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  1. Gender violence
    Every day we see on the news that there was a murder of a man to a woman in crimes under the criminal code within gender violence again but are we numerosísimos can refer to two women killed in alleged cases of violence Valladolid and gender in Paterna.
    Although there are lots of social campaigns that want to sensitize the woman that does not tolerate any kind of abuse from her husband, family, boyfriend is for them very difficult first accepted as victims of gender violence and then have the courage to denounce these facts because, most have much fear of reprisals that your partner may have against ella.Por It is therefore very important to raise awareness that women in this fight is not alone there are many professionals willing to help and provide it necessary both her and their children so that they can live peacefully and start a new life away from abusive means.
    Rodrigo García Sánchez, 1ºA, Nº:14

  2. The new royal baby
    You won’t believe this amazing new, maybe you’ve heard something or maybe not, but it doesn’t matter because here I am for International News, telling you , there’s a new royal baby called Princess Charlotte Ị
    Charlotte is the first princess born along the last 25 years in England, she was born last Saturday, 2nd of May, and she’s George’s sister who’s now nearly two years old. Until some days ago, we didn’ t know if it would be a prince or a princess, but it’s assured people have loved Charlotte and we could have seen it on the Tower Bridge, at CB Tower, and even at the taxis with everything turned into pink, with neon lights and saying: ‘It’s a sister!’ , so this has been a really important fact for the citizens, who were waiting at the hospital’s entrance for four days or even more, just to see these beautiful baby.
    At first, she was going to be born on April, but it couldn’t be, so now she’s called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and there’s a history behind those names. The first one, Charlotte, is maybe because it’s the femenine of Charles and it also means ‘petite’, or maybe because of her great-great-great-grandmother Charlotte Ablett. The second one, Elizabeth, is because of the Queen, and the last one, Diana, is because of her grandmother, Princess of Wales.
    Princess Charlotte has been such an incredible new this last week, so we hope she’ll be happy with her growing up family, thanks for reading our magazine!
    We’ll have more next week.
    Paula Soler Rodríguez, 1°B, N°25.


  3. Liberia Is Declared Free of Ebola, but Officials Sound Note of Caution
    The entire world was looking last Saturday at Liberia. The W.H.O. declared it free of Ebola, the best news imaginable for Liberian people, who have gone through one of the deepest health crisis in the history of the African country. After a huge quantity of months suffering the illness, now people can go and enjoy their country and hug each other without danger. Why it has been declared free of Ebola? No new cases have been reported since a safe burial of 42 days, due to that, there´s no chance of more human-to-human transmission at the country.
    However, in spite of the fact that it is a glorious moment for Liberians, their president seemed cautious: “Let us celebrate, but stay mindful and vigilant”- were his declarations. But not only that, he added that Ebola not only killed a massive number of population in Liberia; it changed their way of operating in, hardly, all aspects of social life. He believes that these new hygienic habits that were adopted through the period of time Ebola attacked the African country should be maintained.
    Finally, the last question is: How are they going to rebuild the economy of the country after the huge impact that Ebola has had on the society? No one says that it´s going to be easy, but now, without Ebola business will come back to Liberia.
    I truly believe that this is one of the best news in a weekly range. As I see it, it should be a reason for celebrating all around the world, especially in Africa. Although, Liberian people should also listen to their president and be mindful and vigilant.

  4. X-ray scan finds boy hiding in a suitcase

    A young child was found hidden in a suitcase as he went through an X-ray machine, he was trying to be smuggled into Spain by a woman coming from Morocco.

    The report says that the police had become suspicious of the woman because she didn’t want to put her bag through the machine. They thought she had drugs or other illegal things inside but were surprised when they found the 8-year-old boy from the Ivory Coast.

    Later that day the police arrested an Ivorian man, who they thought had paid the Moroccan lady to bring the kid to Spain. He admitted to being the boy’s father and he said that he had only wanted to take the boy with him to the Canary Islands.

    It’s pretty obvious that parents would do anything to be with their children. However, children should never be in danger. From my point of view, the father is probably desperate to smuggle his kid across the Atlantic to the Canary Islands. Even so that desperation isn’t enough to risk your kid’s life by putting him in a suitcase. There are many other options that he could have taken. With the money spent to pay the woman, he could have asked for help from a human rights organisation such as Unicef or Cáritas. Luckily the boy survived but it could easily have been much worse.

    Bosco Matiacci Quijano

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    I´m going to write about an international new from USA that The Guardian has published the morning of May 10, 2015; which has passed unnoticed, and I think it deserve more importance, than the news program had given to it.
    Tonight two police officers were shot dead in a traffic stop.
    One of the officers stopped two brothers and when the other policeman arrived to help, the shots were fired.
    It is said that the two officers dead in the hospital and criminals are being followed.
    This new is the perfect example of the hard face of the police´s job.
    On the other hand, as a result of the recent riots in Baltimore, we had the chance to appreciate that the police do not always act properly.
    Obviously I am not defending at all the policemen who kill black people, I defend that police haven’t an easy job.
    We can see in this new that the policemen risk their lives every day.

    Ramón Prada Ramos


    The 24th of March, a plane from the Germanwings company crashed in the french Alps. The route was Barcelona- Düsseldorf. They were 42 spaniards flying and also there were some German exchange students. The radars lost the connection with the pilot and after eight minutes the plane crashed with all the passengers.
    But It wasn’t an accident, It was a mass murder. The pilot wanted to commit suicide and He planned the accident. He assassinated 150 persons just to kill himself.
    The passengers didn’t have an option to choose their destiny. This accident caused a great pain and powerlessness in all the families because a man decided to end his life and he took all these people’s with him. It was shocking.
    The pilot’s name is Andreas Lubitz. One of the reasons why he wanted to commit suicide was to " change the system " and claimed that his name would be remembered for posterity, according to his ex-girlfriend he said in an interview with German newspaper Bild.
    From my point of view, wanting to end your life is something irrational. I can understand that there are people who their lifes don’t have any sense and this causes pain, fear, distress… but there’s always chance to change your life. But apart from that you have the option to kill yourself without killing other people, who have a life, a family, dreams…
    Flying a plane carries a great responsability so the business should make sure that their employees are trained to act correctly.
    I hope something like this never happens again.


    Marina Rosa González 1ºB

  7. Languages open a whole new world

    This is the incredible story of Matthew Youlden, a young man from Manchester who speaks and understands over nine different languages!

    He is known to be able to switch languages easily and to have a perfect pronounciation. This has gained him the nickname "language chamaleon". This extraordinary ability has given him a lot of oportunities, such as living all around the world (Barcelona, Quebec, Berlin...). Being a polyglot is something quite common, but being able to master several languages in all aspects isn't something easy and requires a lot of patience and dedication.

    Matthew tells us about his personal experience with linguistics. He first started to learn French at school and university. After that, everything went uphill when he took up Spanish, then Catalan, German, Portuguese, Italian, etc. His twin brother, Michael, is also a polyglot. Their passion began when they both wanted to travel and be able to speak to people in other countries. They thought it would be a good idea to study together as they've got a very good relationship and they understand each other perfectly. And who hasn't wanted to share a secret with someone in a way that nobody understands? Well, they can and in over a dozen different languages! They are now studying Afrikaans, Ukranian, Turkish and Serbian.

    This unbelievable story shows us that, yes, it IS possible to know more than one language and it encourages us to achieve our goals, personal or professional. Besides, it also makes us aware of the importance of languages nowadays ​​and all the uses that we can give them, from ordering our food in a foreign restaurant to starting our own business!

    Link: Plaid Zebra - an unconventional lifestyle magazine

    Carla Goldstein Sparrowe, n.º 12, 1º bachillerato B

  8. Cuba thanks Pope Francis
    Raúl Castro, President of Cuba ,d Pope Francis I on 10 May at the Vaticam to give thanks for his help in the diplomatic breakthrought between Cuba and the United States last year. Castro declared that Francis had inspired to return to the Catholic Church.
    They met privately for exactly one hour on Sunday morning. Before Castro left the Vaticam, he said that Cuba would give a warm welcome to the Francis in September."I read all of his speeches, and if Francis continue like right now, i will go back to the church" said Castro during televise conference.
    Cuba and the Vaticam celebrated 80 years of diplomatic relations recently, and the Vatican opposed the US sanctions againts Cuba. The communist goverment doesn´t accept the religiom and promoted the atheism.
    I think that the Pope Francis is doing a lot of good things and this another and one of the most important. Thanks to this intervention, there is not as much tension between the US and Cuba. This is proof that Francis always does good for a world full of wrong.
    Jesús Fernández Sánchez, 1ºB.

  9. Ride me all day for £3

    That doesn't sound too good, does it? Unless we're talking about buses, then it's OK... or is it?

    We are used to seeing adverts everywhere we look, whether it be on our phones' screens or in the streets. We're used to it, because let's face it, there's someone trying to sell us something in every single moment of our lives, and there is nothing we can do about it. But we are also used to polite and respectful adverts, and sometimes they might not be that way. Here's an example of an advertising campaign that may have crossed the line.

    On Monday, May 11th, a bus company from the Welsh city of Cardiff was highly critized after promoting a new route with a poster on the back of its vehicles featuring a seemingly topless woman holding a sign that read: "Ride me all day for £3". Some of the people who saw it, such as Vicky Chandler (who repeatedly reported this incidence to the company via Twitter, expressing her disapproval), were astonished by this, as they called it, “absolutely unacceptable way of advertising”, “terrible, sexualising marketing”, and “objectifying promotion” amongst other signs of criticism towards this campaign. Eventhough there were both topless men and women in these adverts, the female versions raised more controversy, especially in social media, where the news spread like wildfire. Just a few hours after all the complaints were expressed, the bus company apologized and decided every advert would be withdrawn within 24 hours.

    In my opinion, this marketing campaign is wrong on so many levels, for not only does it trivialise prostitution, but it also treats men as well as women as objects and uses that “joke” in an inappropiate way just to sell a service. I’m no expert, but I think there’s something called ‘Marketing Ethics’ that the bus company didn’t really seem to know about. Even if the creators of the ad pulled off the ‘it’s just a laugh’ argument, that is no excuse. There are many other ways to sell a product that they could have used. Also, I wonder what the purpose of that specific advert was, maybe they did not realise half of their customers are women and would most likely get offended by the posters. Who knows.

    So, to sum up, was the public’s reaction overexaggerated? Not at all from what I see. If the ad made a big group of people feel bad then it means there’s something wrong about it.

    Pablo Zarco Ortiz



    Hey there! I´m Gonzalo García and today I’m talking about the new Amazon business, the AWS (Amazon Web Services).

    As you know, Amazon is the largest online shopping website in the world, but, though it seems to be incredible, in the near future the majority of benefits of the company are going to come from the new system in which Amazon has deposited all his effort. I know you’re asking yourself right about now "Ok, but what is AWS based on?", don’t worry because I’ll explain.

    AWS is a developed system in order to all kinds of companies has all the necessary services (from stored information under the maximum safety up to web developers) to have everything related to the base, the engine, and the development in only one application, in such a way that the only worry of the businessman is to continue improving his business. This is possible due to the great work that Amazon has made in gaining the confidence of everyone thanks to the great effort, enthusiasm and commitment that all the workers have put on this great project.

    From my point of view, this new is not a simple text, it’s an example of the technological improvements of our society that will mark an epoch with no doubt. Also it’s amazing how the technology is able to create all these things... with an enormous facility!

    I have chosen this new because I was looking for something determinant in the whole world and, from this exploit obtained by Amazon, everything is going to be simplified, is going to be surer and we are going to see it reflected in the quality of the IT services. Important companies as Kellogg's, Santander, or Spotify already use this new technology.

    To conclude, I encourage everyone who is reading this to squeeze to the maximum his dreams and his imagination in order that in a future, someone of us could be the protagonist of this kind of news.

    Gonzalo García Muñoz


    The company bought by the billionaire Marc Zuchemberg for no less than 2 billion dollars plans to sell in 2016 the virtual reality headset as expected. Although we don’t know what the retail price is but we know that it won’t be cheap because the company has spent millions of dollars developing the required technology.
    There were many problems and they had to postpone the launch date, it was scheduled for 2015 but Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s vice president said that in 2016 we could enjoy this technology
    The virtual reality headset was created for the video game world but the company is also thinking in develop virtual social gatherings.
    These ideas also have thought by companies like HTC and Sony. These are developing a similar technology and in the future could affect their benefits

    In my opinion it is a great achievement and I hope it develops more and more and one day it could be used with medicinally purposes

    Fernando Cereceda Galbis


  12. Doctor who joined ISIS still a registered practitioner in Australia

    Tareq Kamleh, or Abu Yousef Al-Australie, as he now calls himself, joined the Islamic State. Problem is, he is still registered as a practitioner on the record of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, despite vowing never to return to Australia.

    Having heard the recriminations in the face of this situation, he tried to defend himself: “I formally deny that I have ever taken part in unprofessional conduct which would have jeopardized my doctor-patient relationship”. He also denied being brainwashed by the extremist ideology.

    Every day we see more and more cases of people of developed countries that take a flight to Syria. What could bring them to think that a world of discrimination, horror and murder is better than the lives they carried? Definitely it seems as if common sense just flew out of the window.

    I think they are individuals that have little personality, and a need for membership of a group to feel comfortable. They can’t think for themselves, the yihad is just an excuse for making up their own kingdom, with their own rules. The same can be said for women, I don’t think any girl ever pictured becoming a sex slave when they grew up, but they get brainwashed and they don’t really imagine what is like in their realm. Apart from these, the only ones I can think of, who go willingly to the saint war, are really naïve people.

    I hope that all the countries collaborate in the war against the Islamic State, because it is a war. Just because we only catch glimpses of the atrocities that happen there, far away from our homes, doesn’t mean they can’t reach us if we don’t stop them in time. Weather it is with weapons, or simply raising your voice, it concerns us all not to be passive.

    Beatriz García del Moral y Santamaría 1º B

  13. Monsoons Near, Nepal Focuses on Sanitation to Stem Illness after Quake

    A bit more than two weeks have gone by since the 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal killing more than 7,900 people.
    It is shocking how a country like that which hosts sacred temples and heavenly landscapes can be destroyed in a matter of minutes or even seconds; but Nepal has still something bigger left to cope with. The risk is that an already bad situation gets much worse as Nepal's government and charitable organizations are racing to beat monsoon season.

    Many Nepalese would rather defecate in an open field than using smelly pit latrines plus in times like this, getting a toilet is the least of their worries.
    Because of this, it is forecasted that there will be outbreaks of cholera and other diseases. It is clear that the government has to administrate tents and food to all those whose homes are uninhabitable but it is equally important to provide clean water and toilets before the rain makes the poor sanitary environment far worse by depleting the 18% of drinkable water left in the reserves,´´ it is a battle we cannot win we can only try to minimize the pain and death´´.

    I stand here writing this as a person who has physically been in Kathmandu and I can honestly tell you that I don't know the people there but they are upright and honest people who fell flat on their face as they saw their world tumble apart but didn’t give up and instead, saw this as an opportunity for the sanitation movement and that is how optimistic, given their circumstances, they can be.

    By:J.Martin Mancheno


  14. Raúl Castro Meets With Pope Francis at Vatican
    The president of Cuba Raul Castro and Pope Francisco have met in a private way at the Vatican on Sunday. The Catholic Church is playing a very important role in the restoration of diplomatic and economic relations between Cuba and the USA. It is a task that has been also effectively led by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, prior to the current pontiffs.
    The understanding between the two personalities has been great, not only for sharing the same language, but also by a certain ideological coincidence: "Castro is willing to return to go to church and pray."
    Next fall the Pope visits Cuba and USA. Obama, after 80 years of US-Cuba relations, is committed to the idea of ​​excluding Cuba from the list of terrorist countries. This is considered a first step on the path of reconciliation.
    I think that the restoration of diplomatic relations and the removal of US economic blockade on Cuba, enormously encourage the Cuban people, helping to remedy the enormous needs of all who are suffering. And finally, I think that this action is an event that will mark the history and with this the, so-called cold war between communism and capitalism.

    1º B

    link a


    I would like to say that I´ve chosen this new because when I read it, it sounded really familiar to me and I think you will enjoy it as I did.
    We all have recently heard that there are a lot of countries that have experienced epidemics of Ebola disease in these past years and they are trying to resist to this horrible virus but what we don’t know is that poor countries like west African nation of Liberia has finally got rid of Eola this year. Doesn’t this sound incredible?
    The 9 May 2015 the World Health Organisation declared Liberia free of Ebola virus transmission. Forty-two days have passed since the last laboratory-confirmed a Ebola case which means that the outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Liberia is finally over.
    The entire country has celebrated this achievement included the president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who has hold on public a minute of silence for those who have died because of this disease.
    Despite this, habitants in Liberia should be in alert although Ebola has finished in their country as new cases are still being reported in Sierra Leone and Guinea which are close to Liberia.
    Liberia´s achievement has been a huge step for their community. Now that Ebola is gone, habitants should be careful so that they don’t get infected again. Basic hygienic measures like washing your hands or having a shower daily will decrease the probabilities of infection.

  16. Refugees flee from Bangladesh and Myanmar
    More than 1000 refugees landed on Malasia early on monday from western Myanmar and Bangladesh.
    They landed near a hotel beach on the Malasyan resort after the 582 refugees that landed on Sunday.The indonesian authorities say that the refugees are a mixed of Bangladeshis and Roginhya.
    The reason of the fleeing it's because they are persecuted and stateless muslim ethnic minority at Myanmar and bangladesh ,both rejected them as citiziens.
    Attacks at Roginhya villages in 2013 by buddhist mobs in Myanmar forced them to enter the refugees camps , because they are considered a threat to Buddhism. Smogleers are payed by the Roginhyas to take them to Malasia,it is a clandestine imigration.
    Once they get there they are in terrible conditions,most of them suffer of malnutrition.
    It is unconceibable that in the XXII century people are perseucted because of their belives.Nowadays everyone should have the freedom to have their own belives ,we should all be tolerants and treat everyone as equals.
    Daniela Martín Gaitán 1°B


    Alex Rodríguez the Dominican baseball player who plays in the Mayor Leagues has returned. The Dominican player, after being stopped one year by a penalty, has once again wears the striped equipation of the New York Yankees. The fans, a little bit disappointed by his penalty, receives him with a little ovation.
    In the United States as worldwide, doping is not well seen but he has recognized that he was young and it was silly. The supporters of the Yankee Stadium decided to chant his name despite being disappointed. They say that despite of what had the player do, he need their support so they gave it to him. He thanked their up twice during the match.
    Once commented the new, I am going to tell you my opinion. Doping as all people now, is not allowed in the sports world. It carries a penalty. Alex spent a year without playing. The player accepted the sanction and apologized. It seems to me that it was fine for his part; you always have to accept your mistakes and learn from them.
    My opinion about the doping is like all, I am totally against it. The player of any sport has to play fair and always doing his best. To finish, I think all people are wrong and have to forgive or perhaps Alex Rodríguez has been the only and solely who take drugs? No.

    Jacobo Zaglul González

    Maybe you won´t believe what i´m going to tell you, but it´s real.
    A polish presidential candidate called Janusz Korwin-Mikke has as objective to legalise child pornography, in addition other things, fot example: scrap all benefits and stop women from voting, and other things that he believes it cans help to improve his country.
    On the other hand, he said that child abusers should be "very severely punished", but child pornography should be legal. He explained the reasons of how he could buy pornography.
    This is not my point of view for a few reasons:
    Firestly, I think that kids should have conscience about pornography when they will become adults. Also, I don´t agree with him, and his reasons aren´t good measures to help a country to improve. And finally, pornography causes a bad influence in children and in adults.
    To sum up, after reading this advert, I believe that this man hasn´t received a good eductaion and is not ready to be president of a country.


    Carlos Lozano Fernández, 1ºB.

  19. Each time we turn the TV on, the breaking news are always the same: the arrival of immigrants to European coasts.

    The countries which receive the biggest amount of these are Spain and Italy, because of their proximity to the northern African coasts.

    Lately this ritual has been repeating over and over again since the European Union has decided to minimize the amount of money destined to these maritime operations, having a careless attitude towards this life-and-death situation and reducing the budget destined to coastguard resources. So we tend to give less importance to these situations, without taking into account the value of human lives lost at sea, which have the same value as ours.

    After hearing daily about these tragedies, we have become insensitive to human suffering and this is the reason why I’ve wanted to talk about Abou, an 8-year-old boy who tried to cross illegally the Moroccan border, hiding inside a suitcase to avoid getting caught by customs authorities and to reunite with his father.

    This little swarthy child was rescued by two intrepid agents that noticed that the woman who was carrying the suitcase with Abou inside hesitated as she had to go over the security checkpoint in Ceuta’s border.

    If it wasn’t for the rapid intervention of these two experienced police officers that suitcase maybe could have turned into his coffin.

    Later the police discovered a black complexion man from the Ivory Coast as the main suspect of the crime. When he was arrested he identified himself as the father of the boy and told the police what had happened: he had paid a Moroccan woman to bring his child back to Spain because he had his residence there.

    Unfortunately this is just a minor sample of what are experiencing most sub-Saharan people nowadays. Victims of the human trafficking and with no other option left than dealing with the mafia to fulfill their dream, hoping they will find a better life here in Spain something we just take for granted.

    Manuel Blanco Beltrán 1ºB

  20. Prom dresses banned by an American High School

    As I read the other day the Shelton High School in Connecticut banned, according to a local NBC affiliate, backless dresses or two piece ensemble that showed part of the midriff. Those new rules were informed one week before prom and those who won´t obey the rules, would get booted out of the event.

    They justified all this by saying that male students can´t handle themselves when they see bare skin, because their bodies are sexualized, so it´s completely logic that boys get distracted or tempted to behave inappropriately, when they see this kind of things. They also added an example: “If a girl wears a pair of shorts and a boy takes that as an invitation to touch her, who really needs to be told to control themselves?”.

    I think it´s degrading this kind of acts in the full XXI century. This case reminds me when a violation occurs and instead of accusing the rapper they say it´s the girl´s fault because “she was dressed in a way she was asking for it”, when she is just an innocent victim of a crime which can have serious consequences. Everyone can dress however they want without being afraid of what could happen. We should stop prohibiting dresses or ruin proms and start educating boys in order to stop sexualizing bodies. I think this is the only way to stop violations or any other type of abuse.

    Belén Peñafiel Luengo, Nº22, 1ºB.


  21. “25th april, the first earthquake hit Nepal. It killed more tan 8,000 and injured more tan 19,000. It occurred at 11:56 NST on 25 April, with a magnitude of 7.8Mw. It was the worst natural disaster to ever strike Nepal.
    The earthquake caused an avalanche on the Mount Everest, killing 19 people.
    The second earthquake occured on 12 may, it killed over 120 people and injured 2,5000.
    Nepal - The earthquake killed more than 8000 in Nepal
    India - It killed over 78 people
    China - 25 dead and 4 missing
    Bangladesh - 4 dead.“

    This is something you can’t control, it’s something natural but you can help the people who were involved. A lot of people traveled to Nepal to rebuild houses or help injured people but you don’t have to do that, you can just donate by sending a message or a phone call.
    You can save a lot of people by doing simple stuff.

  22. Afghan woman killed by burning the Koran

    Piece of news is about a 27 year old Afghan woman who was killed the day of 19 of March, by four men who blamed her for burning a copy of the Quran. Many investigations have been made to find the different culprits, and among the most important there were police officers, and the four men were sentenced to death. In my opinion this new is a step back in freedom of religion and that violates the human dignity, since they kill a person for going their religion and for supposedly burning their holy book. Even if it was against their religion, even if they don't accept it, they must respect other opinions.

    Worse tan all of this, is that they do it as
    a normal situation, and killing a person is totally reasonable if it goes against their religion.
    Thanks to these new, many Afghan women have taken the streets to protest their right as a woman and as a person, and the entry to afghanistan has been banned the entry for all these oppressors in Afghanistan.

    By: Cristina Cascales 1ºB


    Looking through the newspapers, I have read lots of insignificant news from sports, accidents, elections… But there was nothing that shocked me as much as TERRORISM did.

    Unfortunately, terrorism is a usually topic discussed between people. The world have recently suffered from different terrorist attacks such as the “Charlie Hebdo” case in France, Bardo National Museum in Tunisia… And Kenya has been the last victim of this tragedy.

    The 2nd of April, 147 Kenyan people died at a university called Garissa University College, which is located in the Eastern part of the country, close to the Somali border.

    It was Thursday morning when the Somali extremist group Al-Shabab came into the university. They entered the students’ bedrooms and lots of them were taken hostage by the terrorists. They killed the security guards; afterwards, they separated Muslims from Christians, and then killed the Christians.

    The 25th of March, a message from Al-Shabab had been sent warning a possible attack “against vital installations”, including an important university. In fact, this group gained international attention in 2013 when they brutally killed 67 people at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi.

    Since then, the Kenyan government swore they will respond in the severest way possible. A week later, they bombed two Al-Shabab training camps.

    In my opinion, I find this fight ridiculous. And I mean ridiculous because it looks like we have gone back to the ancient ages. We are in the 21st century, and it’s unbelievable that people still kill each others just because of their religion. It is supposed that our society is becoming more open-minded. So why don’t we accept everyone’s beliefs?


  24. Liberia was declared Ebola-free zone after weeks of no cases

    Finally, Liberia after the long years of suffering because of the awful epidemic, has been declared on Saturday 9th of May free of Ebola by The World Health Organization (WHO). This declaration became official after weeks (a 42-day period) of no new cases.
    Liberia was one of the West African countries most affected by the virus, with more than 4700 deaths. The release of the epidemic means a huge step in many ways for the development of Liberia. Due to Ebola, there was a truly discrimination among the citizens, as well as an extremely misery and poverty in Liberia, which affected the country and the economy in a very negative way: the borders were closed and the country was sinking. Therefore, the release of Ebola means that the Liberians from now on, can rebuild their country to pave the way for a development of its economy, and also for the increase of its population and its security. This surely means a big positive change for the country and for all the Liberians. From now on, they’ll be able to have a state of peace and motivation filled with hope to make of its country a place in which they all can feel happy and comfortable to be there.
    It’s the best new that anyone could hear. Even though, it wasn’t our country who was suffering, many of the people in this world empathized with Liberians who were going through this tragic moment, hoping that someday this tragedy would be over and citizens of Liberia could finally be safe and have the proper life each person in this world deserves. When I read the sentence in this article saying: “I’m firstly grateful to God, who I believe brought us to normality” the first thought that crossed my mind was that it’s extraordinary incredible how in a really poor country and very affected by the horrible epidemic and also by the civil war Liberia had in 2005, there are tons of people who has been believing and having a huge faith in God during the entire time, after all the suffering they’ve been through. In my opinion, I don’t know if it was God or any other reason who released the Liberians from this sickness , but I prefer to think the reasons were: the progress of science, the international solidarity, and most specially , thanks to God who finally saw the faith of the citizens, listened to them, and acted in accordance to their prayers. A miracle? It probably is, who knows.

    Patricia Mülchi Miera 1ºB

  25. death in an oxford park
    Three bodies have appeared in a prk of oxford, two girls and one boy. Both girls are a mother and her daughter and the boy apparently dont have relation with them, thought the police suspect in a 21 years old man, son and brother of both girls and companion of the boy
    Three bodies have turned out to be appeared dagger-shaped apparently for a knife, and the principal tes that has made suspect the police of Jed Allen is that his body turned out to be dead the same day to them 5am in a park of oxford, the evidence shows that it has been a suicide.

    The new have shocked me because i cant explain since there can be people capable of doing these thing and less with his own family

    PelayoFernandez nº7

  26. MARINA LIAÑO - 1ºB


    The French President Francois Hollande arrived on Sunday in Havana to visit Cuba, the first travel to the island by a French head of state, which occurs in the process between China and the United States.

    José Martí arrived to the airport and he was received by the deputy foreign, Rogelio Sierra.

    The french president said that he was so excited to be there, this was to be a historic visit.

    “He has also become the first Western president to participate in the opening of Cuba to the world" he added .

    "France, with the European Union, will accompany Cuba in this process.“

    They signed several academic and cultural agreements.

    I think this visit is so important because Cuba was absolutely isolated, and this proves that now they are trying to make things better and this will improve the situation.

    I think this is the start to something good for them.

  27. Elections for FIFA president

    On May 2015, there were elections to choose FIFA president. FIFA president before elections was Joseph Blatter, but after all corruption cases uncovered these lasts days, maybe there might be a change. Joseph Blatter and his way of manage, have been hurting everyone who loves soccer, plays soccer and lives for soccer, like me.

    I really thought that there was going to be a change, because there were very diverse and prepared candidates to FIFA presidency, like Luis Figo, Michael Van Praag or Al Hussein. Unfortunately for all the footballers Joseph Blatter was re-elected for FIFA presidency, and he will continue with his little mafia.

    But this is just a little stumbling block on our trip. I'm really convinced that this complicated situation will change in a few years and that one day we'll meet the perfect candidate for FIFA presidency, we'll help him, or her, to became the FIFA president, and he will return soccer into the sport that really is and that all of us live for.
    Soccer isn't just a sport it's a way of life. LIVE THE SOCCER!

    Marcos Álvarez-Beascoechea Alonso, N°1, 1ºB.


    I would like to explain you how this ocurrence will improve international political relations.
    I suppose you are asking yourself right about now, 'How could a president's visit affect other countries? Well, don't worry, I will explain you its relation.

    Francois Hollande is the first french president to visit Cuba in more than a century. This event has happened as a result of a surprise announcement of a diplomatic thaw between the communist Island and EEUU. No french leader has done this since the island nation gained independence in 1898.

    As far as my point of view goes, not only is it a business trip, but also it is a historic moment wherein comunism and democracy join togheter in order to improve as nations.
    For that reason it has an international consequence; for example, countries will begin to have a closer relationship and will be able to help themselves independently of their system regime; such as Cuba and France have done.

    As a matter of fact, Mr Hollande has announced plans to help cuban students so that they will be able to continue their careers in France as a way to have more academic training in Europe.
    In my opinion, this is an excellent idea because it provides young people the chance of experimenting life in other places. This way they learn not only university material, but also different cultures and lifestyles.

    Lucía García-Ovies Acuña 1º B

  29. ISIS, Islamic State:
    Probably, all of you know what ISIS is and you are tired of listening news about it in all the different media everyday during the last year. For those who don´t know nothing about it, ISIS, known as Islamic State, is a terrorist group settled in a wide territory of Syria and Iraq.
    Initially it arose as a terrorist organization next to Al-Qaeda and directed by radical people. This group aspires to have the religious authority in all the Muslim countries and they´re willing to killeven if they have to die trying to achieve these objective, because they think that´s the mission given to them by Allah.
    In order to have an idea about how extremist this group is it is necessary to say that Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization most known and former led by Osama Bin Laden, in February of this year broke links with ISIS due to the brutality of his methods. Therefore they are considered to be too extreme even by the terrorists who demolished the Twin Towers.
    The number of deaths and terrorist attacks caused by ISIS are huge, unimaginable and unacceptable. On the other hand, in the past months the news about taking revenge on ISIS are increasing day by day. The problem of taking revenge on ISIS is the way the governments want to do it, for instance by attacking, meaning killing the same way ISIS is doing with our countries and us. This is exactly what the UK is doing right now. They decided to bomb Syria, minding the Parliament votes. Just as the UK is doing, other countries such as France are responding the ISIS attacks with more attacks.
    In my opinion, if we keep on trying to solve the problem with violence we may reach a point of no return. I think we will end up and living the Third Worl War.
    Casilda del Saz Albert 1ºC