What can we do for the environment? Give your ecofriendly tips


  1. Marina Vidal Pelayo

    Human beings are destroying our planet. This is a sad reality. Goverments are not actually concerned because it is not economically profitable.

    We should be really worried about this matter because it is the only thing that everyone shares due to we live in the same planet.

    Frankly, there are different ways to stop this problem, many of them don´t depend on us, however, let me give you some tips that every student could use in their regular lifes in order to minimize global pollution problem.

    Firstly, let´s talk about the transport: all of us know how comfortable and easy is to get school by car but, if everyone do the same it will mean thousands of cars polluting the atmosphere . Why not using a big bus that could take us without polluting as much as 20 cars ? . By the way, walking is the best option for your health and Earth!

    Secondly, I suggest to avoid the use of paper. Breaking down wood fiber to make paper consumes a lot of energy apart of damaging the enviromment. Therefore, the production of brand new textbooks contributes to global warming. We could try to use less paper and take more advantage of it, also let´s try to introduce in our schools online methos as courses online, work and essays sent by emal instead of printing papers...etc. If this were not possible at your school you should use recycled paper as much as possible.

    Another tip that is fashionable nowadays is what people call BYOB, ''Bring Your Own Bottle''. Carrying your own reusable bottle helps to avoid buying drinks in vending machines each day, allowing less plastic and metal consumption.

    And last but not least, respect the classics: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. For instance, recycling dead batteries, turning off the television each night before going to bed or separating rubbish. Small actions really add up!

    To sum up, we must modify as soon as possible our behaviours otherwise it could be too late for recovering the planet and our children won't know the Earth as we did.

  2. We are going to a few basic ecofriendly tips:
    • Turn your computer off at the end of the day.
    • Ask your parent to buy a hybrid car.
    • Buy rechargeable batteries. Learn to dispose of old batteries properly.
    • Buy cloth grocery bags.
    • Pick up litter as you're walking around.
    • Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins when eating.

    Ángela Roncero (1º C)

  3. Our planet is incredible.

    Unfortunately, humans don't realize what we have.

    Lately, we don't take care The Earth and it could be dangerous for us.
    We should be worried about it and we should change some behaviour.

    First of all, the ozone layer: due to CFCs emissions, the ozone layer is being destroyed. CFCs are substances that you can find for example, in aerosol sprays. We must use HFCs, which is a compound that not destroy ozone layer. When you buy an aerosol, take care about it. Warning! Read the label.

    Second, transportation: thousands of cars emitting gases are dangerous for atmosphere and for our health. However, these thousands of cars could be replaced by buses and bikes, and that would be less pollutant. Although these transports are slower than cars, we have to think about our planet. Don't forget it: use public transport when is possible!

    Next stage, at home: this is in our own hands, we can change simple habits in order to help environment. For example, we needn't open the tap while we are brushing our teeth. Besides, we can save water, taking a shower instead of taking a bath. Please, recycle! Paper (blue container), plastic (yellow container), glass (green container)... These advices are simple, but effective.

    In conclusion, we have an incredible environment, we need to protect it to live healthy and in peace with animals and plants, so let's take care about it!

  4. Our planet is amazing and we are destroying it.

    As time passes, mankind has been gradually becoming more and more polluting for the planet. At first it wasn´t a problem, as the Earth is very large and would take so long to be affected, but right now, it is.

    Firstly, the ozone layer is very damaged. In some areas, we have created holes. They aren´t actual holes, is just that in these areas the layer is so much thinner than it should be. That´s caused by some aerosols, cars, adhesives and chemical processing. I know it can be difficult as we need to use these frequently, but for example, we could make an effort and go places by public transport or even walking! We could also use CFC´s and HFC´s free products. (Roll-on deodorants instead of spray ones, gel hairspray, use natural insecticides...)

    Furthermore, the water pollution. The water is being contaminated daily. People throw they rubbish to the sea and lakes and they are damaging the biosphere and so many animals have died because of drowning with plastic bags. This is so wrong, people is so careless. The only solution or tip I can give in this case, is to be more respectful and clean, and throw the rubbish to where it is supposed to be thrown, the bin.

    In conclusion, the earth is in its worst point, but the damages we caused are still solvable if we help together, because it is not so hard work, but it will improve and make the earth better. It´s up to you.

    Rosa Domínguez Sobrino. 1ºD Bach.

  5. Hi! I´m going to talk about the Earth´s environment.

    To begin, we are sending a lot of pollution to the atmosphere and the Earth can´t get rid of such as amount.Recently, many countries around the world met in Paris to talk about this problem. The weather summit.So let´s suggest some tips to reduce contamination.

    First of all, recycling plastic bottles, reduce the use of water or reuse energy with recharging batteries.

    Secondly, how about using public transport or walking instead of cars? cars emitting the most polluting gases nowadays. Also it is healthier!

    And last but not least, don´t throw rubbish in seas, rivers and forest. Plastic disband in a lot of years! it´s better to throw in garbages.

    In conclusion, We can solve it, if each one of us contribute and help the Earth recover!

  6. The world is being destroyed by us. We are destroying our home, the place where we live in and you may thing that you don´t contaminate directly but you do it indirectly as everyone.
    First of all governments do not take the necessary measurements to change this critical situation and it’s not because they don’t have the means to fix it, actually they do, but do you know why they don’t? Money, that is why.
    The society is moved by money, world is moved by money.
    In spite of all warnings that some organizations have given to the countries of the entire world, they will not realized how bad and critical the situation we live now is until it is too late.
    However, we can do something in that respect; we can clean and preserve the Earth in many ways such as promoting public transport, recycling…
    We can also try not to waste water at home, either electricity turning off the light when we are not in the room.
    This list could never end, there are hundreds more of ways of saving the planet just taking some little steps.
    The Earth is a gift, do not spoil it.

    Alfonso Sánchez-Quiñones 1ºC

  7. Pollution is real. We try to avoid it, thinking that it is not our problem, that we cant do nothing, that it doesn’t affect us. And this can’t be more false.
    The air that we breathe is so dirty, it’s toxic. The same happens with forests, rivers, oceans.... And each year the situation is getting worse, due to our bad habits, our selfishness and ambition of progressing, without minding our planet and the rest of living beings. Thanks to us The Earth is dying.
    We still aren’t conscious though, but this has to stop right now, because we can do many things for trying to save The Earth.
    For instance, we can use more the public transport, or going by bike. And if taking the car is necessary, opt for the electric one. Also we should recycle, which is really easy, just separate plastics from organic rubbish, and it helps a lot to environment. Furthermore, we can spend an afternoon with our friends cleaning the rubbish from parks, beaches… I know it doesn’t sound as good as going to the cinema or to a party, but it will make us feel better with ourselves, and it will also improve our relationship with friends.

    Teresa Fernández 1ºbach.A

  8. What can we do for the environment?

    First, we should consider where we could actually interfere and what we could do individually to care of the environment and considering that, the environment is not only suffering from the gases our cars or heating systems emits, but also the use we make of the natural resources around us, e.g. water, which is a larger problem in many areas of Spain.

    Therefore, a more rational use of water is a larger step into the conservation of our environment. It may be a surprise for many but only in Madrid, we use around two millions m3 of water daily and with an estimated loss of 15% due to old materials, we lose 200.000-300.000 m3 daily, only in Madrid!
    Moreover, Madrid is one of the regions in Spain that loses less water in its pipelines.

    In Spain, we could also do a lot more to promote solar power, being as we are a nation with a lot of sun during most of the year. In 2015, Germany produced 8 times more energy by solar plants than Spain.

    In Sweden, they have a programme called “waste-to-energy incineration”, and late 2016 the news was that the Swedish citizens did not generate enough burnable waste to power the incinerators, and therefore the country is now importing trash from other countries to burn and create energy. The Swedish only put as less as 1% of the household waste to the landfill, so I think we definitely could learn something from them.