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  1. Gonzalo Jorgensen 1ºD

    This article talks about the cities where you should start a business. A company named WalletHub searched information from 150 major and medium-size cities.
    By weighing variables like the taxes, the cost of living and more variables, they made a list of cities where you can start a business and cities where you can't start it.
    The results where surprising, Jill Gonzalez says that a small city like Springfiled costs only $11 per square foot, anda New York costs $50 per square foot. This explains that a small city is better to start a business than a big city.
    Some of the best cities are: Shreveport, Springfield, Jackson...
    The worst cities are: San Jose, Santa Ana, Oakland...

  2. Claudia de la Casa 1ºD

    It talks about the war items that are sold after 75 years of the war.
    70 years ago in Britain, it was celebrated the end of the war, and 75 years ago, the Battle of Britain raged above England.
    To celebrate this anniversaries, there have been important auctions of items related to the Second War. The iconic plane Spitfire Mk1, had an estimate of 2million pounds, and all the money was destinated to benefit charities like the RAF Benevolent Fund.
    Smaller items were sold at Bonham's Second War Anniversary sale in New York. One of this items was a Keep Calm and Carry On poster, which cost 12004 pounds, and a collection of British aviation maps.
    Also at East Sussex was sold a medal of the D-Day veteran Bernard Jordan, for 1650 pounds.
    This are good things, because the money is destinated to people in need.


    First you should know what is immigration and its causes.
    Immigration is the entrance to a country or region when you come from elsewhere. Its causes are:

    Economic : out of poverty , to seek better living conditions.
    Work : find or change the type of work .
    Political : dictatorship, persecution , oppression , war, genocide,
    Religious: inability to practice their own religion .
    Natural Disaster : Tsunami , floods , earthquakes .
    Personal : ideological choice , binding a couple

    News lately come immigrants who risk their lives in search of a better life and dignity The latest news was very shocking , some 700 immigrants drowned in kilometers from the coast . When you watch the news you realize how unfair life is and that we should appreciate what we have .I think that Europe has to involve more and act as they are playing with the lives of people . I believe and I hope that all this will change in the not too distant future.

    Gonzalo Cebeira 1ºB