Macs vs PCs: What is best?



    Which system is better? Well, there are several points that we are going to discuss, in order to decide which one of those systems is the best one.

    First of all, Mac has a very good software, a good protection so it´s very secure because you can be sure nobody is going to steal nothing from your laptop, whereas in Windows there a lot of virus that can break your computer.

    On the other hand, because Windows is older, you can dinf a lot of games, aplications and other things in Windows, whereas on Mac, there are very few applications to download so this, reduces your possibilities to do new things. This is because this system is new.

    Finally, im my opinion the best thing of Mac is the recombination. This means, that your can buy a Mac laptop, and install a Windows software on this laptop, so you can have both systems into your computer. On the contrary you can´t do this on a Windows laptop.

    Consequently, I recommend to use Mac instead of Windows system.

    Abel Abenza - 1 D


    The best way to decide which system is better, is analyzing their pros & cons.

    First of all, iOS is way more expensive than Windows. You only pay to show off your devices, whereas Windows devices are bought by people who want efficiency.

    As for the compatibility, Windows is rather better than Mac, which files can only be used by Mac users. But, everybody is able to use Windows files so it proves that Mac is worse in this section.

    To many users, Mac could be more useful, because iOS looks easier to use, compared with Windows 8, which is the lastest Windows Operative System. However, Windows users are complaining about Windows 8 and Microsoft is going to simplify the interface.

    To my mind, Windows devices have better future than Mac, because Apple keeps rising their prices each device they release. Windows have different devices and prices for different users, but Apple is only focused on people with lots of money.

    To conclude, Windows is far better than Mac.

    Javier Gómez - 1ºE

  3. Mac or PCs?
    This is a question many people ask themselves before buying a computer. I’m going to give some reasons why I thinks Macs are better computers than PCs.

    The first and most obvious point is the durability. While Macs usually last about ten years, PCs don’t usually last more than five. This is for two reasons: Firstly, the Macs are made up of better materials than PCs. Macs are made up of metal which is more solid and durable than plastic, which used by PCs. The second reason is that Macs don’t catch viruses. This is why PCs start to slow down after a few months of using them whereas Macs can take years until they slow down.

    Another point which I find very important is the battery. In Macs, you can use the computer for a few hours before having to charge it but in PCs the battery will last little more than an hour. The battery life is also very important, in PCs, after a year you usually have to change the battery but in Macs, it’s very strange to see someone having to change the battery.

    In conclusion, I think Macs are better quality products than PCs, and if I had to choose between a Mac and a PC at the same price range, I’d choose the Mac without a doubt.

  4. MAC VS PC´s

    Have you ever asked yourself if you should buy an Apple device or another brands devices? The answer is yes, and now i´ll give my opinion about this issue

    First of all, Apple is more expensive than other PC´s, but when you are buying Apple you are paying for quality, the brand, and in some way prestige.

    Secondly, nobody complains about the battery´s life, the iOS system or the quality of Apple´s products. Whereas Apple offers it´s users a two years guarantee.

    Thirdly, the reason why Apple is more expensive is to improve future devices, while other brands dont do anything about this. Furthermore, they copy Apple´s improvements

    In conclusion, Apple is far better than Pc´s and you won´t be upset when you buy one Apple product

    Javier González-Guerrero - 1ºE

  5. Mac or Pc? That is the big quetion at the time of buying a computer.
    My opinion about this is that I prefer Mac, and here I'll tell why.
    Firstly, design is much better and this is because, Mac uses aluminum and Pcs use plastic
    Secondly, a lot of people say tha Mac is much more expensive, and If you compare them, at a first seen, it's true. But we should also look, how much money the Mac costumers save with their antivirus system, so finally the difference isn't that big.
    To conclude, I have to say that Mac can run Windows, but Windows can't run IOS, so it's like having the best of both world in a computer
    Luis Santafé 1ºA

  6. The question is: Which is better? Mac or Windows?
    In my opinion Mac is better because for example in Windows there are many programs that are useless to user and in Mac is not so. Besides, Mac programs are more secure than the programs Windows and the materials with which Mac is made are very good compared to Windows. In spite of all, both Mac and Windows are well, but for me is Mac better.
    Bruno Castellanos 1ºA

  7. Javier Ruiz Rodríguez 1ºE Nº24
    Mac vs Windows?
    In my opinion this is a war between two companies that want to have the control over computers.
    Windows is more compatible, manageable, and doesn´t need special wires to connect the device. In our school teachers that have a Mac need a special wire to connect it to the projector. On the contrary, teachers with Windows only need to connect the computer.
    However, Mac is more secure and hackers can´t trespass the firewall. Sometimes downloaded programs are not compatibles with IOS, because the firewall doesn´t allow to run certain programs.
    Mac only has 3 or 4 models of computers and are very expensive. They don´t have a low model only the best model.
    If I had to buy a new computer, I definitely would prefer Windows, the price, the features and the different model to choose. I affirm Windows is better.

  8. Talking about computers is very common to compare Mac and Windows. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages and I am going to show them both.

    Before entering into more depth on the issue I have to comment that all the reasons for which I defend either Windows or Mac are fully subjective and they just reflect my point of view. Therefor it is obvious that there can be people with an opposite opinion about the issue. That is perfectly right because I am not trying to convince anyone.

    Comparing Apple and Windows is like comparing a Ferrari with an Audi. Both of them have the same function; both of them are good brands in their respective markets but they are significantly different.

    When we compare two kinds of computer the first thing we have to focus on is the type of user that you are. If you are just going to surf on the Internet you do not need the same computer than someone who usually play videogames.

    The First issue to be discuss is the design, a few yeas ago Apple had with out doubt the best design -there was a huge different between Mac’s design and Windows’s design- but nowadays you can find a Windows computer whose design is very similar to the Mac´s. All in all, if your main reason to buy a computer is the design, you should buy a Mac because they are made of aluminum instead of plastic and that fact makes them look really nice.

    The most evidential difference between both of them may be the price. Apple is further more expensive than Windows. When you pay for Apple you’re paying also for many additional services and characteristics such as quality, exclusivity and a fast and free repairing programmed in case that your Mac doesn’t work.

    We can´t neither forget that they have different operative systems and compatibilities. On the one hand, Apple system, which is called IOS is easier to use and looks more intuitive, on the other hand conversely Windows -which is by far the most common operative system- has had some problems with the updates of the new Systems.

    To sum up, you can’t affirm that Apple is better than Windows or Windows better than Apple, it depends of how much money you want to expend in your computer and what do you want to use it for.

    Gonzalo del Saz Albert (1ºA)

  9. Nowadays there´s a huge competence between the two biggest technology companies: Apple and Windows. But which one is actually better?
    Both companies are focus on selling products that help us to communicate with people, to play videogames with it and more several things... such us phones, tablets and laptops...So let´s talk about this last ones, laptops. Firstly, they've got different operative system, for instance the Mac (Apple) uses Mac Os System and on the other hand Windows uses Microsoft System.
    Secondly, statically as far as i am concerned macs have a better design and are made of aluminium so they weight less than Windows due to the fact that they´re made of plastic. Therefore that´s one of the reasons macs are more expensive.
    A drawback for macs would be in my opinión that you need special accessories that you can only purchase them in Apple stores whilst with Windows are so many more shops and places where you can buy them.
    To sum up, I believe they are both really good laptops which have their own advantages and disadvantages. And that neither one of them is better than the other because it depends of the interests of each person.

  10. Mac vs Windows

    For a few years there have been a special war between Mac and Windows, which is better?, which is more powerful and offers a better design?, better quality? and many things most that his developers are working at them.

    On the one hand, I think that Mac is better due that it offers us more safety due to the fact that there is less virus for Mac and it us goes more fluid because they don’t have to install an antivirus. With regard to the applications, in Windows more applications come preinstalled that we are useless and it does that there slows down our computer besides which Mac's interface is much more intuitive and easy to use. Finally, one of the more important things is that when you have a computer Mac in your hand you have a great sensation of quality and of wildness, this is due to the materials of which it is constructed that do that his computers plus dwell light and compact.

    On the other side also I think that Windows has some advantages that Mac cannot offer us. To begin the price is a fundamental advantage, normally a computer, Windows with the same characteristics is much cheaper so it is a great alternative low cost. In addition Windows has an operating system more opened, that is to say, the user can personalize it more to his taste and install more applications due to the fact that Windows is compatible with more programs. Finally, almost all the players of video games have clear that, to play is better any computer Windows because they have a more stable operating system to play.

    In conclusion, both they have advantages and disadvantages, each one must value that it is what he needs to decide and to know that it is better for him. We will see that the future of the computers waits for us, though a better future waits with the new system For Windows 8.

  11. Mac or Windows?
    That is the question that a lot of people wonder when they are going to buy a new computer. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages and I am going to show them both. First of all ,I have to say that the points I am going to use to defend either Mac or Windows are just my opinion and it is not my intention to change the point of view of anybody.
    As you will probably know, Mac and Windows are the most important brands in the computer market. Both of them are excellent but they some differences.
    The first difference between Mac and Windows is the way they look. While Mac appears to be lighter (that is because it is made of aluminum),Windows looks a little more heavier and bigger( that is because they are made of plastic). From my point of view, if you are going to buy a computer and you are very focus on the design, you should buy a Mac.
    On the other hand , another big difference between Mac and Windows is the price. Mac is usually more expensive than Windows and the main reason for this I believe is the exclusivity of Mac users. Not only in computers can we see the difference, but also in smartphones and tablets. In my opinion, if you want a computer cheap enough but that does work well I recommend you to buy a Windows.
    To sum up, in order to buy a computer we should make up our mind and see what do we really want on our computer and afterwards, decide.
    Gonzalo Azcárate Rodríguez 1ºE Nº5


    MAC vs WINDOWS, a huge “war” between two big technology companies.

    First of all, talking about prices, a Mac laptop is more expensive than other Pc’s. It’s a good idea to expend a lot of money in a Mac laptop?

    On the one hand, MacBook Pro’s battery life is about 10 hours, while the battery life of a Pc with windows is usually about 6 hours.

    In addition, Mac’s are the most secure laptops, so you can be quiet that nobody will steal nothing.

    On the other hand, there are several points, like the price, the compatibility and the accessories, because if you need a new mouse or keyboard, you can only buy them (which are expensive too) in an Apple Store.

    To sum up, if you buy a Mac, you are paying for quality, but in my opinion, I wouldn’t spend that quantity of money in a laptop.

  13. When talking about computer's operative systems there are always two names that come to place: Windows and iOS (Mac).

    The way I see it, it's just a matter of opinion and preferences, but both of them have remarkable points.

    In first place I must say that I prefer Windows over Mac, just because of the operative system's visual structure, which I am more used to. But, of course, that doesen't mean that this one is better than the other.

    While Windows can be used in any device or computer (but an Apple one of course), iOS is exclusive for Apple devices, which makes it more expensive and forces the customer to buy any Apple product. This makes iOS less handy to the customer.

    On the other hand, it's no secret that iOS offers more security to its users than Windows does.

    Latly, I may say that their visual structure is, in both cases, really intuitive (bearing in mind Windows last version: Windows8). Yet Window's one is more user-friendly to me, since it allows me to add any complement to the laptop without it losing any of its functionality.

    Paula Arévalo Vera. 1ºF.

  14. MAC VS PC

    This is what everybody askes to himself when they need to buy a new computer. The reality is that both of them are very good technology companies, but it is true that, in my opinion, there is one of them a bit better (Mac) tan the other (Pc) for several reasons which i am going to explain you right now.
    Firstly, when you´re buying mac, you are sure that it is not going to disappoint you because it is a device that is built to the highest standards, with top-grade components, elegant styling and almost fanatical attention to detail.

    Secondly, Pc´s have loads of software packages and some of them can be downloaded for free but they are not sure at all. Nevertheless, Mac come with an excellent software included and there is also the Mac App Store, which grants you access to a world of additional apps that you can install on your Mac like, for instance: iMovie, FaceTime, iTunes…

    To sum up if you have enough money to buy a Mac computer don´t be stingy and spend your money on this. I´m sure that you won´t regret about that.

    Despite of all, if you don´t have enough money to buy a Mac computer or you only want a computer to play some games, chat on Facebook and surf on the internet you can buy a Pc computer.

    Carlos Colín Ponce 1ºB


  15. Mac or Windows? is such a good question, because lots of people think about it, but never stop to think about which is better eventually.

    I'm going to compare them in different facts:

    First of all, and maybe the most important thing, is the price. In this matter obviously is better Windows, because Apple has extortionate prices, and Windows' prices are reasonable.

    Another area where Windows wins (of course in my opinion) is in comfort, because is much easier to control a Windows PC than an Apple's.

    Talking about beauty, probably wins Apple, because their Macs look really fine at first glance.

    About the batter life, I'd like to say that I've had to change my Windows battery two times, because they weren't worth it to use (it's life was no longer than a few hours). With Mac you have not this problem, because their batteries are really nice.

    We can't forget one of the most important things when talking about laptops and computers: the software. In this area I couldn't say who is the best because I'm not a technology geek, but I think that Macs are better than Windows (from what I've heard).

    Last but not least, the portability. In this aspect is better Apple because Macs are very slim and very portable. Windows laptops are not as portable as Macs.

    To conclude, in my opinion, Windows is better than Mac, but to each his own.

    Gonzalo Doval, 1F

  16. The selling war between Apple and Windows has been on fire for decades.
    _ Many feel the cost of a Mac is too hight for what you get but others justify the heftier price because of it´s better systems and support, Apple products come with a big number of limitations when it comes to apps.
    _ On the other hand, the Windows store already has over 50.000 apps despite its youth whereas the Apple App Store has arround 14.000 in a 2 year old time.
    From a hardware standpoint, most windows PCS let you upgrade whatever you like whereas Macs do not.
    Also Mac users aren´t more or less likely to fall for social engineering attacks while viruses offer a considerable treat to windows.
    One big point to have in mind when buying a computer is the battery life, if you have a windows Pc you can use it for many hours but if its a Mac, you will allways have to have a charger on hand!
    Finaly as for as I am concerned Apple products are designed with a limit day of "Life", the IOS actualizes faster and faster and it gets to a point when you will not be able to get the new versión and will have to buy a new product.
    To sum up, one have to have in mind what kind of user you is, because an architect won´t need the same pc as a teacher or a singer.
    I definetly think that is up to each one´s preferences and needs.

  17. In today's society, most of the population choose to have a Mac, since being Appel brand has higher performance. Instead they do not realize that Windows is more practical as it does not have as many innovations as Mac's computers. When I say innovations I mean the updates that you have to do from time to time in Appel, in addition you must create an Appel account already have a tablet, a computer or a mobile.

    In my case I still prefer Windows because it seems to me one of the best brands, I often use it.

    But as I said before today most of society tends to buy complicated things, just because they see that the people around them have it.

    I hope you serve my answer,

    a greeting

    Paola Tapia

  18. Apple and Windows have been dominating the computer market for at least the last decade. But, which one of these is the best computer, the Mac or the PC?

    The Mac might be the most eye-appealing, and easier to use. Also, the virus and malware risk for Macs is very little. However, this means that you have more restrictions over apps and downloads. In addition, an old Mac is of little use due to the fact that most updated apps won't work on it, and it will usually run a bit slower.

    Then we got the PC, a computer that isn't as user-friendly as the Mac, but definitely has its advantages. First, it's cheaper than the Mac since it's manufactured by various companies, eliminating in the PC the monopoly that Apple has over the Mac. Besides that, PC's are more up-gradable than Mac's, meaning that a PC will usually last longer and work better with newer programs.

    In terms of accessories, PC's have a larger variety, and cheaper too! While Apple eliminates more and more ports every year, this results in accessories that only work for Mac's, letting Apple put the price they want on them.

    Overall, because of the smaller price-tag, the durability, the roaming liberty, and many more reasons, the PC is a better computer than the Mac.

    -Jesús Muriel

  19. What a dilemma guys! This two monster have been fighting since years and nowadays we are not sure about what to choose. As everybody can see most of the Mac computers are more expensive than Pc computers, but… does it mean that the Mac is better?
    In my ignorant opinion, I rather to buy a Mac despite it cost too much. First of all, we now that the security of the Apple´s company is amazing and it has less virus than Windows. Furthermore, it looks modern and that draw people attention, it provides more time of guarantee…
    In addition of those things, most of functions like take something in to the bin, are easier and more comfortable than Pc software. The updates, are glades and that’s something perfect if you are satisfied with your update.
    In conclusion I would buy a Mac because of these things and because I have been using Apple for years and like it. I hope this has been useful for you and if you, David finally buy a Mac please let me know.
    Eduardo Abad

  20. The question is: Which is better Mac or Windows?
    Apple computers are less vulnerable to viruses and other malware than PC Windows. However, viruses are beginning to target Apple computers due to the lack of experience that manufacturers have when it comes to fighting viruses on the Mac operating system.
    Although many people may argue "you get what you pay for," when compared to a PC, an Apple computer, its peripherals, upgrades, and repairs are often more expensive than a PC. However, Apple computers are usually built pretty well, with quality components.
    On the other hand, more people are using and developing software for PC's running Windows, which means there is a larger selection of software available for Windows. There is also an almost endless supply of 100% free programs, some that run on Apple computers, but the majority of which run on Windows computers only.
    In conclusion, I think Apple is far better than Pc´s and you won´t be upset when you buy one Apple product
    Javier Martínez Liñera, 1ºE

  21. Mac or Windows? The most asked question by someone that wants to buy a computer
    First of all, Apple computers are highly expensive compared to Windows computers, one is twice as expensive than the other ones if you want to buy a cheap computer you should definitely buy a windows
    In addition,if you are looking for a computer with great design, you would have to buy a Mac,because they are made of aluminium and look very nice and simple, instead of Windows because they are made of plastic and look heavy .
    The biggest point is the use that can be given to each one:
    -Firstly, the battery life is much longer in Macs than Windows, Macs can life without charger about 14 hours,instead of Windows that only can live 6 hours without charger
    -Secondly,there are more than 50.000 apps in Windows and in Apple,there are just 14.000 apps
    Finally, the software is much better in Apple cause they are always concerned about upgrading the system, while Windows upgrade the system once per three months
    To conclude, after trying both of them,I think Mac is better than Windows because its more confortable and has more functions and a better quality than Pc´s
    Álvaro Ramírez,1ºF

  22. Apple Vs. Microsoft: Where do they differ?
    Both American companies are known worldwide, but what sets them apart?
    Once in a while we are left wondering with the existential question of which computer, operating system brand is the best? Which are their pros and cons? In this short summary I will do my best to clear out any doubts lingering.
    1. The famous apple company offers everything to cover your needs and develops its own hardware and software, Microsoft only develops software for a wide variety of technological organizations, aimed to the production of hardware. Shall we consider this to be a virtue or defect?
    2. Microsoft´s operating system is compatible with many other computer systems, enabling the user with special features catering to their specific needs; On the other hand, Apple throughout the years has developed a one of a kind operating system for the terminals that the same company produces.
    3. The consumers of both brands are faithful to their technology. Apple is much more acclaimed for users looking for productivity, versatility and quality. If the user´s preference focuses on entertainment, Microsoft's operating system will be more than enough.
    4. Most people believe that Apple focuses its products to the graphic arts, in the meantime that Microsoft choses to develop its programs mainly for personal use and office tasks.
    5. Last but not less important, the high-end quality of the materials used in the production of Apple products, makes the final sales prices MUCH higher than those of other brands.
    So to conclude in my opinion Apple is the way to go.


  23. I've always thought that Apple was too expensive, to me it was a ripoff. When I looked at the product specifications they didn't seem that powerful, so I always have leaned towards windows.
    But lately I have observed that Windows products don't work as well as apple products do. They might be more powerful, but their performance is lower. So from a performance perspective, I would probably pick a mac.
    It also depends on the product, to me Apple has stopped innovating, they don't come out with groundbreaking products like they used to, I think Microsoft is probably doing better in that area with all those hybrids between laptops and tablets.
    However, it also depends on the purpose, I have read that Apple computers are much better for designing purposes, but most engineers use Windows computers because they let them download more programs than the mac because it has less restrictions.
    So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a cheaper computer, go for Windows; but if you want a beautiful high quality but very expensive computer go for the mac.
    Max Speno 1E

  24. Mac or Windows?

    During the last decade, the computer market has been divided into 2 companies: Apple and Windows.

    Firstly, Apple uses iOS operating system which is very secure and pretty fast. On the contrary, Windows operating system is faster than iOS but less secure. However you can install an antivirus.

    Secondly, Apple is excessively expensive while Windows is cheaper. When you buy a Mac, you pay extra money for the brand. Nevertheless, when you buy a Windows computer, you pay almost the real price of it.

    In addition, you can't program with iOS, it's not planned for that. If you are planning on doing a science career, a Windows computer is recommended. Apple computers are made to make your daily job easier and faster.

    To sum up, I think that Windows is better than Apple due to the fact that it is cheaper, faster and more useful.

    Juan Caminos Colmenarejo. 1ºE

  25. The war between Mac and Windows devotees has been raging for decades, every time we want to buy a computer this two companies come to our minds. The important thing is, which one is better?

    On the one hand, Windows has more software, The Window’s store has over 50.000 apps whereas the Mac App Store had a little under 14.000. Secondly, Windows offer greater flexibility, Window’s PC lets you upgrade whatever you like whereas Mac do not. Furthermore, Windows is cheaper, Mac Hardware costs too much for what you get.

    On the other hand, Mac has also advantages. To start with, Mac has fewer viruses and require less maintenance. Also, Mac’s software, on average, focuses more on its user interface and making your experience enjoyable tan Windows Software does. Finally, Mac offers a more straightforward approach to computing with fewer maintenance tasks.

    To conclude, I don’t think any givens outweigh the others. However, in my opinión, I will definitelly choose Mac because I love IOS, and I assure you that once you have tested it, you will never change your mind again.