times you find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between sticking to your healthy "at home" diet or letting yourself go by the blow-out mentality of being away on vacation and eating whatever satisfies your appetite. But, in this article you will find some tips on how to live a healthy life when you are not home but still enjoy your vacation.

    Dietitian and health columnist, Ellie Krieger, says that doing things like giving yourself one or two treats a day or watching your salt intake by limiting your sauce and dressing on your food might help you stay mindful of what you eat but still enjoy yourself. Finally, Krieger tells us what, in my opinion, is the most important thing to do to live a healthy life and this is: Keep moving! I believe that exercise, for example going out for a jog, is a good way to keep fit and healthy and also to get to know the place where you are staying on vacation.

    I hope you find these tips useful.

    Here is the link to the article:

    Written by Santiago Martin-Villa, 1ºE

  22. Five lessons we should have learned from pandemics
    In the history of the humanity have been a lot of pandemics. All of them give us information about pathogens and how to react at this dangerous moment. When a pathogen causes a pandemic, people are nervous and have fear. But science usually cures it.
    All that we have to know about pandemics is:
    A pandemic can be devastating. It can kill more than 50 million of people in a year as in 1918 with the Spanish`s flu. Pandemic disrupts in the society and the economy, causing bank losses and crisis.
    Any disease grows with poverty, where health care is not good, food is scanty and bad nutrition is always a problem in poor countries.
    We know the conditions under which a pandemic can rise. However we ignore if it is going to evolve and mutate. This is unpredictable. Nevertheless scientists and epidemiologists have now better methods to prevent these changes.
    Pandemics are now controllable with measures like quarantine, control in hospitals, teaching how to prevent the infection and new medicaments. Vaccines sometimes are not available and need time to develop and be ready to use it.
    Fear is a reaction to threat. When a pandemic attacks we have fear and we are schoked. And this can be a handicap to cure the disease.
    These are the five things we have to know about pandemics.

    Written by Javier Ruiz Rodríguez 1ºE

  23. Plymouth too fat for fast food shop
    According to the newspaper article a council in Britain has refused permission to open a fish and chip shop, in the area in Plymouth, because the people who live there are already overweight.
    It says that Mr Mohammed Rafic had wanted to sell a variety of fast food including fish and chips, kebabs and chicken but was turned down because the average weight of the residents was already higher than normal and that officials had decided to reject the shop because an infamous obese family, who say that they are too big to work, lived locally and that they were afraid that many more people would become just like them.
    The council also said that if they had allowed the business then the number of takeaways in the area would have been around 20% of all the shops which was too high and that they were trying to cut the numbers to 5%.
    In my opinion the council should not be able to limit or control what anyone wants to eat or where, the citizens who live there can decide themselves. Also Mohammed`s food is as healthy and less fattening as other fast foods like hamburgers and hot dogs. In conclusion the council should have approved the fast food shop and they should stop telling people what they can and cannot eat.

    Enrique del Olmo Gancedo, 1°E, N°18

  24. The importance of advances in medicine.

    Many people tend to think that the incredible amount of money is spent in medical advances or investigation is not needed. Instead, they say that with that money we could eradicate hunger or staff like that.
    A lot of times we complain about this just because we do not know how much we have advanced in the last years in terms of technological devices to help in medicine operations or new medicines discoveries with the help of investigation been done in recent years.
    This new tools and medicines are now very common in our houses and hospitals. Despite this reason we do not have to forget that in order to discover things like antibiotics, anaesthesia or X Ray technology we had to invest loads of money in research.
    In my opinion we should take into account all we said and support the research of new medicines to help the people suffering from lots of different diseases around the world.

    Santiago Lavandera. 1°E Bachillerato N°20

  25. Subconscious

    You may not know it, but according to the magazine " Very interesting " in Spain is the magazine “Muy interesante”,we only have control in 20% of our brain. ONLY 20%.The rest is controlled by our subconscious. Probably you never have imagined that but is true.
    A great way to start meeting the two functions of your mind is it as a garden .
    You are the gardener,and you are planting seeds of thought in your subconscious mind all day.
    Most of the time you do not even realize you are doing it, because seeds are based on our habitual thoughts.
    According sow in your subconscious mind,so shall you reap in your environment.
    Maybe you have never though about this , but it is the way you will understand the thousnds of stupid,that you will see in the street every day.
    Thanks to Sigmund Freud for inspire me with this article,He was the first man who studied this.
    Pablo Rodríguez Díaz 1E Bachillerato Nº29