Future Tenses

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    “I hear voices, I hear voices that tell me that I have to kill others.” That’s what a 13 year old boy told his P.E. teacher after killing a supply teacher with a crossbow made at home, and injuring three more people at his school, Joan Fuster, in Barcelona.

    The boy arrived late to class on the 20th of April with a crossbow made of pens and a knife. His Spanish teacher started quarrelling him and he fired her close to the eye, causing a lot of damage. Then, a pupil tried to help the teacher and the boy stabbed her in the leg.

    After, he ran out of class and stabbed in the chest to another teacher who was going to see what was happening to death. He also hurted another boy in his leg.

    Afterwards, the P.E. teacher hugged him and tried to calm him until he was disarmed. “I made him see, very calmly, that he was causing a lot of harm to more people than he thought,” “I asked him what he had in his bag. Then he collapsed, I hugged him and he started to cry like the child he is, and like the child I taught.” Said the teacher to the Spanish newspaper “El Periódico”.

    Now, as an underage boy, he can not be sanctioned by the Spanish authorities or even have predents in the furture. However, he is in a psychiatric hospital and the doctors have ensured that he had a psychotic break. The other children from his class said it was all planned because the killer showed them days before the murder a blacklist with the names of 25 teachers who “treated him badly.” The classmates thought it was a joke.

    In my opinion, all this fact sounds like crazy. How can a child kill a person? How can he plan a murder? Spanish society has values as respect, love to the human life and solidarity.

    In the other hand, how can a killer not be punished? That in undubtetly something unbelievable. She should learn more about justice.


    María Tercero Fernández. 1ºB. Nº26.