What's the best trip you've made in your life?


  1. María Tercero Fernandez. nº27. 1ºB bachillerato.

    I'd like to talk about an amazing experience I had last summer with I consider the best trip I've ever made. My dad and I did a two-week road trip all along California.

    Firstly, we arrived to Las Vegas, where we spent two days; enough time to visit the Grand Canyon of Arizona and to actually see the chaotic and bohemian city of Las Vegas.

    Secondly, we took an airplane and rented a car in the most beautiful city I've ever visited, San Francisco. We were able to see almost every corner of it except for the National park of Yosemite. San Francisco is amazing. The streets are actually art, colorful and original. People isn't as fat as everyone says American's are, witch is not unusual, since the entire city is full of slopes. The only inconvenient I saw was the weather, can you imagine to wear a coat in the middle of July in California? It is really cloudy and windy. There are beaches but I haven't heard from anybody that had actually swam in there.

    We continued of trip going through all the saints, including seeing some Spanish friends in San Luis Obispo, surfing in Santa Cruz and spending a few days in Santa Monica. We went to places such as Malibu, Venice beach and the well know Santa Monica pier! We felt like famous people while tanning there. In addition, we signed up for a bus tour to see Beverly Hills. A really nice man told us where the famous people's mansions were and he stopped in front of the Hollywood signal to take a few pictures. California beach places are like in the movies. You are able to see this American families consisting of the blondie mom, the muscled man with his baby on his arms and the dog running close to the shore. But, also, there's always the fat bald all burned wearing his flowery shirt and eating his ice cream.

    Although, the best of the adventure was spending all the time with my dad, who is always showing me his love and who is the best role model for me.

    To sum up, I have to say that America is an amazing country where there will always be nice people who will give you the best welcome you could receive. I recommend traveling, because it will always be a culturally enriching experience, to know a knew place, a new way of thinking and of course, you'll meet amazing people and even maybe the people you're traveling with.

  2. Trip to New York, The Big City.
    If I had to choose the best trip I've ever made I wouldn't doubt and I'd say that it was when I visited New York City. The reason why I'd pick this place in particular is because I remember arriving there and immediately falling in love with it. The extremely high skyscrapers, the people walking hastily on the endless streets and the peace in Central Park gave me another three reasons to love this city.
    This trip was especially unforgettable because it was at the same time as my 10th birthday and I had the best day ever there. It was like a dream come true because New York has always been my favorite city; even when I didn't know it, I already loved it.
    Although I love this city very much, I've only had the opportunity to go there once, so I'd really enjoy going back.
    Someday in the future, I imagine myself living and hopefully working in some job in Wall Street, eating hot dogs from some ordinary stand and achieving one of the things I've got to do before I die.
    In conclusion, New York is an amazing city that has to be visited at least once in a lifetime, or maybe, in some cases like mine, more than once because once isn't enough.

  3. Trip to Carlisle

    Earlier this year, I went on a trip to Carlisle with a group of friends from school and our English teacher. Although it was a very short journey, we all enjoyed what Carlisle had to offer.
    It is a village in the north of England, near the Scottish border. It might not be the most exotic place to go to, but it has its charms and rediscovering your country in the best company you could ask for is something everyone should do.

    Firstly, we flew from Madrid to Liverpool and then did a road trip until we arrived at Austin Friars School, where we were picked up by our correspondents. They were all lovely and we got on very well from the beginning.

    The next day we went to their school, where we attended lessons such as Spanish, History, Biology and Classics, and had a great time with the English students, learning their ways. Later in the afternoon, everyone went bowling while I had some fun at my correspondent's drama class.

    The day after, we saw the city centre, visited Tullie House and had a close look inside the Castle. After some shopping, we all got ready to go to a party, where we all danced the Ceilidh and had a traditional Scottish dinner that included haggis (you'd better not know what's in it). For me, this was the best part of the trip. We had loads of fun dancing and I, personally, laughed until I couldn't hold back the tears!

    Lastly, we visited the Lake District, where we saw Derwent Water from the ferry, as well as Keswick and Grasmere, and went to a typical English pub.

    To sum up, I enjoyed every moment of this journey, I met new people and got to know better those with whom I was travelling. Everyone worked really hard to make it possible and it'll definitely be difficult to forget. I hope there is a second time!

    Carla Goldstein Sparrowe, 1º bachillerato B.

  4. Well, I couldn´t talk too much about countries I´ve visited, because they were just three, but if I had to choose one of them, I could speak for hours about it, so let´s talk about Florida.
    First of all, I was there for two weeks with my school, so as you can imagine it wasn´t a usual trip, it was an Exchange with people I met before going there, so they were more like a second family than strangers. But I also remember that when me and my schoolmates were at the airport , we didn´t know so much about Florida, and at the end of the trip we knew almost everything, and we could even go to the school without help, or going to classes without getting lost on the way.
    Secondly, when we were going home at the car, I remember we were really surprised, because it was totally different from Spain, like for example, they had a big river in the middle of the downtown, fast food almost on every corner, and not very big skyscrapers , they had houses more than flats, like us. Through those two weeks we all learnt so much about them, like they love sports, they had from american football or baseball, to running or rowing team. We also saw that they use the car a lot, but it´s because they really can´t go anywhere without it, everything it´s too far away.
    Then, I admit I really did amazing things there with my mates, like tubbing, going to Orlando Universal Studios, iceskating or incredible beaches like Ponte Vedra´s one, for example. It doesn´t mean we didn´t do usual things that got awesome there, I can also admit we were crazy for taking the yellow school bus, or going to the canteen for eating, or art classes; Like I said, everything´s so different from Spain, but that´s not bad, in fact, it´s pretty cool.
    Finally, I want to say I´ll never forget this trip, and I don´t know how to explain how thankful I am for meeting Jill, my friend and best hostess I could ever asked for, for the only one life time experience with my mates, It wouldn´t be the same without any of them, so I hope this could be enough to explain it.
    Coming back soon Florida!

  5. Trip to London, 2013.

    My siblings are much more older than me;so we could say that they have an own and independent life, although they still live at home. In spite of this, seeing that my mother, my sister Cristina and I didn’t have any plans for Easter 2013 (my other sister and my brother travelled by their own), we decided to go on a trip together. This is actually the main reason why I remember that travel so pleasing.
    I think that the people who go with you on a trip is extremely important: this means that you are going to spend the 24 hours of the day with them, so you’d better get along with those people. And I really felt like going with my sister and my mother, it was a girl’s travel!
    The best advantage of this fact was, obviously, that we could enjoy to the fullest going shopping in London! We were able to go to each shop that we wanted to, without having any claims from my brother.
    Shopping was not the only activity we did. We also visited some museums, landmarks, and neighborhoods such as Camden Town, Portobello Road, Trafalgar Square, The Big Ben, Natural History Museum…,and so on.
    In addition,one day we ate out in a Japanese restaurant with my cousins,my uncle and my aunt (it was there where I first tasted sushi!). They live in the fastastic neighborhood of Chelsea. They explained us some interesting facts about the city, for example that most of the old houses with a garage, used to be horses’ stables.
    Even though this trip was awesome, the second day I had my phone stolen. This made that week a little bit harder, because I felt really sad and stupid.
    In conclussion, I had a great time with half of my family in London. I wish I could repeat it!

  6. Trip to Chicago

    Two years ago I went to one of the best cities I’ve ever been: Chicago. I wouldn’t know where to start whether the city in itself or the atmosphere. It was the first time I would go on the other side of the Pond and I was doing it all alone, although all the people were as nervous as me what just helped us to become friends.

    Maybe the first thing that got my attention was that it wasn’t just like all the other big and no sense busy cities, it had something really catching. Walking all along those enormous buildings would make you feel really small, but after going to the 108-floor Sears Building you could feel bigger than the entire city. You could also see the entire city of Chicago reflected in The Bean, which was kind of amazing, and then you could rest in some park or have one of those famous Chicago-style pizzas around.

    I also had the chance to spend my month with a family that looked after me a lot and I will never be grateful enough for everything they did for me.

    In short going to Chicago was one of the best trips I’ve ever done, where I met some incredible people and left a mark on me. I hope I could go back then, but I’m sure that I will be back as soon as possible.

    Belén Peñafiel Luengo. 1ºB.

  7. Trip to Belgium
    It was five years ago when I got to Belgium with my hole family, the reason of the trip was to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of my grandparents.
    First of all, we took a plane from Madrid to Brussels. However, our house was far away from the city, I can remember every single detail of the house. My first impression was the enormous size of the house, it was supposed to be able to hold around 30 people, as well as the impressive bedrooms that had two floors each.
    Due to the small size of the country we were able to visit a wide range of cities there. We start visiting the centre of Brussels, which could be one of the prettiest I have ever seen, but we enjoyed also the outskirts of the city. We also visited Bruges, called "the Venecia of the north" because of their amazing canals; but maybe it could be a less well-knowing than the italian city.
    The last days we also had time to visit surrounded cities of countries such as France, Germany and Netherlands.But also, as the adults thought it was to much tourism for the smallest kids, so they let us some breaks to have fun doing activities like going to the Zoo or doing some Kart racing.
    To sum up, I must say thet i trully enjoyed that trip. It was the first time that I went out of Spain, and visiting all that kind of different cities with their different traditions was even shocking for me. In addition, having the opportunity of sharing all this grateful experiences with my family, specially with my grandparents was even better than the real trip. Now I´m just hoping for a second trip!
    Juan García Martínez-Arrarás, 1º Bachillerato B

  8. When people ask me about my hobbies, the fisrt thing that always comes to mind is traveling.
    I feel lucky to be part of a family which loves moving around the world. This is mainly explained by two factors. Firstly, a large part of my family lives abroad, which is why we keep traveling throughout the years in order to visit them everytime we can. Another important reason for this is our adventurous spirit. We love visiting new places, meeting new cultures, despite the differences to what we are used to. In fact, what makes a journey more enjoyable for us is the contrast between our regular environment and the new atmosphere in which you introduce yourself.

    One of the greatest trips I've ever been on was not so long ago...
    It started in mid-july 2011. The main reason for this trip was visiting my younger cousins, which moved to India back in 2009 because of my uncle's job. At first they were offered other destinations in Europe and America, but, as you know, "the more contrast, the more joy"

    We started our trip in New Delhi, where we landed after a 12 hour flight from Madrid.
    We made two stopovers on our way there; one in Istanbul and another one in Dubai. The first impression I got after getting in touch with New Delhi's atmosphere, was the damn humidity of the air. It felt like you were sweating all the time, and that was very uncomfortable for me until I ended up getting used to it. In New Delhi we visited many places, such as the Red Fort, Chandni Chowk street, Humayumb's Tomb and the Bahai Temple. Delhi is the capital city of India, and it is the richest place in the country. It is the greatest example of the contrast we were looking for. And not just the contrast between our country and India, but the actual one between wealth and pooverty in the same borders. I have to say that I experienced some really hard moments while seeing the huge mass of pooverty that surrounded us...It was very shocking.

    After visiting New Delhi, we took a regional flight to Kolkata, as the distances are really big and moving by train from one place to another is not the best option, neither the cheapest one by the way...

    We visited Kolkata and then flew to Nagpur and Mumbai, where we finished our trip. One of the things that made this journey unforgettable was the time I spent with my cousins. We really had a good time, and it was great to have them as guides throughout the 3 weeks we spent there.

    But, what made this trip so special and remarkable is the message you take yourself with when coming back home. India is one of the countless places that can make you meditate about what you have and how grateful you should be for it. I strongly recommed visiting this kind of countries

    To sum up, traveling makes people stronger and wiser. I personally think that the world is a book, and those who don't travel read only one page of it.

    Arturo Temboury, 1ºBTO-D

  9. Trip to Prague

    I went to Prague two years ago, to celebrate my birthday, on Easter. I went with my parents and my two old sisters. We spend there one and a half week.

    First of all we arrived and immediately went to our hotel, at Wenceslas square, a five stars hotel, very luxurious.

    The first thing we went to visit was the old town´s square, which has a big clock and beautiful houses around it. Then we walked to the Charles Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. It was so amazing, I loved it. At the end of the day we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and then we had an ice cream in ours hotel square.

    Another important and curious thing we visited was the dancing house, it´s a house which looks like is dancing, it´s so funny. Also we saw the Prague´s castle, a very big and beautiful castle.

    To sum up, Prague is a very very beautiful city, I had so much fun there and I spent a fantastic week with my family, it´s a very calm city, where people is nice and with an important landmarks which are important to visit. I recommend everyone to visit Prague, because I´m sure you are gonna love it! I wish I could go again, it was an awesome experience.

    Claudia de la Casa Rambal nº8 1ºD

  10. Trip to Abu-Dhabi
    Three years ago, my parents decided to take my brothers and me to Abu-Dhabi, the reason was the 18th birthday of my brother Carlos. We didn´t know where we were going until we reached the airport and saw "Abu-Dhabi" in the screen of the gate. It was a great surprise for me because I wanted to go there, so I was so excited.
    We stayed there for one week.
    First of all, we went to our hotel, which was into the Formula 1 circuit, it was awesome.
    The next day, we went to the desert, and stay there until the evening, we made lots of things there, like sandboarding.
    We visited many more things, we went to the highest skyscraper in the world, in Dubai, we rode camels, and also we went to the karts, I had so much fun there.
    The last day, we decided to visit the Ferrari´s amusement park, it is the best amusement park I´ve ever been. It has the fastest roller coaster in the world!
    We were so sad because we had to leave.. I hope I will visit Abu-Dhabi again when I´m older because it´s one of my favourite cities in the world.
    I hope you liked my experience!

    Gonzalo Jorgensen de Vizcarrondo nº14 1ºD

  11. Trip to Panama,

    Last summer i went to Panama with all my family and some friends of us that we have known for a long time to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday. It was an incredible experience! Panama its really different from Spain in so many things and the most interesting one is that you can visit the Caribbean beach, The Tropical Forest and a big city in just one country. We stayed there for 10 days but i wish he had stayed more because there is a lot to visit.
    To begin with, we fist stayed in Ciudad de Panamá for 3 days; it has extremely high skyscrapers, a lot of shopping and the Panama Canal which is the largest engineering feat known. We also visited a village called "Mi pueblito" where we learnt about the culture and the Panama's history.

    Secondly from Ciudad de Panama we went to Bocas del Toro and we stayed there for 3 days too, Bocas del Toro is located on an island in the Caribbean called Colón Island. We stayed in a hotel with only 8 wood cabins above the water supported with wood pillars. Each cabin had 2 kayaks and 2 diving equipment for the people who wanted to investigate the bocas del toro wonders by themselves. We went to a lot of excursions such as the Dolphins Bay, the Stars Beach and the Coral Reefs. One day we decided to take the kayaks and the diving equipments and go by our own and we found a dolphin swimming near the hotel so we put the equipment on and started swimming with the dolphin and it was gorgeous.

    Lastly we went to Gamboa for 4 days; Gamboa is a place in Panama located on the centre of the Tropical Rainforest where there is only one hotel and everything around is just jungle. It was incredible since we had the opportunity to cross by kayak a lake full of alligators which were seen perfectly, we also visited a tribe called the En-Vera tribe who showed us their mores and their traditions. The penultimate night we went on a tour around the jungle where we could see many of the animals that were living there but our legs got bitten by the mosquitoes! We had around 50 mosquito bites in each leg, although I would repeat that experience because it was amazing.

    To sum up, I personally recommend this trip because it was truly incredible and you see how people actually live on those countries and it’s completely different from how we live in Spain. I think it’s worth it to travel and meet different cultures.

    Cristina Aranda Rodriguez 1º Bachillerato A

  12. Trip to Boston
    In 2012 I visited Boston with my parents for my summer vacation. My parents were looking for a getaway, an entertaining way to spend the summer. That was the first time I stepped on USA, so during the flight and on my first days I was quite amazed. For me, at the age of 13 that was a paradise, fast food everyday, going to the beach with my brothers, a lot of sweets, and sun everyday, What else could you wish?.
    Obviously when you are 13 you must be controlled by your parents, that´s the reason why I would have liked to come back. Having similar experiences but with some of your best friends would be ideal. And that was what actually happened.
    This summer Javier González, Luis Santafé and me went to Boston. It´s definitely one of the best experiences I´ve ever made. We were residing on Emmanuel College for three weeks. All that I can say about the facilities of the college is flawless, a field to play football and basket, a huge dining hall, and residence with wifi (essential), a table football, a ping-pong table and a huge room used for games and also for seeing the World Cup.
    But the most important of the trip is the friendships I did. I met Spanish people from Malaga, Barcelona, Canarias as well as Italians, Brazilians, French, German, Taiwanese people. Unforgettable people from whom I´ve learned a lot. In fact we are planning to go to Malaga in the next summer and meet again.
    To sum up, If you go abroad with your friends to an amazing city, you are probably going to remember as an unforgettable experience.
    Daniel Mulas Hernando. 1º BACH E

  13. When I first saw this theme, I did a mental trip for all the places where I have been to. It was difficult for me to choose the best trip I've made in my life, but I've selected the exchange program between Bolles School wich is in Jacksonville, Florida and Colegio San Agustín, our school.
    When people ask me about this trip, They always say things like "lucky you!" or "I'm jealous", and it mades me realise I'm really fortunate, this is why I'm gonna talk about this trip.
    Well, it was 3 of September when we all met at the airport, I was really nervous, it was the first time I was travelling to The United States and I had many desires of seeing again my American friends. Once there, they received us with a spectacular welcome, it was late so I went home, where I met my American family, I was freaking out, the streets, the cars, the smell... from the first second that I trod on America, Florida inspired love in me.
    The days were happening and every day we were enjoying more, we were going to the beach, we were going shopping or simply, we were enjoying America. I remember big moments, my birthday, the day of Hooters, the Pool Party, Universal Studios, Jax TV, the matches we played in the beach, the Primary School, my family dinners...When I think about that it makes me sad, I hope one day we all meet again and enjoy ourselves as we did it.
    To finish, I just want to give thanks to the people who made this exchange possible and specially to my American family, Mr. and Ms. Muzaurieta, Abuela, Alex and Maria, thank you for share with me the American Way of Life!

  14. Trip to Ireland, 2012
    I had already visited Ireland when I was 12, on a camp in summer that my school had organised, I remember it all as a very pleasent experience. Therefore whenn my mother asked me where I would like to go that summer my asnwer was already determined.
    We organised the trip very well, I even went as far as to elaborate a list of the most interesting castles to visit or the most appropiate motorways.
    In July we arrived at Dublin at last, shortly after we rented a car and crossed Ireland from East to West. Firstly we visited Glendalough, which are the remnants of a medieval monastery in a beautiful valley, afterwards we visited Tipperary and Kilkenny, where there are lovely castles, my favourite being Cahir; after that we descended to Cork and then established a cornerstone in Limerick where we could choose various destinations, such as the Cliffs of Moher or Galway. Finally we went back to Dublin to take the flight that would birng us home.
    I enjoyed every minute of the journey, not even my mood darkened when the clouds did and all of a sudden a downpour fell on us. There are many things I love about Ireland: how friendly people are, the music, the history or the landscapes.
    To conclude, I had so much fun there that I hope to return at some time in the future and I would qualify it as an eligible and likable destiny for any holiday.
    Beatriz García del Moral y Santamaría. 1º Bachillerato B

  15. Certainly the best trip that i´ve ever made was the one to Dubai, I went there almost three years ago and I really enjoyed it, I went with all my family (we are around 27 people) and we also visited Abu Dhabi and Oman. We went to the typical landmarcks on the emirates such as Burj Califa or the Abu Dhabi mosque, one of the largest in the world
    Pablo del Cura

  16. I haven't visited as much countries as I want to, but actually I've had the luck of visit several cities that I will never forget. The most spectacular countries and cities that I've visited are: Mexico, Egypt, Italy, Turkey and Germany.
    You're probably thinking that I'm going to talk about Mexico or Egypt but let me tell you that you're wrong. I'm gonna talk about Italy.
    The best trip I've done has probably been a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. That was four years ago, when I was 13.
    Firstly, I visited beautiful cities I had never seen before, like Rome, Naples, Pisa, Sardinia, even the Vaticano. If you're not religious you may think that visiting this city doesn't make sense, but let me tell you again that it worth seeing the square of St Pedro.
    In Italy I've seeing great masterpieces known worldwide (the Colosseum, the Tower of Pisa...). You can take good pictures!
    Secondly, I really liked the ship because it was like a mini-city. It had several pools, theater, even a casino! Besides, I could meet people from different cities in Spain, with whom I spent an important part of my days there.
    Every morning, my family and I visited the corresponding city. In the afternoon, I spent my free time in the pool with my friends (when I was not taking a nap); and, last but not least, each night before dinner we had a funny show, and after dinner, we could go to the disco, and the adults could go to the casino or do whatever they wanted.
    In conclusion, spending a holiday on a cruise with your family is a great experience. I recommend it to everyone!

    Sofía Kaser García, 1ºD bachillerato

  17. Summer camp in Repton, Derby, UK

    Last July I had an incredible time in the UK. My stay was a rewarding experience far beyond just learning a language.

    Everything started on July 3 when I was waiting for the plane at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. I was quite nervous as it was the first time I travelled alone to a foreign country. I couldn’t expect what type of people was waiting for me in the centre of Great Britain. Would teachers be nice? Would people be friendly?

    My doubts disappeared when I first met a Spanish girl in the meeting place at London, where everyone was waiting for a bus to pick them up and take them to the place they had to go, and we started getting along really well. I felt lucky because she was going to the same place as me so at least I wouldn’t be alone. I was excited and I couldn’t wait more to meet the people.

    I liked my lessons and the people from the beginning as well as the planning they had prepared for us. I was there for twenty-one days and if I had to chose the best one I would definitely pick the magnificent day in London. I was let down when the teacher told us we weren’t going to visit any football stadium, and it would be hard for us to get there by ourselves. In spite of this fact, I had an amazing day shopping and visiting the emblematic places of this outstanding city.

    We didn’t have wifi in Repton which in the beginning I thought was the worst thing possible, but I coped with it and enjoyed the good things about this fact. Anyway, for the most cybernetic people, there was a computer room where you were able to surf in the internet. Besides, we went to Derby every Wednesday, where we could find wifi easily.

    Apart from London, we also visited Derby and Manchester, where we went to the football museum and to some other nice places.

    To sum up, it was an incredible experience which I hardly recommend everyone to have if they get the opportunity. Like I said before, it’s not only about the language.

    Álvaro Jaime García Carracedo, 1ºA.

  18. Trip to Jacksonville, 2014.

    Hi! I want to tell you about the Exchange we did with students from The Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida. Today I can say it has been one of the best experiences of my life.
    The Exchange was organized by my school in Madrid and the Bolles School in Jacksonville. Signing in was easy as the school helped us a lot.
    Our correspondents came in March to stay with us at our homes. I was lucky because of my american girl, who stayed at home two weeks, was very similar to me. We spent two wonderful weeks enjoying Madrid.
    In September we went to Jacksonville. It was the first time I sat on a place and I loved it, even though it took many hours to get to Atlanta and then another plane to Jacksonville. All families were very nice with us. Our stay there was great. We went to school and we attended some clases. The education system is different there. I really liked to lead the life of a student from Bolles School. The rest of the time we visited many tourist attractiones such as museums, the downtown, etc. They even took us to Orlando´s Universal Studios. We had so much fun that day.
    The best thing about this experience was the great friendship that we made with the Americans and their families. We all keep in touch, which is great. I recommend this exchange to those who are in their fourth year of secondary school, It´s worth it!
    Marina Rosa González 1º bachillerato B.

  19. Hi I´m going to tell you about my favorite trip. I have been very lucky to be able to visit a lot of countries and many cities. However, if I have to choose one I choose my trip to Seattle, Washington U.S.A. I spent this past July living at Western Washington University in an exchange program. I learnt much English and I met new people both from Spain and Washington.
    There are a lot of things to see and do in Seattle. I saw Space Seattle, I climbed and swam Mount Baker, and visited many lakes where we played sports and had BBQs. Every friday we had a party and bond fires. I also, had the opportunity to watch a baseball game at Mariners Stadium and a basketball match at the Sonics Arena.
    I was surprised to see the buffet at lunch it was a lot of food, The campus is very big so I spent a lot of time walking from class to class.
    I recommend everyone to visit Seattle.
    Diego Martin Del Moral
    1º Bachiller E

  20. Trip to Canada 2014. Javier de la Llama Lozano 1ºA
    I had always wanted to visit the main cities in Canada and had the opportunity to do so after a month in a summer camp in Algonquin Park, Ontario. I was there for a month and I had so much fun. It was a jewish camp and helped me in opening up my mind to new cultures and religions.
    After camp, my parents flew to Toronto and drove 3 hours to Tamakwa and picked me up. From there, we started a six day trip by car around the east of Canada. Ottawa, capital of the country, was the first city we visited. The Parliament Buildings were impressive and the museum of the Canadian History was one of my favourites. We then drove north towards Montreal, a more European city where french is spoken. Out of all the cities we visited, Montreal was the one I liked the least. However, I´ve good memories since we took and adventure experience on the St. Laurent´s rapids. After an amazing drive throw nature and woods, we arrived to Quebec, which has lots of landmarks that are worth a visit. A good example is the huge and luxury castle, le Chateau Frontenac. It took as a couple of days to get to Niagara Falls, south of Toronto. In the way down, we stopped in One Thousand Islands, where we took a boat under a heavy rain. Nevertheless, it was an unforgetable boat trip. Arriving at night to Niagara was quite an experience with all the lights and the atmosphere in the streets. It seems as if you are in a little Las Vegas. Getting close to the falls is an undescriptible feeling. I got the most amazing views I had ever seen. The last city of this unforgettable trip was Toronto which has the most unbelievable skyline I´ve ever seen. We went to The Dome to watch a baseball match between Toronto Blue Jays vs Tampa Bay Rays. The atmosphere was fantastic in the spite of being a 4 hours long game. We visited most of landmarks in downtown Toronto including the CN Tower, the city hall, …
    Most people who travel to North America, usually visit The United States. They miss the hilarious country of Canada, which I highly recommend. I´ve already been there twice and I´m in love with it.

  21. This is such a difficult question, because, fortunately, I've been able to do amazing trips. So I guess I should thank my parents a lot for that!
    My family and I have gone to many, many places. Some of them where in Spain, but the better ones have been in Europe and in USA.
    I went to the United States when I was 11. Even though it is an age hard to remember because I was pretty little, I remember that trip perfectly. We spent two weeks more or less. We visited lots of places like Central Park, The MOMA museum, the M&M’s Shop… It was amazing.
    Also, one of the best trips I have ever done is a Cruise through the Baltic Sea. I went with very close friends and we had an amazing time. We visited way too many places and cities.
    However, although these trips have been awesome, the best one I´ve ever done has been spending the year in Ireland. I met people from different, I made a lot of friends, I got to live without parents which is awesome, I learnt English… It was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone.
    To sum up, I´ve done lots of good trips and I can´t wait to do more with the people I love.
    Rosa Domínguez Sobrino. 1ºD (2ª eval.)

  22. Hi, I am going to talk about my favourite trip
    Since I was a baby, I have travelled a lot by plane, specially to England. However, my best trip has been to Washington in November 2012. I went there with the school and stayed with an American family,
    I visited many nice places like the Capitol building, the famous space museum and national history museum, the zoo, the Arlington national cemetery, etc…
    I also went to visit the old town Alexandria, because I asked my family to take me to something old.
    I also went shopping and bought many things,
    However, I also had a bad but interesting experience. While I was there, the Hurricane Sandy arrived in Washington. I was scared because it rained a lot and the wind moved the trees.. When I now talk about it, I laugh but it was quite horrible…
    Gonzalo Solís Carvajal 1ºB

  23. The most amazing trip I`ve had, without a doubt, was to Mexico in an area called Rivera Maya.
    The 5 star hotel was right on the seafront. As you walked onto the beach huge iguanas were sunbathing, the hotel provided all the swimming gear such as snorkels and fins or if you fancied taking a canoe,you could. The food was themed every day – My favourite was a fruit strangely named passion fruit.
    But enough of this – what did I see I went to many wonderful places. I saw cenotes or natural wells which I swam in, I saw Cancun`s Mayan ruins, in Chiche Itza the most famus Mayan Piramid but best of all was Tulum where a Spanish Viceroy lived. The guide told us many fascinating facts like the orientation of the houses were guided by the solstices . You could see the sunset and sunrise from their houses which were placed on a medium sized cliff.
    Luckily for me Hernán Cortes discovered this charming place.

    I´m going to talk about the most wonderful place. I have ever visited in my whole live: Dubai

    I first saw on internet its massive and modern skyscrapers. I also visited a website that informs you about all the tourism and different activities you could do in this enjoyable city.

    At first, when I arrived there, I save lots of sport cars, motorcycles and a long white and modern Hammer Limousine. All this things wade we feel so comfortable, as I was thinking that I was rich, as this people seemed to be.

    By the time I was going to my hotel, I passed through the busiest hotel ever, the 7 stars hotel, By Al Arab. It was placed in an artificial Island, created by the arabes. It was such a huge building, built with us windows made of crystal.

    Once I arrived at my hotel, I first lock at the decoration. It had lots of paintings made from important and recognisable artist. It contained some exotic furniture, like sofas imported from Africa, made of Kaoba tree. The staff were all very nice and treated we so good.

    In the two weeks I have spent in Dubai, I forgot about all my daily life problems, and, as lots of people needs to do, take some days to rest and enjoy our lives, because we only live once.

    In conclusion, I have enjoyed as lot during my two week holidays and i all recommend everybody to visit this fantastic country, not caring about how much money you spend on this trip.

  25. My best trim in my life...
    What hard question, right? Maybe it wouldn't be easy to answer it, but, for me, it's not as hard as looks like.

    The best one was last summer, my family and I went on a cruise in the Baltic Sea.

    Firstly, we arrived in Stockholm, where the cruise was parked. There, MSC gave us the number of our cabin ( witch was quite small, by the way) and had dinner in an Italian restaurant.

    When we woke up, we were in Helsinki. We had a day to visit the city because the cruise would be travelling at night to San Petersburg, Rusia.

    On the one hand, I have to admit S.Petesburg is a pretty city ,yet; on the order hand, when you go for a walk you can feel that the Soviet Union still existing because of, say, the buildings, the several Salin's statues, the people...

    Finally we come back to Sweden in order to visit his capital. That was completely different with Russia and also Helsinki. It was pretty similar with Spain in therms of the food and some buildings.

    In conclusion, it was an awesome trip, I visited many cities that, probably, I will not visit again; I had a really glad moments with my family... But most of all, we had really fun.

  26. Trip to New York.

    The best trip I have made was six years ago when I went to New York with my family. I have never been in other continent before so I was really enthusiastic.

    To begin with, the trip on the plane was really long, about eight hours. Besides, it was freezing but you have blankets there. Neverteless, plane's accommodation wasn't as good as it is now.

    Then, when we arrived we went to the hotel and we visited the city. As soon as I saw it I fell in love. It was incredible, and I felt like a small person surrounded by all that skyscrapers.

    Last but not least, we bought lots of things. Everything was cheaper and there were many shops that didn't exist in Spain.
    Everyone should visit this city once in a lifetime so they could see the beautiful places that she has in it.


  27. Juan Caminos Colmenarejo. Nº7. 1ºE

    5 years ago, in August, my grandmother decided to go on vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida with the whole family. It was my first time crossing the U.S.A. border so I was very exited. Moreover, it was the first time I was at a Disney´s theme park.

    When we arrived at the hotel, firstly, we had lunch, secondly, we went to the swimming pool and finally we went to sleep because the next day we had to wake up early in order to be the first ones at the park.

    The first day, we went to Magic Kingdom, Disney´s main park, where we took pictures with the main Disney´s characters such as Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Aladdin, Cinderella, Donald Duck and others. In addition, this was my cousins favourite park seeing that they were 4 years old.

    The next day,we went to Universal Studios. This was my favourite park as it had the most thrilling rides of all the parks. However, all the rides at this park had very long queues so it was a bit disappointing even though they were amazing.

    Last but not least, we went to Epcot, it is dedicated to international culture and technological innovation, therefore there were the most innovative rides and simulators of all the parks. My favourite ride was Soarin´ is a flight motion simulator attraction that simulates a hang gliding flight over several locations.

    In conclusion, Disney World is, for me, the best place to have an awesome and unforgettable experience and if you go there, make sure you go with your family to have the best vacation you´ve ever had.

  28. First of all, I don’t like travel, I love it! I think travelling gives you things that other activities can’t give you, say, you immerse yourself in the place’s culture, habits, etc., you pass a lot of great moments with your friends or your family, you gain experience in life and you improve you languages.

    My best trip ever was last summer. I went to Sardinia with my siblings, my dad, my brother’s girlfriend and my best friend. We rented a sailboat as my dad can drive boats, and we all thought that it was a good idea. Two months before going to Sardinia, my dad ordered us to learn the basic knots, because we would have to help him while we would be sailing. Once there, in Sardinia, we did a big shopping, because we were going to be more than a week in the boat. Finally installed in the sailboat, we started to visit awesome places, places that you think that it only exists in photos…

    We had a lot of fun, we sailed a lot of kilometres and we visited citys like Bonifacio, Magdalena… The biggest problem was the language since nobody knows how to speak Italian… but more or less we understood people.

    In conclusion, it was a very good travel in the Mediterranean Sea, with my family and friends. In my opinion I think travelling is a thing that is worth spending money on that. I hope I will be able to travel in the future, with my family, with my friends or even alone. I think this last one has to be a super experience and I want to do it the sooner the better.

    Horacio Centeno Díaz 1ºF 8

  29. I’ve been in many places of the world, but I could tell you lots of adventures I've lived with my mum in Seattle, Paris, Biarritz… This time I will talk about Morocco.

    We went to Marrakesh to start of the year and enjoyed it since the minute we left our home. I cannot express with words how my first impression of that new world was. Everything there felt a bit strange and different.

    First of all, we went to the souks of Marrakesh, where at once we had lots of people trying to sell us distinct things, our noses were full of various smells and the sun was drowning us.
    After this moment we experienced, we went to the hotel. When we entered, we flipped totally out. The smell, the exotic gardens, the colourful flowers, the impressive architecture…. Everything was so dreamy and surreal!
    When we turned ourselves, two women-that due to the weather had a dark skin tone and were covered by a white veil, were waiting for us with two cups of mint morocco tea.
    We settled in and we went to live new affairs. What we didn’t know was that the next one was going to consist on looking for a taxi, and so, many more.

    I recommend to everyone who wants to run away from the pollution and the noisiness of cities like Madrid, to go to Marrakesh.

    Claudia Martín 1bach A

  30. Firstly I have to say that i love traveling because it opens your mind to other cultures and you see how people act in other countries, also their language is usually different. I believe that every trip is a unique experience.

    My favorite trip was in Mexico with my family about six years ago. It was very fun and I remember we did so many things, every day was perfect. We stayed there for almost a fortnight. I remember that enormous hotel near the beach with a lot of different activities and so many facilities. I felt that I was in heaven, so did my brothers. I can say that the trip was really awesome because we did so many things such as visiting ruins, swam with dolphins, went to the beach... I also learned things about the Mayas that I did not know.
    Additionally the weather was great because we went there when it was summer so everything was sunny and warm, it did not rained a single day.

    In conclusion we all had an amazing experience as a family and also as tourist. I am sure that anyone of my family would love to repeat this trip again.

    Enrique Merás Trigueros 1ºA

  31. Three years algo I travelled to México to visit my aunt and uncle. They had lived there for three years so they were our tourist guides. This trip was somehow different because we did not visit the typical tourist places, beaches. islands....
    One of the towns I was impressed with was Guanajuato , declared a world heritage site.All of the houses in that city were of diferent colours and were built in a mountain.At the top of the mountain there is a statue of Christ who is guarding the town.

    It is very sad to see the poverty these people live in but surprising how little they need to live.
    Close to México DF we visited the Pyramids: The Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon and others not so well known. I particularly remember the height and magnificence of these.
    The Metropolitan Cathedral is the greatest of América and It is located in the Constitution square. I liked many things of México, but what impressed me the most was the insecurity of this city , and you can only understand It if you live there and walk the streets.
    It is a trip that I would like to repeat as the country and its people are great.

    Arancha Porqueras Vic 1E

  32. An unforgettable trip.

    It was the 6th of July in 2015, my birthday. I was in the United States with a host family. When I woke up, I received a message from my parents. The message said: ”Irene, this is your lucky day. We are going to London with all of the family!!” When I read the message, I felt overjoyed, I couldn´t believe it! My cousins, my siblings and I had been waiting for that trip for years. What an amazing summer! First, The States, and then, London!

    So we were leaving at 18th of August and I was counting the days left to go every day.

    At last the day came! All of my family met at the airport to fly. I was sitting on the seat and when the plane took off, I started to imagine the amazing trip and the experiences that we were going to live.

    In the moment that we landed, we didn’t stop making things. We woke up at 8.00 a.m. and We didn´t back to the hotel until 11.00 p.m.

    We left 25th of August. We had been a whole week, taking advantage of every place we visited .

    One of my favourites things of the trip was stay with all of my family. This trip reminds me all the good moments we lived together.

    Since this trip, we have made more trips and we hope to travel more together.

    Irene Jiménez Berazaluce 1ºB

  33. Traveling is one of the most rewarding things that exists, you get to learn new cultures, religions and even amazing people.
    Investing in travelling means investing in living.

    One of the greatest trips I've ever been on, was not so long ago...
    It started in September 2012. I travelled to Amsterdam because of the Golden wedding anniversary of my grandparents.
    They didn´t want to make the trip alone, they decided to go abroad with us, and, what´s a better city than Amsterdam?

    It all began on september the 4th when we took the plane in Barajas.
    In spite of the fact, that my aunt was pregnant (of a baby whose godmother would be later be me) and my grandfather had to walk with his cane owing to his age, we were on time and the trip was all right.
    The flight lasted only 2 hours and half, and eventually we arrived to Amsterdam.
    It looked like the city had come out of a fairy tale: : the small and brown houses, people riding bikes or simply walking by the river.

    We visited some museums, parks and also beautiful markets like the flower´s market.
    We enjoyed walking around the historic neighborhoods like the Jordam, or the famous red neighborhood. Besides, we gave a boat tour by one of the quantity channels.

    Moreover, the last days, we also had time to make a little trip to some villages near by: Zaanse Schans , Volemdam y Marken.They are a very pinturesque.
    There, we could see a little cheese and clogs factory.

    To sum up, I am very glad my grandparents gave us this experience.
    One of the things that made this journey unforgettable was not only the trip itself, but the time i got to spend with my family
    Now I am just looking for a 55th wedding anniversary!!

    Lucía Gil Vizcaíno, 1ºA

  34. Trip to Paris, summer 2016.

    There is something about Paris, isn't it? Some kind of energy that stays with you long after you've left the city.

    August, monday the fifth. 9:48 AM.

    A warm morning welcomes me as I close the door behind me. With a suitcase in mi hand and a feeling of excitement growing inside of me, I step out into the empty street of Mirasierra.

    "Angela, get in the cab, will you?" Says my mum, almost mad. Almost. Not even my delay can paint a frown on my mum's face. She's so excited about this trip, the happiness is almost palpable.
    I get in the long cab and sit between my siblings, and what I then hear is music to my ears: "we're heading to the airport".

    The ride to the airport is long enough to have me shaking in excitement, can we be there already? As an answer to my silent question, the vision of the airport welcomes me. If I thought that it would calm me, I was totally wrong- I swear, If we weren't in the middle of the motorway, I would've already jumped out of the car.

    "We're here" says the driver in a hoarse and tired voice. We climb out of the car right after my dad pays the driver. We take our suitcases and make our way to the entry. My suitcase weighs way too much, we're staying there half a week and I've basically packed my entire closet.

    We pass through security and look for our boarding gate. H8.
    We show our passports and step into the plane.

    "Window seat for me!" I yell before my older brother can open his mouth. We both love sitting by the window. I sit down and see a frown on my brother's face. He always complains about how his legs don't fit in the little space the plane gives you. I can't relate, my 5 feet 4 allows me to comfortably seat and almost stretch my legs. I take out my book, The elegance of the hedgehog, it's set in Paris and I thought it would be quite a good idea to read it before walking down the Parisians streets. I bury myself into the adventurous life of Renée Michel and, before I can realize it, we are already landing in Paris Ory.
    Angela Montejano Izquierdo

  35. First of all, traveling is one of the best things in life. It makes you know the world better and even more important, you learn about new cultures and people’s live.
    The best trip I’ve ever made was in 2010 when I went to New York. It was Easter Time when we got there and as I remembered, I spent the best week of my life.
    We travelled with some friends and it was an amazing experience.

    It all started when we took the plane which was long, it lasted 7 hours, but because of the time change we didn’t lose any minute. When we arrived, there was a limousine waiting for us in the airport, that was the first surprise of all.
    Our hotel was in the middle of Times Square and it was incredible. Imagine a 10 year old seeing that amount of people in one street and all the spectacular shops and building that New York has.

    Despite the weather, that it wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be, we visited a lot of monuments, buildings whose heights was six times my house and one of the best moments was when we went to an outlet and we bought in every single store that it was possible. Besides, one day it was the Spanish FA Cup final and it faced Real Madrid against Barcelona. All of us supported Real Madrid, so what could be a better gift than Real Madrid to win that final? That was exactly what it happened. We saw the match in a bar and once more it was amazing how people supported a Spanish team.

    In conclusion, we all have an awesome trip and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

    Ana Martínez Iglesias, 1ºA

  36. When you talk about travelling, you talk about experiencing new emotions, discovering places, enjoying cultures... And that is what I did when I went to Hamburg, Germany.
    It sounds crazy, but I wanted to spend a day in a european city by myself, or with a friend, so which option did I choose? Of course the second one.
    I travelled with Pablo, a good friend of mine, that has the same spirit at the time of going places, he just loves to discover new frontiers. We got to Hamburg, it was a cold and rainy day, so we looked at each other and we were like: Where are we? As soon as we got off the plane, we went to an information point at the airport to get the subway map, so we could go to the city centre, we got the tickets, and... WE ARE COMING HAMBURG.
    On one hand, Hamburg is not a big city, so is easy to walk around and visit all the important buildings that the city offers. On the other hand, We were 15 years old, in a city that we didn´t know, and having no idea about speaking german, the main language.
    I don´t think people realize this, but, there is no place like home. We loved Hamburg and its people, but there is not a single country in the world as good as Spain: culture, food, weather ( Hamburg sucks ) , and the fact that you are with your family.
    To sum up, It is definitely a trip that I would repeat over and over, but I will give a try to a spanish historic city that I don´t know of first, like Granada.
    Javier Gil Beunza, 1 A Bachillerato

  37. Is there anything better than traveling with your family, learning about different cultures and trying new food? I don't think so!
    Without a doubt, the best trip of my life was my familiy's vacation to Italy. I went with my parents and my sisters last summer. We spent 10 days in Florence, Venice and Rome. Troughout this time, I ate the most delicious pasta, took amazing pictures and saw breathtaking landscapes.
    Our first stop was Florence. We spent 3 days seeing sights like Vecchio Bridge, Michelangelo's David and the cathedral. It was wonderful! Eating chocolate gelato in the plaza was one of my favorite memories.
    Next, we took a train to Venice, where we spent another 2 days. We took a gondola ride so we could see all of Venice's canals. From the gondola, I took beautiful photos all around the city. Venice's carnaval is very famous so we bought masks as souvenirs.
    Our final stop was Rome where we spent our last 5 days visiting sights like the Vaticano, Roman Colosseum and the Pantheon. Visiting this historic sites left us in awe!
    In conclusion, it was a great experience that I will never forget and I recommend it to everyone!

    Esperanza Marín Fernández, 1ºB Bachillerato

  38. My favorite place that I've visited would be Hawaii because I love surfing and there are big waves. It is believed that surfing was created in Hawaii. Also a good point is the weather, always is sunny, it's never cold and the people who live there are so lovely with everyone.

    Then you can find a job easier than in Spain. For example, I worked a few days on an ice cream shop to earn some money. I stayed there for 5 months, it was incredible.

    To sum up, Hawaii is one of the most relaxing places on earth. You can practice a lot of extreme sports. I used to thought that I didn't want to go there until I listened my father's stories when he was there.

    Irene Gallurralde. 1º Bachillerato A.

  39. I think travelling is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer. For me traveling has been a great opportunity to meet a lot of people, discover new cultures and be more open minded. Also, it has helped me to appreciate and value more what I have at home.
    Last year I went to Romania, probably, it wasn’t the best trip I’ve done in my life, but I’m sure it was one of the coolest trips and the one that has shocked me the most.
    Romania is never on the top destinations of most people but it was my number 1 destination on my bucket list. I don’t know why, but there was something inside me looking for something new, a new adventure in a completely different place nothing like to what I was used to.
    I went to Romania with my aunt, we flew to Bucharest on Friday and returned to Madrid Sunday afternoon. We stayed at a little Airbnb right next to the old town, it had spectacular views to the Romanian parliament. Before going to bed on Friday we went for a little walk to see the nightlife. I was really shocked to see how crowded all the streets were with all the restaurants and bars packed with people, even at 2 am.
    The next morning, we woke up early and took a train up to the famous region of Transylvania. When we got to Transylvania we went to see Bran Castle, the castle where the novel of Dracula was inspired. It was beautiful and it seem it was from a fairy tale. After visiting the castle, we went to the little city of Brasov and from there we took the train back to Bucharest.
    The next day, our last day, we toured around the whole city of Bucharest. I was fascinated by the contrast of the city, you could find old orthodox churches next to big and grey buildings left from the communist era. I think that’s why I liked so much Bucharest, it was something I had never seen before.
    During this trip, I was able to prove that most of the stereotypes we have about Romania are false, Romania is a great country and it totally deserves a chance to be discovered. I really encourage everyone to visit Romania, it won’t disappoint you!!

    Pablo Rodriguez Valero
    1E N 26

  40. I have always loved travelling. I think is one of the best experiences in life, because by travelling we can disconnect and open our minds to new cultures that can surprise us in many different ways. Furthermore, by travelling we can also meet new people or having a really great time with our trip mates. In my opinion travelling is always a good idea.
    Thank God, I have travelled to many cities such as New York, Miami, Dominican Republic, Paris, Istanbul… All of them were incredible, but this time I’m going to talk about my trip to Dubrovnik, a city of Croatia.
    At first, I didn’t want to go to Dubrovnik. I was disappointed because the first plan that my parents and I had, was going on Eastern to London, but we decided it too late and all the hotels of the city were full. So my father decided to go to Dubrovnik.
    Nevertheless, it was the best decision. The city was incredibly beautiful, the streets were like the ones from fairytales, made by light gray stone; and the roofs from the small buildings were made mainly by roof tile.
    Another fantastic part of the city was its sea. The water was so clean, and it had a particular turquoise color that I was in love with. The views of the sea were even better from the top of the fortress that surround the city, where we took so many photos that our phones ended up with no battery.
    I definitely would love to come back, I felt in love with the city and it was such a great experience.

    Teresa Fernández 1ºBachillerato A